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I've still been scanning off and on. I recently was scanning early 1980's photos. That was the first time I had been to Florida and Disney World. I then went 4 more times in 3 years.
My favorite attraction at Disney World was CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS. It was in "Tomorrowland" at Disney World in FL, from 1975-1985, until GE pulled their sponsorship. It was restored and modernized in 1994, but instead of being considered a futuristic look, it was now a nostalgic tribute to it's creator, Walt Disney.

The scene is set in a normal family home, but starts out way back in the 1800's, then progresses to the future. Well it was the future when I saw it in the 1980's. The last scene showed the family in the open concept kitchen/family room. Mom was on a computer talking and seeing her Mom, and the kids were playing some video games.  I remember thinking, I hope we never get to see each other while we talk on the phone. I'd have to put on make-up etc. Well that future is now the present. Skype (I've never used), chat rooms, video chats, etc. Oh, and I rarely wear make up now, so that's not a problem.
Thanksgiving at the Kingdom was very nice.  No cooking, no traveling...just enjoying new found friends and Chef Meik's cooking. A couple of days prior to Thanksgiving, I was told that the Workampers are requested to bake a pie or similar dessert for Thanksgiving. Huh? I guess my day was not completely free from the kitchen, but it gave me an excuse to try a new recipe I found, while scanning paperwork.
Here is the .pdf for this recipe for  PINEAPPLE UPSIDE-DOWN SWEET POTATO CAKE
I think it turned out great. I had never made any kind of upside-down cake. I was so proud of this.
We finally bought a kayak! We have been at many campgrounds with river, lake or reservoir access. It would have been so nice to float around in the peaceful waters. I've been looking for an inflatable raft or canoe. I read on many blogs people using the EAGLE INFLATABLE kayaks.  To save money & precious storage space, we purchased a 2 seater instead of 2 separate kayaks.
Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe PackageNow we just need to head to warmer parts of the US to try it out.
Reynold's Release
My rating 5 out of  5
I may have mentioned this before, but maybe you missed it, or maybe I didn't mention this before. If you follow my blog, you know my memory if very bad. I lined the bowl for the cake with REYNOLD'S RELEASE FOIL
Reynolds Wrap´┐Ż Non-Stick Foil Frequently Asked Questions
I absolutely love this product. I use it for almost all my baking...
line cookie sheets, cake pans, bread pans, line when baking fish/chicken etc.
There is NEVER any sticking when using this product.
I'm sure you all heard about the massive pile up on I-10 in Texas on Thanksgiving. It was caused by fog.  Did anyone notice that a 5th wheel was in the middle of the pile up? It doesn't look like it was hit or damaged, but just stuck in the middle of it all.
I had horrible thoughts of Dave & Teri from Flip Flop Vector blog, being involved in this. They were traveling to TX around this time. They had just had their truck & 5th wheel repaired because of an accident. I was happy to read that it was not them and they are safe and sound near their family in TX.

While we were in New Orleans last year, there was a similar pile up also on I-10 and also caused because of heavy fog. The TX pile up involved over 100 vehicles and 2 deaths. The New Orleans pile up was "only" 40 vehicles and 2 deaths.
Congratulations to Birgit and her Corgi, Belle. Belle ran in her first Agility Trial. She "Double Q'd". That means that she qualified in two different type of agility runs on the same day.
Monument Rock: A NovelMonument Rock: A Novel by Louis L'Amour
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a book consisting of mainly short stories. All typical Louis L'Amour western, cowboy story lines. Ladies, if you never read this author, do not be put off. Mr. L'Amour is such an excellent story writer that both men and women will find them interesting. There is just enough of a hint of romance for us women and enough tough guy cowboy shoot outs (but not too much)to keep the guys interested also.
The first half of the book are short stories. I am amazed that this author can develop so many quality stories. Each story is the same old west, cowboy/outlaw themes, but they are all different enough to hold your interest.
I do find I prefer full length books. He such a great writer and I was so interested in the stories and then they are over all too soon. The second half of the book is one story, Monument Rock. I enjoyed that the most simply because it was longer and characters and story can develop more.

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  1. Deb,
    We were at the exact crash spot 24 hrs later...fog, but biggest added factor: SPEED...look at all of those big trucks, the same ones that fly by us RV'ers like there is no tomorrow..oh, and fyi, u can raft in Austin almost all year long :)


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