Friday, July 15, 2011

Piggies are gone

I have been fostering Guinea Pigs (yes, there is a rescue for all kinds of animals) for about 3-4 yrs. I had fostered occasionally for both A&B Eng Setter Rescue & Adopt-a-Setter in the past. But as happens with many foster situations, we ended up a two time "foster failure". Which means, we adopted 2 of the dogs we had fostered. I'll go into detail about our foster failures in another post.
Last night the pair of piggies I had been fostering were returned to Marci, head of Have-a-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue. I feel like a foster failure, but not in the good sense. I feel like my volunteer job was not completed. I was hoping they would have gotten adopted prior to our move into our 35' RV.
So I put Miss Tigra & Mr. RaiRai into a small pet carrier and stuffed them along with 3 piggie cages, a bird cage, and large dog crate, & supplies into our Ford Focus wagon. I sure do miss my Ford Windstar Minivan! Drove an hour to Burlington, NJ to drop them off and say my last goodbye.
I have had 2 litters of piggies born while on my watch. Amazing! Baby guinea pigs are born completely formed, with eyes, open, all their hair and eating regular food within a day! They just look like mini guinea pigs.
So, this was another step in our purging process to downsize to fit our life in an RV.

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