Friday, November 29, 2013

Afghans and Movies

Hidden Valley Ranch, Deming, NM
Mon. 11/25/13  Fri. 11/22/13 - Wed. 1/1/14 (5 weeks)
"If you can't feed em, don't breed em." 
Bumper sticker
To Hell with Black Friday
Ahhh, it's nice to be settled for a while. We've just been trying to stay all cozy in the RV during this cold spell or is this Winter in New Mexico? 
We got about an inch of snow when we first arrived. I was shocked. Snow in the desert???

Now that the wind has died down, it's not bad. I actually enjoyed the walk the morning of the snow. Unfortunately walking three dogs that are all wound up from the cool temps, the white stuff, and being stuck in the RV all day yesterday, made for quite the juggling act. Our 9.5 year old English Setter, Lyla normally does not pull on a leash. Devin is a crazy, bouncy ball and will get tangled on any length leash unless I wrap it around my waist and hold him close. Our reservation dog, Dina prefers to be on a long 20 foot lead for her bathroom needs. Even Lyla wanted to play outside, which I didn't expect. When she pulled on the leash unexpectedly, Dina got loose and just zoomed all over the open desert next to the campground. I wasn't worried. She was having a blast, loose about 100 feet from us, but always making sure she knew where we were. Sure enough, when I walked back to the RV and opened the door, Dina came running and was the first one up the stairs and into the RV. Treat for all, after they sit...yes even Dina has learned to sit for a treat.
Wish I was by our friend Tom's fireplace to warm up my tootsies!

The best place to stay in the RV when it is this cold is in the bedroom.  It's the warmest area in the RV. I guess because it is a smaller area, body heat, smaller windows, less drafts, it stays pretty comfortable. I had no problem knitting, reading and marathon movie watching up in the bedroom.Today has finally reached a reasonable temperature of about 60°. I may even sit outside for a while.
Our first night here at Hidden Valley, there was a pot luck dinner. Scott chose to stay home. I walked in and was recognized by Leann, so she introduced me to the group and mentioned that I rescue dogs. That gave me the opportunity to let everyone know we have a nice generic breed dog up for adoption.
Scott decided to join us at the clubhouse for Thanksgiving. The Ranch supplied the turkey and ham and the guests brought all the other fixins. Sherry, a guest I met during the craft get together, made home made soft biscuits. Oh my! They were so delicious! They were almost like those King's Hawaiian rolls. After dinner, I had a 2nd roll instead of dessert! They were that good! I made stuffing with sausage, apples, and dried cranberries added. It wasn't my best, but I still like it. I pretty much like anything with sausage.
We had a very enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving. We only had to walk 100 feet to meet with friends for dinner.
Reservation dog, Dina saga continues....
It is with a very heavy heart, that I have posted Dina on Petfinder. Sigh. I sooooooo want to keep her. The timing is just not right. This is the difficult part of fostering. The heartache of letting go. But unless you let go, you can't save another. You always feel no one can take as good care of your foster as you do. I will be very picky about who adopts this girl. I still have my reservations about adopting out our reservation girl. She really is a great, well behaved dog.
Here's her write up below.

"Dina is an absolute love bug. She loves to be with you, but is obedient when you've had enough loving.
Dina is an approximately 1 - 1.5 year old, 48 pound female dog of unknown breeding. I can't even begin to guess. But the important thing is that she is sweet, sweet, super sweet. 
Dina WAS a Navajo "res dog" (reservation dog), that hung around the campground along with a few other dogs, but Dina was usually alone. The other dogs seemed to hang out in pairs. Dina was very timid and unsure at first, but we could tell she wanted some attention. Little by little she got used to us and decided to hang out on a towel under our RV for the night. The rest is history. She wormed her way into our hearts. We began to feed her, introduce her to our own two dogs, then let her in our RV. 
We were eventually able to put a collar on her, then a leash. This all was done slowly and giving her time to adjust.  She has adjusted beautifully. She has been with us for a month. She has had no accidents in the house, in fact she can "hold it" a very long time. She is a smart girl and learns quickly. She is not food aggressive and will wait for her turn to be fed. She listens very well, but a soft reprimand is all that is needed. She is sensitive to yelling and will cower and go belly up in submission or fear.  She walks well on a leash. 
She has really made her way into our hearts. My 3 year old Setter loves to play, and play and play with Dina. They play well together with many different toys and no dominance nor toy aggression. They play tug of war beautifully. 
Dina has now made it into our king sized bed along with our other two dogs. Dina is a gentle snuggler and really wants to be near her person.
We would gladly keep her if we weren't traveling the country in an RV. I'm glad we saved her from having to find food and water on her own and prevented her having any more puppies. Is there a good samaritan out there that would like a very sweet, obedient, laid back girl?
She is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and has a microchip for identification.  An application via the Above & Beyond website and a home visit/check will be required to ensure this sweet babe will be happy.
She is currently in New Mexico."

While we went to Thanksgiving dinner, the dogs were left in the RV. What's wrong with this "picture"? 
Devin and Lyla are crated and Dina is left loose. It's a shame that the only trustworthy dog is the stray we took in.
Since we are settled in one spot for over a month, I don't have much to blog about, so I get to vent about things that bug me, since there isn't much to fill up a post with.
"If you can't feed em, don't breed em."  I saw this on someone's bumper sticker. Yes, a little crass, but they tell it like it is. This goes for not only animals, but humans too. If you can't afford to provide adequately for a child, you shouldn't be having them. 

Coffee or to go drinks in movies: Has anyone else ever noticed that when someone is holding coffee or hands a cup to someone else or takes a sip, you can just tell the cup is empty. It drives me bonkers to see them swing that coffee cup around while talking and never once a spill or drip. The movements are just too quick. You would have a much steadier hand if that cup was filled. They should at least fill it with water, so the action would be similar.
I've used up some yarn that was given to me and I really like the way this beret/slouch hat and cowl turned out. The pattern is It All Comes Together. I liked the twisted ribbing so much, I decided to make a matching cowl out of just the ribbing.
This set is available for purchase for $20.00
With the cold weather and the bedroom being the most warm and comfortable spot, I've been watching a few movies.
In Good Company, 2004 Comedy?
Dennis Quaid
My rating 3 out of 5
A fun watch if you're trying to waste away the afternoon. A little comedy and a little romance.

Warm bodies, 2013 Romantic Comedy & Zombies
My rating 4 out of 5 (Really?, yes really.)
Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer
Scott dragged me in to watching this movie. I was pleasantly surprised by really liking a Zombie movie. It is not your typical Zombie with these gross unthinking brain eating beings walking around, although it starts out sort of similar. How can the main character "R" be cute when he is a Zombie? Well he is! A few Zombies are slowly learning how to communicate with other Zombies and then even resist the urge to eat humans brains! It's an interesting twist and gives hope to the previously thought hopeless, mindless Zombies. Very cute movie.

This is 40, 2012 Comedy
Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann
My rating 3 out of 5
Ugh, turning 40. Time to assess what has become of our lives. Tied down to marriage, kids, jobs. Our bodies are no longer perky and taught. Are we happy? Is this what life is about? Find out if this family has the strength and love to stick it out through financial hardship, temptations, and unexpected news. I found it somewhat depressing as it was making us all face the reality of aging and responsibilities. I guess this is sort of a love story as well as a comedy.
Thursday, 1/2/13 - 1/8/13 (1 week) Oliver Lee State Park, Alamogordo, NM (White Sands)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Boondock bust

Hidden Valley Ranch, Deming, NM
Mon. 11/25/13  Fri. 11/22/13 - Wed. 1/1/14 (5 weeks) 
Notice our date change for Hidden Valley Ranch? We were suppose to arrive on Monday, after 5 days of boondocking. Can we all say...
 ???? Yes, as many RV'rs state, our plans are made in Jello.
Scott seems to have done a wonderful job with the installing and wiring of the solar power system. But we had yet to test it totally without an electric back up. We decided to boondock for 5 days in the unusual City of Rocks State Park. I was looking forward to the easy hikes through the desert area and sitting amid the huge lava rock formations sheltering a campfire and picnic table. Ahhh, what a life! We arrive to Wheeling It's favorite City of Rocks site #16. Way out at the end with no one around. 

Huge site, so lots of room for the dogs to be tied out without tangling. Ahhh, what a life! 

We had some trouble leveling because Scott wanted to be positioned for the solar panels to get the most sun exposure. All level, solar panels angled to sun. We are all set! Ahhh, what a life! 

We have only used the RV stove and oven once. We didn't want to go to the trouble of using them. We usually just use an electric fry pan and an induction plate. Scott made a simple tomato pasta sauce on the RV stove. What a concept? Easy peasy! Why haven't we been using the stove before? Duh! Now we know. Ahhhh, what a life!
Unfortunately, after our second night with predicted temps going lower and predicted wind getting stronger and a heavy cloud cover, we questioned whether to stick it out or not. We both hate giving up, but I also want to be relaxed and fairly comfortable, which isn't happening with this weather. The two reasons for boondocking here have been destroyed. Scott is not able to really test the solar panels because of the cloud cover, so we are using the generator. I am not able to enjoy the cozy lava rock shelter because it is too cold and windy. 

So "WHY ARE WE HERE?" We're not anymore. With no relief of the weather in sight for the next few days, we decided to head to our next destination early with full hook up including 50 amp electric (meaning we can use our electric heater!). Our first boondocking experience was definitely a bust and very disappointing, but not because of a bad solar set up, just because the weather was not playing nice.

Once we decided to leave and had made sure our spot at the next stop was open, I was oh so ready to move on. Just a 30 mile drive SE to Deming, NM, just enough time to knit a few rows, we arrived at the friendliest RV park we've been to (besides Four Paws Kingdom, in NC), Hidden Valley Ranch,. We were only here for 2 weeks (extended from 1 week), in February. Every Friday is a pot luck dinner and new guests are introduced and are put at the front of the food line. We felt instantly comfortable, which is rare for us. I look forward to more pot lucks, Thanksgiving, and their craft get togethers. We'll be here until the holidays are over with and leaving Jan. 2. 

Spin n' Bun by Betty Davis Creations 
My rating 4 out of 5
My hair is getting long enough to put in a bun. I find that is the easiest and least annoying hairstyle for me. The only downside to a bun is the difficulty in wearing a hat for sun blocking.
I've been just twisting my hair into a bun and taking a large clip comb to secure it. I like the look even though it makes me look older. So for a tighter fit, I've decided to try this spiral device. It's very easy to use and does an adequate job if you don't have super long hair. My hair is probably between the top of my shoulders and my armpits.  Here's a you tube tutorial on how to use it even though it was a flop for this girl.

Our rating 4.5 out of 5

With the anticipation of boondocking and also to ease up on our host, Tom's electric, we purchased the Mr. Heater. We saw it at Tractor Supply for $89.00. Amazon sold it for $79.00 and free shipping. Amazon it is! The heater arrived in two days. According to reviews it would not work above 7000 feet because the air is so much thinner. Being at 7800 feet, we still needed to try it. It worked fine, in fact, it worked great. Easy to light, easy 3 temp setting. I think it heats better than our electric heater. It's not big and bulky either. The only down side is it does go through the little 1 pound propane bottles quickly. 
But Scott also purchased a
We haven't used it yet, but we may soon because right now I'm still cold in this drafty "tin can". This adapter lets you sort of fill the little 1 pound bottles from our 30 pound RV propane bottle.

Time to either put on my fingerless gloves on to continue typing or to just end this post. I think I'll end this post and go warm up, snuggled under the blankets in bed. Brrrr! 37° with wind and sleet! In the desert? Yes, in the desert!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life was good on "the hill"

City of Rocks State Park, Faywood, NM 
Wed. 11/20 - Sun 11/24/13 (5 days)
"Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion."  
Yes, life was good up on the hill in Tijeras at 7800 feet. Made 4 new friends, Tom and Sara and Tom's wonderful dogs Freckles and Zander aka Scooby aka Thug
Debbie petting Zander/Scooby

Sweet, sweet Freckles
Scott made a pot roast with red sauce and a beef stew. Tom made Green chili and lima beans. Sara made a green chili also and chicken enchiladas. Debbie made the food disappear. Sure is nice having a husband and friends who cook! Yum!
I was able to enjoy Tom's fireplace and when I headed back to the RV for the night, he'd email me about how nice his fire is and too bad I'm in the RV. Lots of teasing back and forth all week.
He nicknamed Devin aka gay dog. Devin is a male, but has a high pitched little dog type bark. Very annoying. I call him a girly dog. Same idea.
I really enjoyed my time on the hill. Tom opened up his home to us to use whatever we needed. We used his fireplace, his stove, his back yard, his front yard, his electricity, his telephone (no cell service up here), his internet, his well water, his septic tank and his washer/dryer. I went in and out of his house as if it was my own.
Tom was a great host. I'm glad we could be there during a difficult time for him. THANK YOU TOM!
Not a great photo of Tom. He usually has a huge smile on his face. Note the fireplace in the background.

We definitely had a productive 2 weeks.
Made two new friends, Tom and his ladyfriend, Sara.
Cut all the mats out of Bench ES Zander's (Scooby) coat.
Experienced NEW Mexican food...thank you Tom & Sara.
Lyla: 1. Check up 2. bloodwork 3.. script for hypothyroid.
Dina: 1. Check up 2. bloodwork 3. spay 4. ID tag  5. Giardia treatment 6. Clean up ear scab
Scott: 1. Check up 2. New scripts 3. Eye Dr. 4. Bloodwork
Deb: 1. check up 2. Gyno check up 3. New scripts 4. Bloodwork 5. Mammogram 6. Ultrasound 7. Eye Dr.

We never went to any real sightseeing in Albuquerque except for Old Town. We never went out to eat either, nor did Scott go geocaching even though there were plenty in the area. It was a 9 mile drive down a winding road just to get off the hill and onto main roads. So we just enjoyed the peace in Tom's rural neighborhood.

We've arrived at City of Rocks State Park. This is our first time truly boondocking!!! Our first night was fine. The overnight temperature wasn't bad, so the heat never came on. We started with 100% battery and by the morning it was 73%. Not bad. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day, so even though we had the solar panels facing the sun and tilted, we only reached 80% battery. So out comes the generator. We are far away from any other campers, so it shouldn't disturb anyone. Temps will be dropping over the weekend though and that will drain the battery using the RV heater. We did pick up a Mr. Heater that runs on a small propane bottle and no electricity. A review to come after some use.
Since we are trying to conserve our solar power, Scott has cut way down on his TV watching. As soon as he opens his eyes in the morning, the TV goes on. It was so nice to have it quiet all morning and afternoon! We both sat in the living room reading and every once in a while actually talked to each other! I'm glad we still have things to talk about after 19 years of marriage.

My thoughts are constantly on settling in a home. But then I freak a little at the thought of being tied down to a house. But on the other hand, we won't have to come up with $600.00 PER MONTH FOR TAXES like in NJ. Although I enjoy our travels and the luxury of being able to see many parts of the U.S., I find that both Scott & I are staying more and more around the campgrounds and being very picky as to what sightseeing we do. We are homebodies. And the coming Winter season causes us to want to nestle, hibernate, be cozy.
Our tentative plan now is to look at property in Tennessee that won't require too much maintenance. Then we can travel a month or 2 or 3 at a time if we want.  I suspect we'll stay home and only venture out to specific areas for a month or two tops. Maybe head North for the hottest of the Summer months.
I'm definitely in a cuddle under an afghan in front of a fireplace mode. I think staying here in Tom's driveway and Tom heating his house with wood has added to me wanting a house again. We've been letting Devin out in Tom's backyard. I've been enjoying sitting on the big couch with Lyla's head in my lap and enjoying the fireplace. Oh, I do miss letting the dogs out loose in the backyard, and to have a couch so the dogs can cuddle with us. We're thinking of buying a cheap futon to replace my oh so comfy recliner. The things I sacrifice to be with my doggies.

Reservation dog saga continued...

Poor Dina was in some pain the first night of her spay. We gave her a 1/2 of a Tramadol which seemed to help. She came home syringes full of white liquid. I thought it was for worms. But after going into town to hear my cell phone messages, it ends up she has giardia. Lyla and Devin are  also taking syringes full of the white stuff, just in case. We don't know if Lyla and Devin have Giardia, but they do drink from streams and puddles if we don't catch them in time. They can also get it from sniffing or eating infected poo. The vet told us to wash our hands thoroughly after picking up our dog's poo. It IS communicable to humans.
One week after surgery, Dina is fine and playing again. The stitches were under the skin and a tiny incision. No need for a cone around her head.
Devin will be definitely missing Scooby. They were about the same size and played really well together. Of course, every time I left Devin there without adult supervision, he'd get into trouble by flipping the garbage, flipping the water cooler, flipping the food container, etc.
Devin looking for snacks. naughty boy.

Crocheted a second doily for our other lampshade. It's the little home made touches that make an RV a home.

People of Darkness (Navajo Mysteries, #4)People of Darkness by Tony Hillerman
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Just an ok book. The mystery became a little more exciting near the end. Too many characters and generations for me to keep track of.
I read this book because we were just in the area that this book is taken place at. We actually met the main character's (Jim Chee) wife (in real life). While in Monument Valley, we learned about the Navajo and how they now would rather be called Dine. We visited the hogan huts, etc. Very cool to be able to understand and not have to imagine the descriptions, since we were actually there.

Patient Zero (Joe Ledger, #1)Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

First, I must admit, I'm not really into Zombie type books. But the catch phrase, "When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week there’s either something wrong with your world..."  caught my attention.
I think this may be better if read. I listened to this as an audio book. The narrator was ok, but kind of monotone. I would expect a little excitement in his voice when they see someone dead come back for the attack.

Mon. 11/25/13 - Wed. 1/1/14 (5 weeks) Hidden Valley Ranch, Deming, NM
Thur. 1/2/14 White Sands, NM (Tentative)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Poked and Prodded, oh my!

Driveway docking - Tijera, NM 
It's the dash that matters.
It's the dash that matters is a great thought. Doesn't matter when you were born, nor when you die, but what you do with what's in between.
We've extended our stay here in the Tom's driveway. I hope we are not overstaying our welcome. Tom is a wonderful host and we are taking full advantage of his hospitality. We were supposed to leave on Monday, 11/18, but then I asked to stay until Tuesday for my Mammogram appointment. Then Scott asked to stay until Wednesday. Why? Because he needs to download an update to one of his computer games. A large download and who knows when we'll get good internet again. Yep, we are taking full advantage of his services.
We also made reservations until the new year. We will be really boondocking for the first time after we leave here. We visited City of Rocks last year while staying in Deming. What a really neat campground. The cool sights, surrounded by huge rocks are the no services sights. We took Wheeling It's recommendation and experience and reserved site #16, all by itself and no hook ups. Then we'll be at Hidden Valley Ranch in Deming, NM for about 5 weeks which will cover Thanksgiving thru New Year.
Scott just added a 3rd solar panel, so we now have 400 watts? I am at a total loss at how this all works. I believe he also got another battery. Another purchase we are waiting to receive is the Mr. Heater Buddy, that works with propane and no electricity. The temps go down to the 30's and lower overnight, so we'll need this Mr. Heater. In the past, we've just used electric heaters and that has worked well (as long as we have electric). We try not to use the RV heater, since it is a lot of wasted spaces to heat and takes a lot of battery power. As long as we have enough power to charge my computer and get internet, I'll be fine. I can cook over a fire, I don't need TV.
I had 2 more Dr.'s appointment. A "ladies' Dr." & eye Dr.. Review below. I'm happy to say, I've lost 5#'s without really trying. If I would only start exercising!!! Other than my normal high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low thyroid, and post-menopausal depression, I'm doing well. My meds are working.

We have been looking on line at property in Tennessee. That is the final State for us to consider settling down in. Tennessee does not tax pensions, has low property tax, homes & land are inexpensive.  Population density is 150 people per square mile, compared to 1170 people per square mile in NJ. The downside is 7% state sales tax, same as NJ.
We have seen some beautiful properties and homes for under $200,000. This particular property, I am in love with! It's been on the market since May 2013. I wonder what's wrong with it? We'll be in Tennessee around March/April 2014. Will it still be available? Yearly taxes for 6.5 acres, less than $900. compared to our yearly taxes of over $7000. for 100'x80' property in NJ.
I'm getting excited to visit Tennessee.
McLeod Medical Center, Cedar Crest, NM
My rating 4 out of 5
The receptionist, Kristina was excellent (rate 5 out of 5 perfect). Friendly, full of info, efficient.
G.P. Melissa Fowler, PAC
I had a check up with Dr. Fowler, mainly to get my prescriptions updated.  Very nice Dr., but only took my blood pressure. I was hoping for an exam.
Gynecologist, Effie Medford, MD (rate 5 out of 5)
Oh my gosh! I never expected what was to be experienced! Dr. Medford is well into her 60's, most liked 70's with a Southern charm. I had an appointment for an annual pap smear. Well, I was with her for almost an hour! First I had two hearing tests, urine test, blood pressure, & discussed diet and exercise, She reviewed my chart thoroughly asking me questions to verify my answers. She explained ALL that she was doing. Checked my heart sounds, lung sounds. Checked not only my pulse on my wrist, but my pulse in my neck and groin. She compared the pulses to make sure there was no delay. She pressed deeply into my abdomen to feel my spleen, stomach, uterus, & kidneys. She checked my reflexes for my knees, ankles, bottom of feet, ankles, and elbows. She had me laughing because I remember doing this as a kid. My limbs had a mind of their own as she used the rubber hammer. She would inform me that all was good after each exam testing. Right there is more than an doctor has ever done to me. I was so impressed!
On to the gynecological exam. Ladies, you know the basic drill. First I liked that the table to lay on was set low, so I didn't have to climb up. This is the first Dr. to let me know it was ok to keep my socks on. She explained using water to lubricate instead of jelly to prevent contamination. She not only did the pap smear but then, damn, how far can a hand go up a woman's hoo ha? She checked my cervix, and the went sideways (ouch?) and checked each of my ovaries (another first). Then women after 40 should have a, um, well, rectal exam. Usually it's in and out and done. Not with Dr. Medford. It was in and uh oh, circle around and around and then out. Damn she is thorough.
She asked me at least twice if I needed to talk to about anything. She also explained that the paper robe was covering my side enough that if someone accidentally stepped in, all they could see would be my socks.
Another bit of info she gave me. Since I am a woman of a certain age (56) and no previous abnormal pap smears, I do not need another for 3 years. I have a bone density and mammogram scheduled next.

We haven't really explored this area. We've just been hanging out with our host, Tom and his furbabies, and too many appointments. I'm feeling a little stressed again. This is happening too often! I almost look forward to boon docking for 5 days. Just us and the rocks.
Reservation dog Saga continues...
Dina went in for her spay today. She is still not used to a crate and panics when I close the door. I hope she'll be ok at the vet.
Our host, Tom has had to put two dogs "down" while we are here. The first was because of biting. Shadow was adopted out from our rescue, but returned because of biting. Tom took him in to see if he could rehabilitate him. He knew this was a difficult case and realized there is something wrong with this dog, but chose to keep him in hopes of still helping him. Well after Shadow went after a number of people (luckily no actually bites), he decided to put him to sleep. Then within a couple of days, he had to put his 13 year old "heart" dog, Mikey to sleep. He was having shaking spasms and periods of not being able to breath. Tom would breath for him. Tom realized it was time. So sad, but that IS part of life.
The usual disclaimer, feel free to skip this part.
Since I really don't have much to blog about, you're stuck with another Rant!
Dog Rescue requirements:
I am so frustrated that I have been led to drink at 10:00 in the morning!
I am very involved in English Setter rescue. I have become quite frustrated at the strict requirements for adoption. My thoughts are that we are taking dogs from being homeless, on death row, or living in a cage in a shelter and finding homes for them. The rescue I volunteer with INSISTS on monthly Heartworm preventative and annual heartworm testing. We have had to turn away very good potential adopters because they do not give monthly heartworm preventative. I do agree to the importance of annual testing for heartworm. Heartworm infestation is a terrible health problem, expensive and difficult on the dog to treat. But I don't agree on turning someone away because they don't administer monthly. I suggest education and strong encouragement.
Our rescue has also denied a very good applicant because they do not have a fence and will tether their dog for bathroom breaks. They will also walk the dog. We have lived full time in our RV for 2.5 yrs. Rarely have a fenced in area. We walk the dogs and I tether our IS/ES mix for about an hour in the morning. He LOVES it! He prefers his morning poop while tethered, then he sits in our lawn chair and watches & smells the wildlife. Many times he is also tethered in the afternoon. I do keep a watch on him to make sure he is not tangled and nothing is bothering him. That is better than sitting in a cage in a shelter. That is better than being killed at the shelter. That is better than being a stray, having to find each day's meal and the danger of being hit by a car or attacked by wildlife.
For me, I am looking for a good dog owner, not an exceptional or perfect dog owner, although that would be great also.
Wed. 11/20 - Sun. 11/24/2013 (5 days) City of Rocks State Park, Faywood, NM
Mon. 11/25/13 - Wed. 1/1/2014 (1 month + 10 days) Hidden Valley Ranch, Deming, NM

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Slap! Thanks! I needed that.

Driveway docking, Tijeras, NM
RV LIFE & Ranting:
Feel free to skip this part.
Let me start off by saying, "I'm in a 'pissy' mood". As our driveway host Tom would say, "I'm broke" (meaning broken). I've gotten so spoiled by this laid back lifestyle, that all this activity and socialization is off putting.
Stress #1: It started with the stress of finding our reservation dog a couple of weeks ago. Such a sweet girl. The sad state of our nation with the idiot mentality of not neutering and spaying, which produces overpopulation of dogs and cats. (Yes, generalizing). Which leads me to the people who won't foster, because they can't deal with the heartache of letting their foster dog leave and be adopted and live a great life. Well, to those that have the room and time, but the lack of heart or not a strong enough heart to foster, why don't you go to a shelter, kill or non-kill and first look at all those dogs and cats stuck in a cage day in and day out. Better yet, why don't you ask the volunteers at the kill shelter what dogs won't be there tomorrow because they will be killed, sometimes STILL BY GASSING! So you can deal with a little heartache and a GREAT REWARD by fostering a dog or cat and knowing you helped them find a warm, loving, adoptive home, or you'll have to deal with knowing you just let a dog die to save YOURSELF a little heartache.
Stress #2:  Scheduling all these vet and Dr. appointments so close together. I've given up on the Dentist. I will go into Mexico for a Dentist, while down in Deming, NM. Scott always makes a face when I mention that. I'm not his Mama, so if he doesn't want to go into Mexico, he can make his own Dentist appointment. (I said I was in a pissy mood!!!)
Stress #3: Socializing. This is where I'm really "broke". I just can't take too much socializing. Tom has been a wonderful host. His dogs are also fun to be around. But, I'm used to being alone much of the day. Scott & I do our separate things many times. Scott is a pretty quiet guy. We don't need to talk when we are together. Tom had to put one of his dogs to sleep while we were here. I'm glad we can be here to get his mind off of the loss. But for me to socialize is still work. I feel I have to put on that smiley face and be attentive, of course. So, hopefully, this blog will give me my alone time while passively being social and give me a chance to "let it out". 
To family, friends, readers, & Tom, if you read the above, thank you for letting me vent. Now onto to better subjects.
My stress and pissiness are fleeting. I feel somewhat guilty complaining about my stress. If I stepped outside of myself, I would be saying "Stress? You think you have stress?" 

Smack myself upside my head! 

Give myself a kick in the butt.

With that silly transition, I know how fortunate I am. It's near Thanksgiving. Let me give thanks.
I'm thankful for my health.
I'm thankful for my wonderful husband.
I'm thankful that although we are not well off, we have enough to enjoy life in moderation.
I'm thankful Scott & I had steady jobs and able to retire by 55.
I'm thankful our dogs are healthy.
I'm thankful my husband is healthy.
I'm thankful for the internet and how it has opened up the world to me. Through the internet, I have met many friends, or someday friends.
I'm thankful Tom has opened his driveway to us, his heart to us, his home to us, his humor to us.
I'm thankful I had a decent childhood and was taught the value of money.
I'm thankful my husband knows how to deal with my pissy moods.
I'm thankful for all the things I take for granted and will think of after this post.

Ya meet the nicest people in New Mexico...
I have been so impressed with New Mexico. Last year, while in Deming, NM, we were welcomed at the RV park, loaned an ATV for the day, & got a dog adopted. 
This year, here in Tijeras, NM besides Tom being so nice, he has directed us to a vet who gets down on the floor with the dog, instead of making the dog go up on the stainless steel, high exam table. 
The family practice Dr., who made me feel like I was talking to a friend. 
The Dr.'s office receptionist who took the time to get mine and Scott's appointments set up and referrals and directions to other medical facilities
The cashier at the feed store who put up with Tom's joking. Tom told her I was from Kentucky. The cashier didn't catch on. Me? From Kentucky? with my Jersey accent?
It has really been pleasant staying in this area.  Even the drivers seem to be somewhat considerate. No cutting off on the highway, and a car pulled over so I could pass her! In NJ, that same driver would have slowed down to annoy me. (And no, I was not tailgating)
My rating 5 out of 5    $7.00 per person admission
What a well thought out museum. The $7.00 admission is well worth it. The theme rooms exit out and flow into the next and the next and before you know it, you are on the second floor via display floors gradually rising via ramps.
Lots of dinosaur bones, skeletons, fossils. Rooms for animals of New Mexico, historic aquatic life, volcanoes, rock & gem formations, astrological displays and more. They have interactive displays to keep the kids interested also. Really nice museum.
I happened to look on their events page and they were giving a gem/stone wire wrapping class to make jewelry! Wow! Only $35. including all material. There was a 1/2 hour lecture about how the different rocks and gems are made and excavated. Very interesting. Then a class teaching us how to make a pendant, bracelet, and earrings. The teacher, Camille, from Creative Wire was very generous with her supplies and attention. A really great class. Check out her website if you're in the area. She will hold classes for a group or individuals.
Here is what I made!

Old Town Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM
My rating 3.5 out of 5
Free, but there is public parking lots for a small fee. Nice touristy place to go. Lots of jewelry & art shops, as well typical touristy shops. A few restaurants & cafes. The best part is when you are IN the shops to take notice of the outside and inside of the buildings themselves. I was in a candle shop and he had an old adobe fireplace warming the store. The Cat store was a cozy odd shaped room amid a little hidden circular, cozy outdoor area. If your man doesn't like to shop, leave him home.
Gabby's Homemade Soaps, Old Town Albuquerque, NM
My rating 4.5 out of 5
This would have gotten a perfect rating if the soaps were slightly cheaper and there were more exfoliating soaps.
The owner has a huge selection of nice sized soaps and unique scent and content combos. A lovely shop with not only soaps, but lotions and a sense of humor. I picked up "Nasty Ass" soap as a host gift for Tom. There is a homey adobe fireplace in the shop which the owner had a toasty fire glowing in. Very nice touch. The owner was nice and helpful without being overbearing. If the salesperson is pushy, I just walk out. But this person subtly showed me what I mentioned and before you know it, I bought 5 bars of soap for $20., which is a good price. Individual soaps I believe are $5. each. I don't like to pay more than $4. for a bar of soap. The vanilla oatmeal is oh so wonderful! He also sends mail order.

Onyx Expressions, Old Town Albuquerque, NM
My rating 5 out of 5

I did not purchase anything here, but his products are beautiful and reasonable priced for the workmanship. There are wine goblets, lamps, candle holders, wine cooler, furniture, etc. All made out of onyx. We already have onyx wine goblets we purchased at the mineral show in Deming, NM last year. 
Very nice owner. As you walk in he says, "feel free to touch, and if you break it, you don't have to pay for it". How refreshing. I hate those signs that state, "you break it, you buy it". He also mail orders. 
And as a bonus, we got to talking about traveling and Dr.'s. I mentioned needing a Dentist and he suggested going into Mexico since we would be in Deming. He said that is where he goes and he's been very happy with the price, service and work.

Fiber Chicks Yarn Shop, Old Town Albuquerque, NM
My rating 3.5 out of 5
Again, I didn't buy anything, but this shop had a decent assortment of yarn including locally spun and dyed. I am in no need of yarn, so I resisted. But the nice "little ol' lady" and I had an enjoyable conversation about knitting vs. crocheting and techniques, etc.  She had a lot of display samples hung throughout the store that she made. Stop in and say hello if you are in the area.
RV LIFE on the hill:
Now that it's a couple of hours later and I've been laying on the bed in our quiet bedroom by myself, except for the company of ALL three of our dogs, I am feeling better.
"On the hill" is the expression used for this area. I was surprised how easily I referred to that when giving my cell # to the Dr. I said up on the hill, we don't get reception. They knew what I meant.
1 vet visit, 2 Dr.'s visits, 1 bloodwork visit down and 1 more vet visit, 1 more Dr. visit, 1 more bloodwork visit and a mammogram to go.
Tom has been a wonderful host. Even though his heart is aching over the loss of one of his dogs, Shadow, he still manages to keep a beautiful smile on his face.  

Scott cooked a roast and red sauce over angel hair pasta for us all the other night. Since our RV kitchen is so small, I cooked the pasta in Tom's kitchen. But after a glass of wine, I was a little tipsy. I forgot the pasta box was open and picked up the box by the wrong end and all the dry pasta fell all over the kitchen floor. We were bombarded by the dogs. Lyla loves dry and cooked pasta. Tom is trying to wade through the dogs to get a broom and he's slipping all over and lands on his scrawny "non-butt". The dry pasta acted just like roller skates. Tom was trying to do a balancing act like he was log rolling! He still had a smile on his face throughout. 

I will again be quoting what Tom posted on our English Setter Yahoo group. You can see his side of the story. Tom has a beautiful 1957 Chevy Belair that he took me for a ride in while Scott went to get bloodwork. This turquoise beauty runs beautifully. Since we were all gone, that meant all six dogs were in the house together. Hope all goes ok in there. Here's Tom's thoughts...

"Scott returned home alone to find the water cooler laying on its side and of course the table was floating and bobbing all over the place. Of course he was more than eager to display his domestic abilities and promptly mopped it up. He handles a mop better than Hilda handles a broom I dare say. 
Scott, I moved the cooler into the front room as it too needs a good mopping and you are the man for the job." 

Which leads me into the subject of pets

The reservation dog saga continues...
Dina is still a gem of a dog. No mistakes in the RV other than acting like superman and jumping on the dining table in a single bound. We are on 5 acres that are sort of fenced. Meaning a dog that respects fences would probably be ok. We have been (really, just me, Scott is more protective) letting Devin off leash. So far he has not jumped over, squeezed through, or crawled under any part of this old horse type wire fencing. Devin has been having a blast running, and digging holes in search of the ground critters. Since Dina seems to be a velcro dog, I let her off leash this morning. Freedom! She ran around with her back end tucked under for a more aerodynamic form. So nice to see her running. While on a long lead, all I have to say is "Dina, Come on" and she comes to my side. Well, when I say that off lead, she looks back, just like Devin and keeps going. But unlike Devin, she DID crawl under the fence gate and into the neighbor's yard. Out here, most folks carry guns. My worry is that Dina is on their property and she's going to be shot. Other than that, I'm not too worried. She knows the RV and I have faith she will return. I find Devin sniffing for cats under the deck and finally get him leashed and go back to the RV to wait for Dina. I open the RV to let Devin in and Dina is right behind him! Good girl, but I don't think I'll be letting her loose again.
Our other problem with Dina is still the doing her business on lead. She takes "forever". Many times we give up and she goes 20 hours. I suppose if she really has to go, she will.
We have set up the crate and put a dog bed in it. Dina goes right in, but as soon as we close it, she starts to feel closed in and panics, looking for a way out. So again, we will do this in baby steps. We will feed her meals in the crate and close the door during meals.
And the other progress for Dina and regress for us is...

She has made it into not only the bedroom, but on to the bed with us and our other two dogs, all snuggled in for the night. Good thing we have a king sized bed.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

See Devin Run

Tijeras, NM Driveway Docking
“You can't live your life for other people. 
You've got to do what's right for you, even if it hurts some people you love.” 
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook
We arrived in Tijeras, NM (20 miles from Albuquerque) a few days ago. The gate to "our" 5 acre RV site was unlocked for our arrival.  We had about 6" clearance on each side before fencing. Scott pulled through with no scrapes. Our next challenge was getting the RV turned around 180°. Again, Scott did a wonderful job. Our last challenge with to get the RV level. We add a board, then another board, then another board and needed to "ladder" the tires up the board to the height of 12"!!! Finally, it's level all around.
Within a couple of hours of our arrival, our host, Tom gave us the keys to his house, offered his truck if needed and tried to pawn off one of his dogs on us. The dog part is a lie.
This is the really special part of full time RVing. Being able to visit so many acquaintances that turn into friends. We have electric, delicious well water and access to dump our tanks. What more could we ask for?

One of the downsides to full time RVing is keeping up with health check ups and vet check ups. I do miss knowing the Doctors to go to and having a routine to follow. So while here for a couple of weeks, I'm trying to squeeze a lot into a little bit of time. We've got the vet set up, Dr. check ups and blood work scheduled. I was even able to schedule a "ladies Doctor" appointment, which I didn't plan. Still working on the Dentist and Mammogram. In NJ, we would have to wait weeks to get in to Doctors. It's been great here and the staff have all been wonderful.I'm liking the people of this area so far.

We haven't taken the time to sight see yet, but there are lots of geocaches in the area, parks, trails to hike, museums, etc. We loved our visit to Old Town Santa Fe last year. I plan on visiting Old Town Albuquerque this weekend.
Reservation dog saga continued...
Dina is doing excellent. She has been a very easy dog. When we left Navajo Nation, Dina had not done "her business" on a leash yet. While still at her home turf, we gave in and let her loose to go to her special place. She always comes back quickly. On our overnight, Dina would not "go". So back to sleeping on the easy chair to make sure Dina doesn't do anything in the RV. After a good night's sleep in the easy chair and no disturbance from Dina, I woke on my own. I took the dogs out for their morning walk and STILL nothing escaped from Dina. It has been 24 hours since she has relieved herself! What to do??? We have a  4 hour drive ahead. So Scott drags himself out of bed and tries. Ten minutes later, they come back and Scott has a smug smirk on his face. 100% success. Ahhh, we can relax for our trip.
Now three days later and she is doing better about going on the leash, but Scott has a better success rate. No, Scott does not go potty on the leash, but he's had better luck getting Dina to do that.
She has gotten used to riding in the truck and lays down along with our other two dogs. I am now back to sleeping in bed. Our own dogs are allowed on the bed and in fact encouraged up. Devin has been having some pecking order problems with Dina in the RV. No fights, no growls, just his lack of confidence in the situation. Because of this, we do not want Dina up on the bed. That is reserved for Devin & Lyla. It is so hard. We have a king sized bed. She could just squeeze in beside me. But it's best to not start that habit. Darling Dina will whine and put her front legs on the bed for pets. But, we tell her to lay down and she seems to get it. She'll settle down for the night. She's really a good girl.
Dina likes RV life.
We took Dina to the vet here in Tijeras for her vaccines and a check up. She weighs 46 pounds and seems to be in good health. The vet was  very likeable. She got down on the floor to examine our dogs. We pointed out a lump on Dina's back and a lump on her jaw and asked them to be checked out. After manipulating the lump and feeling her jaw line, the vet feels she has experience some "trauma", meaning, probably hit by a vehicle. Her back lump is scar tissue, but her back is aligned. Her lump on the jaw is calcification caused most likely by her jaw being broken at one point. But she does not seem to have pain and her jaw movement seems to be fine, so she healed quite well. She has the tip of one of her incisor teeth broken off, but that does not cause a problem other than cosmetic. We do see that she takes hard treats gingerly and tends to eat it more to one side of her mouth. So this little girl has been through some tough times and she has survived and stayed sweet. She will be spayed & microchipped next week.

Devin has taken full advantage of Tom's open house hospitality. Devin, has befriended Zander, an English Setter that looks like our Lyla, only larger. They both whine for each other. Devin has found where the dog food is kept and overturned the contents for all the dogs to enjoy. He has found the giant sized box of dog biscuits, as well as a smaller container of dog biscuits. Has Tom ever heard of "puppy proofing"? Or maybe my dog just needs to learn how act in someone else's house. At one point there were 7 dogs running around his house.
Here is Tom's version...
"Tonight we had six setters and one "native American" in the house and what a time they had as they traversed though this maze at about 90 miles an hour. 
The "THUG" (Zander), fell in love with the red head (Devin), and of course tried to hump him all night like a virgin on viagra!!!!! 
When they left for the night, I gave the tribe their treats. Zander aka the THUG and a true food glutton refused his treat and the slow old blind Mikey stole it and ate is as the THUG kept sitting at the door whining for his new "LOVE". An hour later and this light footed mutt is still at the door crying for their red dog. This is going to be a most interesting week to say the least. 
Weather has been great and today they show up and we had snow this am, temps are now freezing and more snow on the way and my wood is not all stacked or covered and I do burn no less than 5 cords a year up here so I may be sucking wind this year. 
Could this be the Deb curse I have heard about so many times? :)." and then he says this about Dina..."The new over sized reservation RAT riding with Scott and Debbie is hard to understand as it barks in totally the Navajo tongue and it sounds so weird to say the least." Yep, Tom is a real jokester.
Mike (right) loves Dina (left) and licks her all over.

Only 1/2 the dogs in the house.
Tom's 5 acres is somewhat fenced. It would not contain a small dog, but will deter a large dog from wandering unless he really wants to get out. It's more like fencing for horses. I won't let Dina loose. She'd be out and under the gate in a heartbeat, but I think she'd come right back. Her recall is so much better than Devin's. I just say "Come on", and she comes to my side. Devin, just looks...sometimes and then continues running. But, Devin is pretty respectful of fences, even if they aren't that secure, so I've been letting Devin off lead and he has been running, and running, and running. Yep, he really likes it here at Tom's.
I wrote a review of Goulding's Camp Park on Tripadvisor. In the review, I stated about taking in one of the reservations dogs. I received a response from Goulding's. Uh oh. Am I going to be accused of stealing a dog? Nope. Here's what they said!
Gouldings, Manager at Goulding's Lodge & Campground, responded to this review, November 5, 2013
"Goulding's campground management and staff wants to thank this guest for their wonderful and detailed comments regarding their stay at our historic campground. We also want to express our gratitude that you found it in your heart to adopt one of the stray dogs and to provide a positive future for the animal. It has been a goal of the Goulding's staff and many other Monument Valley locals to improve the stray animal situation in this magnificent area. Again, Thank You..!!"
Wow! I did not expect that! 
Trunk Music (Harry Bosch, #5)Trunk Music by Michael Connelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Murder mystery.
Likeable, dysfunctional detective Harry Bosch the main character in this story. A little bit of his past and present love life revealed. Decent murder mystery ending in a total surprise for me.


Monday, November 4, 2013

GOULDING'S CAMP PARK, Monument Valley, UT: RV Park Review

Wed. 10/23 - Sun. 11/3/13 (12 days) 
Goulding's Campground, Monument Valley, UT
Site#40   Price: $43./night (with Good Sam discount)
Our rating 4 out of 5
Sites: Mostly pull thrus. Sites are tiered up a slope, with railroad ties separating sites. Decent amount of space between sites. Sites are gravel with a firepit at some and a picnic table. Many also have a small shade tree.

Hook ups: FHU (50amp), also no hookup tent camping. 
Bathrooms: Didn't check, but they close during summer at 7pm and do not open until 8am. Nov. 1, they started closing at 5pm, closed all night until 8am.
Laundry has the same hours as the bathrooms. Nice laundry, just a little expensive.
Pets: Allowed, but beware, there are a number of loose reservation dogs & cats around. They look to be fed, but many females seem to have puppies or just finished weaning. Very sad. The dogs are very friendly. We ended up taking in loner that hung around us and just starving for attention. We will get her vaccines done and get her spayed and adopt her out. One less dog to have more puppies.
Dina, our reservation dog we are taking with us.
Sweet pitty mix only about 7-9 mths old.

Another sweet dog.
WiFi:: Free. Most times pretty good. Sometimes from around 5-10pm it slowed down or cut off.
Verizon Internet: Very slow
Sprint Internet: No service
Satellite: Plenty of open sky.
Verizon cell: Worked on Roam
AT&T cell: Worked on Roam
Book Exchange:. I think they charged for used books.
Activities: Guided tours through Monument Valley for a price.
Mail delivery accepted: ?
Area/Town/Sights: Valley of the Gods, Monument Valley, Navajo life, jewelry.
We really enjoyed our time here. The view was magnificent. The campground in late Oct/early Nov. was mostly empty. What a joy to just sit outside surrounded by huge rocks protecting our little area.
Misc: They have garbage cans conveniently located throughout. They are emptied daily. So much nicer than dumpsters. Also security drives through (too fast) quite a few times per day.
Mon. 11/4/13 (overnight)
USA RV Park, Gallup, NM
Our Rating 3.5 out of 5
Site#28   Price: $32./night
Decent park, with long sites, but piggy back (common hookups), so too close together for my taste

There is a small gravel dog enclosure mainly used for potty, not playing. There is plenty of area to walk the dogs, but be careful of goat's head thorns (or puncture vine) that get caught in dogs' paws. They are everywhere, especially along the side dirt road.
Park seems clean with garbage cans throughout instead of a dumpster.

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Wed. 10/23 - Tue. 10/29/13 (1 week) 
Goulding's Campground, Monument Valley, UT
Nothing much going on. We've seen what there is to see here, so now we just "chill" and relax (chillax), enjoy the beautiful park and serenity.
Scott & I do a lot of reading. Scott more than I do. He will spend hours and hours reading. I do 30 minutes here and there unless it's a really good book. Then I'll also read for a couple of hours at a time.
Here in Navajo Nation, there is an author they honor because he represented the area pretty accurately in his books. He writes fiction but based on some real history and real local characters, one of which is police officer, Jim Chee. I met Jim's wife today while looking over some jewelry for purchase. She showed me photos of her husband, then and now. He is now retired. Scott got chills when he realized he was talking to someone who the books are based on. Oh, the author? Tony Hillerman. I'll be reading his first book and see if I enjoy them now that I've been to the area.
A tidbit I found out after my previous post...
**Update: I wrote the Thelma & Louise comment BEFORE I found out that Goosenecks State Park IS where they filmed the cliff scene! How cool!!!!! Yep, I mentioned Devin re-enacting the scene. I visited the museum at the Goulding's Lodge where there was a room about all the movies filmed here. Thelma & Louise was a surprise.

We took a short hike onto the rocks right next to the campground. Rez dog led the way for us. My ankle has been giving me trouble again. I'll be going to a doctor soon to check it out. Up the rocks, down the rocks we all go. I am very slow because of my ankle. Rez dog led us to Goulding's Arch.
Photo taken from the net. We didn't bring our camera.
I really like it here. Since it's off season, there are only 4 or 5 other RV's in the campground. Sometimes overnight, there may be more.
View from our campsite at sunset. The sinking sun puts a glow on the monuments.
Reservation Dog Saga continues...
Our Rez dog has spent 5 days and nights with us. Much, much progress has been made. I've been posting on Facebook for immediate satisfaction when there isn't enough to blog about.
It's about time to decide on a name. We originally thought of Dineh spoken like Renee, which really is not the correct Navajo pronunciation. But the name just didn't flow anyway for us. So then we came up with three choices...
Dina, our version of Dineh, but pronounced like Tina.
GiGi, for Golden Girl.
Genni for Generic Dog.
When I wasn't thinking, I just called her Dina, so that flows.
Now for her actual progress. I'm still sleeping in the living room on the easy chair. I still get a better night's sleep than Scott. He doesn't sleep very well, which is normal for him. One night Dina slept in my lap. Other nights, she switches from a dog bed to Scott's or really Devin's easy chair. Thankfully, uneventful nights.
Dina is in no rush to go out in the morning. My usual time I get up is anywhere from 6 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. Since sleeping on the easy chair I have been sleeping until 9 a.m. and one morning it was almost TEN A.M. before I woke up.
Morning routine is I take all three dogs out on a leash. Dina has gotten used to the leash, although still doesn't like it. She accepts the leash, but while she's on it, she stays very close to me and sometimes tries to walk in between my legs. We usually go down the little canyon and let her loose to do her business. We are keeping a collar on her all the time now. She will not do her business while on the leash. Something she'll HAVE to do once we leave here.
After our walk, I feed them all breakfast. Lyla and Devin first, and then Dina. She is pretty good about waiting and if she tries to go to our other dogs' dishes, we just give her an "eh, eh" and she leaves it be. She eats well and still no signs of food aggression.
We've given her a dewormer, since we know she has tapeworms and flatworms. We've also put on Advantage flea treatment, just in case.
Devin has not been eating much. We think he is trying to figure out the pecking order. None of our dogs are alpha and Devin has been spending most of his time in the bedroom where Dina is not allowed...yet.
We put Dina in the truck yesterday, with our own two dogs. All good. We turned on the engine. All good. We decide to take a short drive. I'm waiting to have a panicked crazy dog bouncing everywhere. Nope, Dina is very, very sweet. She just quivered and kept in physical contact with me while looking out the front window. Eventually, she turned around and looked out the side window which seems to be not as stressful. Overall, she did very good. Another hurdle completed.
Today, I gave her a bath in our little RV shower. Quite a tight squeeze, but the deed has been done. Again, I wondered how she would react. I keep waiting for her to have enough and growl or bite. But no, not Darling Dina. She just again quivered, jumped on the built in shower seat and put her front legs on my shoulders. Well, that works. After the shower, I rubbed her all over with a big soft towel. I think all dogs love that part. Her butt wiggled and her tail wagged while I rubbed her all over. Check bath off the list.
And today, we had a socialization breakthrough. Devin and Dina started playing today. The RV was rocking and shaking with the dogs wrestling, playing tug of war and bouncing off the walls. They also bounced against the table our Parrot, Swayze is on. Swayze would yell, "Devin", just like I do. Our dogs don't pay attention, but Dina stopped and looked at our Parrot, then started playing again. I watched them carefully for any signs other than playing. Not a one. Like I keep saying, Darling Dina is a sweet, sweet dog.
That is another thing Dina has easily adjusted to. She pays no heed to our Parrot, Swayze.
We are still training her to wait at the door, which has been the most difficult task so far. But, even with this, she is making progress. When the door opens, she doesn't immediately run to the door to dash out anymore. But when she does get to the door, she has to learn to wait. Patience, repetition, and consistency. We let our dogs out first and make her wait, wait, wait, wait, until she relaxes. As soon as she stops trying to get out, we say "ok" and let her out.
So, a lot of progress. Enough that we can feel comfortable traveling with her. What is she going to think when we're at a new location and we open the RV in the morning and it's not her only area she's ever known?!
We've already got a vet appointment set up for her when we get near Albuquerque next week.
I haven't been doing much crafting. I really don't know where the time goes, but crafting just hasn't been part of my day.

I am working on a hat and scarf set to use up some wool/acrylic yarn I was given.  I really like the cable type ribbing on the bottom.


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