Friday, February 28, 2014

Sock virgin no more

Feb. 26-Mar. 4, 2014 (1 week)
Torreya State Park - Bristol, FL
“God offers to every mind its choice between truth and repose. Take which you please– you can never have both.” Excerpt from Unraveled
Scott had a great day outside with the dogs and a campfire. A nice 63°. Me? I'm still mopey. I spent the day in the bedroom, in my "den", in my "cozy place". It is what I needed.

We've been making some great choices in parks to stay at lately...ever since leaving TX.  Torreya State Park is another winner. It's quiet, and surrounded by all kinds of trees, bushes with spanish moss hanging all around. Yep, this is a cozy place.

I love popcorn. I had a "Stir Crazy" popcorn popper when we had a house. It worked great and I even gave them to my Mom and Dad and my Brother for Christmas one year. But, it is a bulky one use appliance, that is not worth the space in an RV.
I don't like the microwavable popcorn. They are either too greasy or too high in calories. I also don't want to have to watch and shake a pot to pop popcorn.

Why can't I make my own microwave popcorn?
2 tablespoons vegetable oil in a microwave safe bowl
1/3 cup kernels
Place in the microwave and put a steamer lid over the top or something that covers the lid but has holes in it.
Nuke for 5-minutes, until kernels are barely popping.

The result? Pretty good, except the popped kernels burnt slightly in the center part of the bowl. But, I actually like burnt popcorn. But for those who would rather have unburnt popcorn, I have a solution. I saw this while surfing the net.
Soak the unpopped kernels in water for 10 minutes. Strain and pat dry. Nuke as above with oil. The additional moisture helps the popcorn pop up fluffier with fewer “old maids” and no burning. I had to nuke for 6 minutes.

Update 3/1/14: In case you don't read the comments section, Allison of Allison's Post Work Thinking Blog, gave me a link to a microwave popper that I've never seen before. 5 stars reviews, and cheap! Check out the Nordic Ware Popcorn Popper. Allison uses it to steam veggies.
One of the disadvantages of not staying in a permanent place is mail. Usually this is not a problem, as we do most of our business/bills/banking electronically. But when it comes to mail order, then timing is essential. Will we be able to receive mail at the park? Will we stay long enough to get that package? Or have the package sent to our TX address and then resent when we are settled somewhere for a week or two. Then I am paying double postage. Postage to TX and postage from TX to our current location. With that being said, I have missed out on TWO Mystery Knit-a-Longs. I had them planned and spaced far enough apart to not overwhelm me. But, my yarn coming from Malaysia has been stuck in customs in NYC for over a month! The 2nd clue is already out and I have no supplies for it. My March MKAL starts, well, in March and I missed the yarn delivery when I had our mail sent to us last week. Life is just so difficult isn't it? ;)

I have been knitting though. I finished a ruched beret/slouch hat. This is made out of 100% Alpaca wool that I picked up in Oregon. It is so soft and lofty. When I knit with it, I swear I can feel the lanolin on my fingers. I may become a yarn snob and insist on alpaca instead of sheep wool.

I'm in the process of making a cowl and fingerless gloves to match.

And I'm happy to announce that I've finally joined the crowd and have become a sock knitter. Well, sort of. I have finished my first pair of socks. Yes, a pair. I've heard of some knitters that make one sock and never get around to the other. Nope, not me. A sock for each foot. I did make one major mistake, but nothing to ruin the wearability, just the look. Can you see the difference?
L: Knit 1, Purl 1 rib  R: Knit 2, Purl 2 rib
Which do you like better? The pattern called for the pattern on the right, but I prefer the look of my mistake pattern on the left.

I'm proud of my first attempt. They fit well, they are comfortable, but are they worth the price of yarn and the time to knit them? Probably not. But they are easy enough and could be just a "go to" project. This pattern is called "Socks by the Numbers". It is a top/down pattern, meaning it starts at the cuff and ends at the toe. If you were ever interested in trying to knit a pair of socks, this is the pattern to try. I hope to eventually knit a pair toe/up and also two at once. Time will tell.
UnravelUnravel by Calia Read
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I could not put this down. I was drawn into this girl's world. The author did an excellent job of drawing you in by her subtle descriptions of surroundings and private thoughts. I feel as if she was in MY head sometimes.
A sad and as others have stated "raw" book. I went through so many emotions...hatred, love, sexual fantasy, fear, longing to find out what happens and how all is linked.
Very rare for me to enjoy and be so entrenched in a book. How will I ever enjoy another book again?

Superbia 2Superbia 2 by Bernard Schaffer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Superbia II is down and dirty about life as a cop. No grand heroics. Just what is like to deal with bad economy, so budget cuts in the office. Dealing with trying to keep home and your job separate.

Way of the Warrior (Superbia, Nonfiction)Way of the Warrior by Bernard Schaffer
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Way of the Warrior was very interesting. It was an like an orientation class welcoming and educating new hires into the police force.

I'm Dreaming of an Undead Christmas (Half-Moon Hollow, #2.6)I'm Dreaming of an Undead Christmas by Molly Harper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I absolutely love Molly Harper's take on the world of vampires. Vampires and humans can co-exist and be family.
A really FUN read. You need something light and something to make you laugh. Check out Ms. Harper's books.

Mar. 5-11, 2014 (1 week)
Cedar Key RV Resort - Cedar Key, FL
Mar. 12-20, 2014 (9 days)
Mom and Dad Segrell - Altoona, FL

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Heart and Will are broken

Feb. 19-25, 2014 (1 week)
Sherling Lake Greenville, AL 36037

I have been a volunteer from my teenage years on. I want to make life easier for groups that do good. I want to help. And many times it has come back to bite the ASS. I am sorry for this rant, but I've got to release! 
Volunteering is a wonderful thing, BUT....I have finally learned my lesson. I will volunteer on the most lowest scale. When I was a part of the Gold Wing Road Riders Assoc., it seemed like such a fun group. I wanted to help it continue on, so when the position of newsletter editor came up, I volunteered and Scott came along for the ride. So we get into the inner circle and we hear all the CRAP, about who doesn't like who and what this person did, and power struggles etc. Damn! I just wanted to help. When we adopted our deaf English Setter Lyla, I slowly got more involved in English Setter rescue. 
This was the photo of Lyla needing a home in 2004
When I was accepted on to the Board of Directors as Secretary, I was now in the inner circle. Bad move on my part. I've been on the Board for 7-8 years and have been through some ups and downs with the group. We are once again in a power struggle. I don't care!!! I just want to help the dogs!!!!! I don't want to know all the crap that goes on. I just want to be blissfully naive. I've learned my lesson. Yes, I will continue to volunteer, but never in the inner circle. A hard lesson learned.
We've spent the week in Greenville, AL. I would not recommend this town as a place of interest. But Sherling Lake Park is very nice and peaceful. The temperatures have also been very pleasant and I've once again been able to sit outside and read.
I'm sorry, I really don't feel like writing. On to Florida tomorrow.
Please send good thoughts to me. I'm so disheartened.
Descending SonDescending Son by Scott Shepherd
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The book grabs you right from the first page.
It does go back and forth from present day to past events. Once you get the idea of it, I found it quite interesting, the way we would slowly find out more history to go along with what's going on in the present.
Then when you are really into the mystery of what is going on, you are thrown a 180° twist!!! Now it's a whole other story.
I'd rate the book 4.5 if 1/2 stars were allowed.
Feb. 26-Mar. 4, 2014 (1 week)
Torreya State Park - Bristol, FL
Mar. 5-11, 2014 (1 week)
Cedar Key RV Resort - Cedar Key, FL
Mar. 12-20, 2014 (9 days)
Mom and Dad Segrell - Altoona, FL

Friday, February 21, 2014

DAVID CROCKETT STATE PARK - Lawrenceburg, TN: RV Park Rvw.

February 7 - 18, 2014
David Crockett State Park - Lawrenceburg, TN
Site# 70  Price $23./night
Our rating 4 out of 5
Sites: Wonderful large sites. Many sites are not big rig friendly. We were in Campground #2. There are 3 loops. The 1st loop on the right is big rig friendly except for #69. In the second loop, Site #104 is wonderful, with a large "yard" with no one on your door side. But it is fairly close to the playground.
Hook ups: W & E (30amp)
Bathrooms: Clean, tiled.
Laundry: none
Pets: Very dog friendly with lots of area to walk.
WiFi: None
Verizon Internet: Worked ok
Sprint Internet: Worked well, sometimes 4G
Satellite: In Feb. the trees are bare, so satellite view was fine. But in the summer, I think it would be difficult to get a clear view of sky.
Verizon cell: 5 bars
AT&T cell: 4 bars
Book Exchange: None
Activities: ?
Mail delivery accepted: No
Area/Town/Sights: Not too much around this area. Just relaxing in the woods. Trail of Tears, and other hiking.
I would return here in the off season in a heartbeat. I was in my element with the crisp, fallen leaves, deer running through the forest. We had the campground practically to ourselves in February. One day there were 2 other units.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Dirty RV is a safe RV

Feb. 19-26, 2014 (1 week)
Sherling Lake Greenville, AL 36037 
A new State! I believe we have driven through Alabama, but have never stayed in Alabama. It only takes one night to be able to add it to our map. And that is what it almost was! Just one night.
We got a late start on Wednesday. Scott couldn't get himself out of bed. Therefore, we didn't arrive in Greensville, AL until 5 pm. This park got good reviews, it was not crowded, it has a "park" setting, so we decided to stay for a week instead of overnight. So nice to have a relaxing, more open schedule again.
I turned on my computer so Scott could get the Direct TV satellite coordinates and oooohhh, it's soooooo slooooooow! Seems so shallow, but I can't stay more than 2 nights without internet. I've got to keep up with the volunteer work I do on the computer.
Scott extends the booster antenna, but still slow. We have dinner and discuss whether to leave in the morning and forfeit our week's camping fees. 
I try the internet again and it is working much better. Still somewhat slow, but definitely usable. Yeah! We're staying! The camp host said, "What are you going to do HERE, for a week". Hmmm. Ummm, relax and do what we've been doing and love doing, LIVING in our RV and enjoying the peacefulness of this park. We are so over sightseeing. If there happens to be something nearby, we may stop by, but if not, that's ok too.

On our last day in Tennessee, I was cleaning up the rig. Vacuum, sweep, mop floors. Dust, wipe down counters, stove, microwave, fridge, etc. Scrub shower. That would be so much easier if I cleaned it more often. While putting the vacuum away, I smelled something funny. Hmmm...what is that smell? The sewer hose? We have been 12 days without dumping. Oh well, tomorrow we'll dump on our way out. Then Scott starts sniffing around too. Ah ha! I know, it smells like a dead mouse! No, AH HA! Scott declares, it's propane! And just then the CO detector starts beeping. Can you say "freak out"????? I immediately look at our parrot. Is she ok? Ya know, like the canary in the coal mines. She seems fine. I go out and turn off the propane, while Scott continues to sniff around, turn on the fans, and open the windows. Scott figured it out. it was my fault (but of course!). When I was wiping down the stove, I accidentally turned one of the knobs which opened the propane valve waiting for us to ignite it for stove use. 
The moral to this story? Don't clean the RV! 

Remember our 3 week house arrest in Ft. Stockton, TX? Ya know, the $14,000. truck repair? Our friend Tom, whom we stayed with near Albuquerque, NM had to pass by there recently. Here's what he had to say...
"Went through Stockton, Texas where Deb and Scott were broke down and all I can say is Hell would be a step or two up from that place and that is being too kind. 
There is still a huge banner up there at the RV park. They were asking for them to come back as they so supported the local economy, It also says "Scott and Deb, we miss you". It is right at the exit on I-!0." 
We put a bid in on the lake house. Haven't heard back from the Realtor to sign it, but does it really matter? We're third in line.
We decided to forego looking at houses in the Eastern part of Tennessee for now. Our only reason to head to Tennessee at this time was to see the lake house. I found myself looking at other houses in other parts of Tennessee, and trying to plan our travels and time to include seeing these houses. STOP!!! We did not plan on purchasing just yet, unless we got the lake house. We really don't want to buy until the Fall of this year. So we changed our plans of staying longer in Tennessee, to just heading down to Florida to visit my parents. We'll return to Tennessee at a later date.
I find myself thinking, the lake house is not to be. Things happen for a reason right? I'm don't know, BUT...if we had NOT had the engine trouble, we probably would have been first to bid on the house, but the 3 week delay made us miss out. I can only hope that is because there is a better house, property and price in our future.

I am just now missing my yarn stash tucked away at my knitting friend Shirley's home. As I cruise around on Ravelry, I see a few MKAL's I want to join. I have the yarn, BUT, it is in NJ. When we pass through there this Spring, I will bringing my stash with me. I have already scouted out little cubbies here and there in the RV to squirrel them away!
I have a knitting machine that I hope to one day be more proficient in using, but right now, it is a chore and a re-learning experience every time I try to use it. I brought it along for our full time RV travels figuring I'd have time to use it. The problem is, once you start a project on the knitting machine, you can't just pack it up and put away. The machine has to stay out with your project attached. The machine is portable, but is about 3 - 4 feet long & only about a foot deep. I can't leave it out using up precious RV space. So it has sat in it's box, covered in a plastic garbage back beside my bed, being used as a shoe rack. So the knitting machine will be sent to storage upon my short return to the state from Hell...NJ.
Admission, 2013, Romantic-Comedy?
Tina Fey, Paul Rudd
My rating 3.5 out of 5
I'm not sure if I could rate this an actual comedy, but it was a light romance.
I'm a fan of Tina Fey, so would watch her flicks for pure entertainment.
In this movie, she plays a Princeton Univ. Admissions Officer. She is in a battle of ethics whether to make special allowances for a potential student or not.
Probably just a 3 rating, but I like Tina Fey, so gave a little extra.
Forever Black (Forever Trilogy, #1)Forever Black by Sandi Lynn
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I guess I am an old lady. This could have been a great romantic mystery, but 20-something romance drove me crazy.
Ellery would pick a fight, her boyfriend would try to keep the peace, but Ellery just had to push it until there is an argument and stomping out the door. Then she waits for his return with his tail between his legs that shows (to her) that he really cares. Really? She's got some maturing to do. This must have happened at least 4 or 5 times. Get rid of the "B"!
Nice little romance with the mystery being the characters' history.
Light reading, some explicit sex. I think the author was trying to be erotic, but just wasn't.
I'm in my 50's. I think 20-something women would like this.
Feb. 26 - Mar. 4, 2014 (1 week), Torreya State Park - Bristol, FL

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A waste of calories

Feb. 7 - 16 18, 2014 (10 days)
David Crockett State Park - Lawrenceburg, TN

We extended our stay by two days. The weather has turned for the better and I was actually able to enjoy a walk with the dogs around the campground and also sitting outside reading. 
There definitely is a diversified population in the US. One of my worries about moving to Tennessee is the culture shock I'll experience and the tolerance I must work on. There were a lot of passers by' this afternoon.. Many walking dogs, some walking kids. I met up with a woman jogging. She stopped to pet our dogs. Then mentioned she used to have a big dog, a Collie. Unfortunately, she ran over him with her car. Then she proceeds to say, "Now we have a Maltese. We went small because we wanted a house dog." Grrrrr. Southern chicks married to "Good ol' boys". Large dogs can't be house dogs? Our dogs are not only house dogs, but bed companions also! We saw a dog riding in the back of a pick up truck with his paws on the edge of the truck. Fun for the dog until a sudden stop and thunk, he hits the pavement. But, overall, folks seem to be very friendly towards us.

Another reason I like the East is because I can easily find seltzer!!! Yeah!
The main reason we have extended our stay here is to find out some details about the area. Actually only looking at one main thing. Is there a decent internet connection way out in this rural area?
So far, cable internet is out. We were really spoiled by Cablevision internet in NJ. It was really fast and reliable.
Once we find out we can get decent internet, then we'll put a bid in. Now that I've had a couple of days to think it over, I'd REALLY like to move into that house. It would be PERFECT for fostering dogs.
I have my traveling projects (simple pattern, heavy yarn), my outside projects (lace work) and my inside projects (either). It pains me to leave my project in the truck, I but can be very regimented. Leave it be...that stays in the truck for next time we travel! 
Well, maybe I should pack it up better than just leaving it on the dashboard. While we were checking out the Lake house, we left the dogs in the truck. No sooner are we out of sight and Lyla just barks and barks and barks and get what I'm saying. We were touring the house and property for about 1.5 hours. Lyla barked the whole time.
When we get back to the truck, Lyla is very excited to see us. She is moving from window to window dragging my yarn with her. The yarn that is (or was) attached to my project is wrapped around her leg. While I gathered project and needles (well, 1 needle), Scott untangles the yarn. No matter, it is no longer attached to my project. And sure enough, some live stitches slipped off. It's a heavy yarn, so I can fix that. But wait! I found one needle, where's the other. I use circular needles so each needle tip is attached to a connecting cable. Rutt, rho! The cable is chewed and the needle is definitely missing, probably forever. The needle is made out of wood, a perfect chewing toy for Lyla to release her frustration on. So maybe the needle isn't lost forever! I'll probably find it in bits and pieces when I'm poopy scooping. 
Luckily, as I've aged, I've also learned to compartmentalize. Assess in baby steps and deal with each baby step. I do not look at the whole project and supplies as ruined. I break it down. Slipped stitches can be put back on. Broken yarn can be attached again. Broken needle, damn! But I have two and some three sets of many of the same sizes. I've got a good supply of the cables for the needles also.  Take each little problem and deal with each individually. Not to be overwhelmed by the whole fiasco.
My projects are thought through that way also. I only have a few projects going and will not start another until at least one project is finished. It would drive me bonkers to have so many projects in the works, so many that you forget about some and they never get finished. I USED to be that way in my younger years. I USED to have a much shorter fuse for my temper also. That is the good part about aging. Hopefully through years of experience, we learn to deal better.
This afternoon during the sunny warmer day, I fixed all Lyla's work and the project is now stored in it's proper project bag and back in the truck for our next journey.
I finished Mystery Knit-a-Long #2 for the year. It's called "Follow Your Arrow". It is a small shawl that is used as a scarf. There were 5 clues (sets of instructions) and each clue had 2 options. This is not one of my favorite projects, but once it was blocked, it looks so much nicer.

Can you see the arrows from bottom up?
For sale (not the dog) for $50.
This is a wool/silk blend yarn. I guess the Setter hair is included.
Very soft, not itchy.
No, please! NOOOOOOO! I feel like I'm in a Zombie movie trying to stay clear of them so I don't turn into one. But, I've been caught. My name is Debbie and I have become addicted to Pinterest. I always wondered what all the hype was about. Well...since I'm in nesting mode and we are considering settling down, hopefully surrounded by woods, I've been looking at rustic decorating ideas. Of course that leads to other crafts, home decorating, frugal living, etc. I spent the whole morning surfing. Ahhh, the luxury of being retired.
David Crockett Restaurant, Lawrenceburg, TN
Our rating 1 out of 5

This restaurant is inside the David Crockett State Park. This is a beautiful park and I'm sure in the warmer seasons it's busy. They have a large swimming pool, archery, a pond, camping, cabin rentals & hiking. This restaurant is not just a snack bar. It is a sit-down, waiter service establishment. I can only judge this place on the one meal we had...the smoked meats buffet. Gee, we're in Tennessee, let's have some Southern food!
Salad bar: Small, but decent. They offered mixed greens, not just iceberg or romaine.Quite a few sliced veggies to add, plus cheese and coleslaw. The salad bar (especially the coleslaw) was the best part of the buffet.
Smoked meats buffet: Meats were ribs and chicken. They were not smoked. My chicken was very dry and the ribs were all gelatinous fat. Mushy mixed veggies. Collard greens were ok. Miniature corn bread muffins were dry & bland. I couldn't even finish a mini muffin. Previously frozen corn on the cob sitting in a vat of hot water. Didn't bother trying it. Seasoned steaks fries were decent. $13.00 was not a bargain for this buffet. Instead of going back for seconds for the main foods, I filled up on salad. 
Soft serve: It was not ice cream. It was either "fake" dairy something, or very icy, ice milk. But if you put it on top of the gooey, so-so cobbler, it wasn't bad. 
What a waste of calories. Will not be returning.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Oh boy. I could definitely relate to David and his wife's mission to save dogs from the shelter. I'm not sure some people would understand all he went through to take 25 dogs cross country to their new home. As a dog rescue volunteer, I know many dogs are dumped when a family moves. Very sad and a heartless thing to do.
The author mixes in stories of how they acquired the dogs they rescued while telling of their ordeal, oops, I mean adventure to move from the West coast to the East coast of New England.
I could see myself volunteering to help.
If you are a dog rescuer, this is an uplifting must read.
I have only read one of his mystery novels "Play Dead". I rated it 4 stars. One of his characters in his "regular" books is one of his passed dogs, Luna. Mr. Rosenfelt said he will never kill off Luna in his books. She will live forever in his written word.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Poor Scott

Feb. 7 - 16, 2014 (10 days)
David Crockett State Park - Lawrenceburg, TN
I am still amazed how location can have such an effect on me. It was 23° this morning. So what? BUT, if I were in the Southwest, I'd be miserable, even if it was a perfect 68°. 
This is beautiful to me.
And this is beautiful to me.
Since it's soooooo cold, I mainly stay inside. So why does it matter if I'm in Texas or in Tennessee? It does matter, that's all I know. I'm happy...and that's a very good thing!
We have had the campground to ourselves pretty much. Today, there are actually two other campers. Since there is no sewer hook up, we are all (all 3 of us) camped near the bath house. I went to take a shower the other day when the campground was empty except for us. When I walked into the Ladies' room, I heard the shower going. Huh? I walked outside to see if maybe it was a ranger cleaning. I saw a white car. Some park employees have a white car with a green State park emblem on the side. Yep, white car. Nope, no State park emblem. Ewwwww. Creeped me out. Who is this person in the shower. Now I'm going to be naked with this stranger? If the park was full, I wouldn't give it a second thought. I'm outta here. I'll take a shower in the RV. So Scott went over to the men's room. Yep, sure enough, someone is in a shower there also. Scott being the "manly-man" that he is, embraced his nakedness and did what his wife could not. He took a shower with a stranger (separate stall of course), who shouldn't be there since the campground is only occupied by us. This stranger ended up taking two full rolls of toilet paper, leaving two stalls without cleansing materials. Ya know, you may be on hard times and I understand using the showers. I even understand taking ONE roll of toilet paper but taking two is pushing it. 
Luckily, Scott returned without post traumatic stress syndrome.

We were able to view the house we've been drooling over for 2 months. We will most likely put in a bid. But, we will most likely NOT get the house. The back up bid is very strong with a cash buyer.
Scott is absolutely in love with the house and property. I am ok with it. I'm sure I'd grow to love it. I think I am just getting cold feet. I like the finiteness of having all our "stuff" in the limited space of an RV. I don't want a 2 story house because I get overwhelmed with that separate space. I want everything "within reach" on one floor.
"Our" lake house has a nice open kitchen/living room floor plan. The laundry is on the same floor...NICE! There is a finished basement which I don't think about too much. It overwhelms me. I LIKE the basement because it would be a great place to have foster dogs that need separating and also for storage. There is a 2 car garage. The present owner has a lot of stuff in there. Not hoarding, but still makes me so aware of how easy it is to accumulate stuff because you have the room. Then there is a metal barn with more stuff! Yep, overwhelmed. I think I'll let Scott be the driving force in our house buying. I'm just looking for privacy, large yard for dogs, and open kitchen/living room. 
I feel VERY BAD for poor Scott. He will have to deal with my roller coaster emotions through all this. The first time I bought a house while single, I was a total witch to anyone who crossed my path. I burst into tears and a near panic attack, when I signed the mortgage agreement and saw how much money I would be dishing out over the 30 year loan.
I was bawling during our wedding ceremony. The mayor/officiant actually stopped the ceremony to ask if I was ok! The pressure of the marriage commitment was overwhelming. I did make it through my vows, but Scott did have serious and valid worries that I was going to back out.

When Scott proposed to me, I laughed and walked around the house for a good 10 minutes before giving him an answer. Scott is not a confident guy and this was probably the worst 10 minutes of his life. I was just scared and it took me a while to calm down and say yes.
So here we go again. Who knows how I will act and react during our house search and purchase.
Yep, I feel sorry for Scott.
We are planning on looking at one more house we are interested in. Then we'll decide which house to bid on. If neither work out, we'll just put our house hunting on hold until the Fall of this year. I would like to be in a house next Winter.
No word from Dina/Emma's adopter. I'll give her two weeks with Dina/E and then ask for an update. In my heart, I hope it doesn't work out. I really miss her.
I want to go out!

I decided to let Devin have some off leash time. But, I had to prepare. Devin does not have very good recall at all. I truly feel he is so stimulated by all the smells, critters, etc. that he does not even hear when I call. So knowing this, I had to prepare ahead of time.
Emotionally: I had to make sure I was in  "good place" in my mood. Calm, relaxed, happy. So when Devin didn't listen/obey me, I could be patient. Also when Devin went out of site, I wouldn't panic.
Environment: Not too cold in case he runs off and I have to go searching for him. With the woods here covered in snow, I figured his red fur against the white background would be seen somewhat easily. 
Equipment: I left his leash attached to his harness, not his collar. Devin sometimes comes close but not close enough to grab him, but I can step on his leash to catch him. I figured it he got caught on something with his leash, it wouldn't strangle him since it's on his harness. Also, if he's stuck, he'd bark for me to help. I also brought a whistle. But why bother, he doesn't listen to that either. I put a miniature cow bell on his collar. We used to use these for our current deaf English Setter Lyla. We were so afraid of her getting loose and she couldn't hear us, that she alway wore a loud bell. It was quite annoying at first, but we learned to ignore it. Just like Devin ignores our calls. I brought yummy cookies, because if he can hear me say cookie, he usually returns for that treat. And finally, I brought my cell phone, in case I need Scott's help, I can call him.
Well Devin had a blast!!!!! And I had a blast watching him have a blast. It is a truly beautiful sight to see a hunting dog running free. Unfortunately he did what I expected, but inwardly hoped he wouldn't do. He ran and ran and out of sight.                

 Still out of sight. 

Ah ha! There he is "cooooookieeeeeeee"? Wow, he came back, I made him sit, petted his head and then gave him a cookie. Is there hope for this wild child? I let him run off again. He returned for a cookie. Wow, not too bad. His recall isn't immediate and he goes out of sight for longer than I'd like, but there's hope. Again, I let him run off (3rd times a charm, right?) Why does he have to run so far out? Our previous off leash dogs would either stick close (Retriever) or run out and do a pass by back and run out and back (Irish Setter). But Devin just runs out with neither sight nor sound of where he could be. The cow bell worked a little, but it was too close to his collar and fur and was muffled. So I blow the whistle...

                                      I yell "cooooookieeeeeeee"?


                                                                 Still out of sight. 
Uh, oh, don't panic. Keep calm. He may be a wild child, but he is smart. His sense of smell is great. He'll find his way back. If he's stuck, I KNOW he'll bark for help. He'll be back. Damned dog! I head towards the RV to drop off Lyla so I can concentrate on searching for Devin. Hopefully, Scott won't realize what's going on. Like I said before, Scott is much more protective and worrisome with the dogs. I open the door to let Lyla in and I see Scott is getting ready to come out and help. I tell Scott I'm not worried (well, not too worried) and he'll probably come back to the RV. Just as I say that, look who shows up with a "smile" on his face, panting, wet and dried leaves stuck all in his fur. Yep, the prodigal son returned. Me worried? Nah! Good boy, Devin!
I am a member of Goodreads, a site to list the books you've read, rate and write opinions. Also find out what others (friends) are reading, possible suggestions for a book to read in the future. I found out a "friend" just finished reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, and rated it 4 out of 5 stars. Being an introvert myself, I will probably also read this book. 
From reading the reviews, I was led to a personality typing website. I've already learned something about myself. I usually describe myself as shy, but yet when I NEED to, I can speak with people and socialize, etc. So already, I've learned that I am an introverted person, but not so much a shy person.
According to this personality test (not like a Ladies' magazine self test), I have an ISTJ personality.
BOOKS: (not a review yet)
I am currently reading Descending Son on my Kindle paperwhite. As I got a third into this book, there was quite a twist I didn't see coming. I thought hubby would enjoy this book and was going to recommend it to him. Then Scott started telling me about a book he's currently reading and how it started. I immediately knew! Hey! I'm reading the same book and thought you'd like it. Very cool. It's fun to read the same book at the same time. Just one of the many benefits of reading on a Kindle.
I was well ahead of him and was anxiously waiting for him to catch up to where the twist started. Sure enough, he's caught up and will probably finish the book way before me.  Scott doesn't sleep very well, so he was up until 3:30 am reading. I was "only" up to 1 a.m. knitting. Some proficient knitters can knit and read at the same time. I am NOT one of them. I'll just stick with audio books while knitting.
Scott said, you'll soon find out about so n' so's past relationship. It's fun, the tag teaming while reading the same book.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How annoying

Feb. 7 - 16, 2014 (10 days)
David Crockett State Park - Lawrenceburg, TN
"Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be" 
Abraham Lincoln
Surprisingly, while living in a 5th wheel, both hubby and I can spend hours away from each other. Scott is a TV watcher and I like quiet. I watch TV when I get into bed at night, but during the day, I like quiet. Scott turns on the TV as soon as he wakes up and he'd leave it on all day, but he knows it bothers me.
Usually we are in our "own space" during the day. If it's nice outside, I spend the day outside. Yes, I'm still sitting on my as..oops butt, but at least I'm outside. With this especially cold Winter, we are spending weeks inside with only going outside to walk the dogs. Yet we still spend hours away from each other. This is very easy to do. I start my day "downstairs" in the living room in my easy chair. Scott wakes up and turns on the TV in the bedroom until about 11a.m. Then we switch places. He comes "downstairs" to cook breakfast (lunch for me by this time). And of course, the TV in the living room is turned on. I get to stay cozy upstairs in bed. The bedroom stays much warmer than the rest of the RV. Our bedroom is my little den. I'm set for the day. A book, my computer, some knitting and the dogs all together.
As I type this, it is 8:45 a.m. I'm am in the living room and Scott is awake in bed watching the Olympics. He is obsessed with watch Curling. Grrrrr, how annoying! Normally, I can slide the door closed and it amazingly does keep the noise down, but with this cold weather, we have a heater up in the bedroom that also helps heat the downstairs, so the door can't be closed. My quiet time is being interrupted by the screaming of the Curling teams. Oh----my----gosh! How annoying to hear this screaming during my quiet time.
Time to put the headphones on and listen to some acoustic guitar!!!!

David Crockett SP has two campgrounds. #1 is closed for the Winter, but #2 is open all year. We are the ONLY campers here! It's wonderful! Scott is a little nervous not having anyone around, but I feel very comfortable. Scott carries his taser with him when walking the dogs at night. I guess that's a good idea. We are not sure what wildlife is around besides deer in abundance. Because we are in a very wooded (yeah!!!) park and the only people here. We've seen deer all around and they are quite comfortable with our presence. They stay away, but not out of sight. I wish it were warm enough to spend my days outside. It's so cold, that even Devin doesn't want to stay outside sitting in his blue chair.
Since we have the campground to ourselves, I want to let Devin off leash for some training. Because there are mainly deciduous trees, the forest is easy to navigate and see through. It's wonderful to once again walk through the crispy fallen leaves. This makes for a good area for Devin to be off leash and somewhat safe. If it ever warms up somewhat, I'll give it a try. Shhh. Don't tell Scott. He is a much more protective "parent".
I am so at peace here. Some people are desert people, not me, some people are ocean people, not me, even though I was brought up within 5 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. I am a woods and lake person.
So let's do a quick catch up of the places we stopped on our way to Tennessee.
Midessa Oil Patch RV Park - Odessa, TX
Our rating 2 out of 5   $30./night
Decent park with mainly pull thrus.
We were told we couldn't use the water for drinking or cooking, but ok for washing. They have a bad well and this has been going on at least since the Summer of 2013. They gave us a case of bottled water and said just ask if we need more. Would have rated this park 3 out of 5 if they did not have this water problem.
There was a decent sized dog park. But it was so cold that we spent little time there.
This park is mainly long time residents. The park is kept clean and the permanent sites were neat.
Sites were close together but was fine for a night or two.

Traders Village RV Park - Grand Prairie, TX
No rating, since this was a quick overnight. $31.50/night w/Good Sam discount
Mainly pull thrus
2 dog limit. Oops, did Dina count? She's a foster dog.
Dogs can only potty along ONE fence line along the driveway entry/exit. I hate when we are limited to where to walk the dogs, but even though it was only a 3' wide strip, it was long enough for the dogs to do what was needed.

Downtown Riverside RV Park - North Little Rock, AR
Yeah!!!! Finally out of Texas.
Our rating 3 out of 5 $11.50/night with Passport America discount (reservation & cash only)
This is basically a parking lot. BUT, it is right on the Arkansas River and in the middle of things to do locally. At night, the bridges on either side of the park are lit up and really give the area a festive feel.
There was a nice little grassy area to walk the dogs with pooper scooper and bag provided.
Walking distance to Bill Clinton Memorial Library.
Decent WiFi
Key code gate for security.
If you want to sightsee in Little Rock, this is a good spot to stay. This is not a park to "vacation" in, but a good place to be amid the local happenings.
Well here's a new category!
I think we are pretty much set on settling down in Tennessee. We are no where "desperate" to settle down, but I'd like to be sitting in front of a wood stove this time next year.
The good news: We drove by our "dream property" and are still thrilled with what we saw "in person". It lived up to the photos we saw on line. I can tell Scott is really excited. After 20 years together, I can feel his subtle emotions.
There is a sheep farm, Belfair Farm, across the street. My first thought was "Cool! I can pick up some roving to try spinning wool!". But this farm seems to be more for meat.
We drove around the neighborhood. About a mile or two away there are some junk yard trailer properties, but surrounding us, the homes and properties seem fine. There is a mixture of fancier homes, small ranch homes, and some mobile. But the important thing is that the houses are kept up and the yards are not full of junk.
There are guard dogs at the farm. Akbash dogs are a new breed to me. These dogs are to guard and protect the sheep from predators. I also saw three dogs on "our property". We did see a distant neighbor with 3 or 4 dogs in an outside kennel. Too small for so many dogs, but they looked healthy and happy.
The bad news: We made contact with the realtor. But, there is an offer on the house and a back up offer also. There is a problem with the first offer that is trying to be worked out. The realtor said we can still take a tour of the house and property in case the offers fall through. I'm hoping we may be considered since we can put over 1/2 the amount of house as a down payment, so we can easily be prequalified. And our time line is flexible. You want out fast? Fine. You want to take your time packing up? Fine.
So hopefully, we'll be able to see the house in the next day or two. Then onto the Eastern park of Tennessee where there are quite a few places we want to look at.
I REALLY miss Dina, although her name is now Emma. How annoying. She will always be Dina to me. Her all volunteer transport went fine. So far her new Mom is thrilled with her. I am quite upset over a few things. She changed her name to Emma. I like the name Emma, but I really liked the name Dina and the name Dina had a specific meaning for her "heritage". Dina was a version of Dineh, which is what the Navajo people prefer to be called now. You know how politcally correct I like to be....NOT! Dina was rescued as a stray from the Navajo reservation. Then I just found out Dina is not allowed on furniture, including the bed. Grrr, how annoying. One of our favorite times was cuddling with Dina in bed at night. She did not bother us or move around. She just settled in between us and she slept all night.
Of course these changes are not abuse and Dina/Emma will adjust I'm sure.
It totally breaks my heart to see her tail down like that. That is how she looked when we first saw her on the reservation. As she started hanging out with us and then coming along while walking our own dogs, her body language changed. Her tail was up and she had a bounce to her walk. To see her tail lowered again is just too sad to dwell on. I'm sure she'll adjust.

Dina/Emma meets her new sibling. I hope she plays nice. Dina can play somewhat rough. Of course 75# Devin could handle her.
She was a really bright personality in our quiet household. Even though our Irish/English Setter, Devin can be a wild child, for the most part, he just lays around inside the RV, preferring to be with us, but not near us. The same goes for our English Setter, Lyla. She wants to know where we are, but not particularly touching us. Dina watched us constantly. Waiting for any sign that she would get some attention. She followed us from room to room (we only have two rooms). When we would settle, she'd come over for pets or lay next to us for physical contact. Sigh. I miss you Dina. Yep, the tears are now flowing. This is the difficult part about fostering. Many times you absolutely fall in love with your foster dog and it's difficult to let go. Can anyone take as good care and give as much love as we did? Of course they can, but we never think so. But to give up your foster to an adopter opens up to new opportunities to help another dog in need.
In her new dog bed. Miss you sweety.
Since we have a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), we rarely watch  commercials. And even if we don't fast forward through commercials, we take those 3-5 minutes to read our books. But I did see this Beneful commercial on line.
The commercial is cute and interesting, but I must let you know, I in no way would recommend Beneful dog food to anyone.
Here is a breakdown of the ingredients and it's value from the Dog Food Advisor website.
First ingredients is corn meal. This is a very cheap way to increase the protein percentage. Would YOU consider corn a good source of protein?
"No dog food product can ever be magically better than the ingredients that were used to make it"
Of course you can't believe everything you read on the internet, but for 15 years I have researched and read about dog food ingredients, so I'm quite particular about what kind of dog food I feed our dogs. I agree with Dog Food Advisor's rating system.
Here is another break down review of Beneful's ingredients at Feeding Fido and Fluffy.
The Call - Thriller  2013
My rating 4 out of 5
Halle Berry
Abigail Breslin
I watch a lot of reality crime TV. This movie was like watching true crime but also seeing the action behind the 911 calls.
I think Halle Berry's beauty and talent were wasted on this movie. I would have liked to have seen an unknown in the 911 operator's role. Halle did not add anything special to her character, but probably drew an audience to the movie because of her fame.
The acting of both Halle and Abigail were great. I sucked in all the info on what to do if I'm ever stuck in the trunk of a car.
This definitely kept me on the edge of my seat...well at least sitting upright and attentive in bed. I couldn't even knit! Not so much because I had to watch what was happening, but more because the suspense just kept drawing me away from my knitting.
Subway - Chain
Our rating 4 out of 5
30 years ago, I would have never thought I'd give this chain such a high rating. Being originally from New Jersey, we have great subs (grinders, hoagies, etc.). While going to Northeastern Bible College in North Jersey, I stopped in a Subway with fellow students. Ugh! You call this a sub? I never returned to any Subways until... Scott tried one out of desperation while we were traveling. He HAD to eat. He tried the tuna flat bread sandwich and the rest is history!
Scott usually orders from Subway, while I stay in the truck with the dogs. But on our last trip, we were kind of in a hurry, so while Scott was filling up with diesel, I went in to "simply" order a tuna flat bread. What a traumatic experience!
I order two flat bread tuna sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, and onion and this is what followed.
S-ubway #1: What size?
D-eb: 6"
S#1: Do you want that toasted?
D: Yes.
S#1: Do you want the cheese toasted also?
D: Yes.
S#1: What kind of cheese?
D: What kind do you offer?
S#1: American, cheddar and pepper jack.
D: One with American and one with pepper jack.
S#1: Do you want extra cheese?
D: No
S#1: Do you want extra tuna?
D: Um, no.
S#1: What else do you want on it?
D: Lettuce, Tomato and onion.
S#1: Do you want crispy bacon?
D: (Did I ask for that?) Yes, sounds good.
Now I decide to also order a breakfast sandwich for Scott. The menu board says it's a 3" flat bread sandwich.
D: Could I also have a egg, cheese and bacon flat bread breakfast sandwich?
A second employee (S#2) helps me with this order.
S#2: What size? A foot long?
D: (Doesn't the menu state 3"?) No, just a small one.
S#2: Do you want extra cheese on that?
D: No
S#1: What kind of dressing do you want? (on tuna)
D: Oiy! you ask too many questions! At least you guys are nice and patient.
S#1 and S#2: I know, we HAVE to ask the questions.
D: (Isn't there already dressing IN the tuna?) Nothing.
S#1: Nothing? No mayo?
D: Oh, ok. (Do I really need more mayo in my tuna salad made with mayo?)
I head to the register and decide to get some cookies.
D: Could I get a dozen cookies? (Great cookies!) Do you have more in the back? I don't want to leave you with none.
S#3: We bake them all day. Order as many as you'd like.
The tuna sandwiches are done and brought by S#1 to the register.
The breakfast sandwich (6" even though I asked for a small and the menu states 3") is done and brought by S#2 to the register.
My cookies are packed by S#3.
S#3: Do you want anything to drink with your order?
D: No (as I chuckle).
How annoying! Oh my gosh! Questions coming at me from 3 different people. So many options when I just want a simple sandwich. So many item choices on the menu board. I can't handle the stress of ordering. Never again! Let Scott do the Subway ordering. Scott laughs at the recounting of my "ordeal" and says I'm getting old. How annoying!

5 Warning Signs you're getting old - Warning, foul language included

Do not regret growing old, it is a privilege denied to many. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

It takes a village

Feb. 7 - 16, 2014 (10 days)
David Crockett State Park-Lawrenceburg, TN
Pigeons trying to keep warm in Grand Prairie, TX

Ahhh, our site at David Crockett St. Park in Lawrenceburg, TN
Ahhhhh. Savor this time. 
We are settled for 10 days. 
We are back to only two dogs. 
We are back in my comfort area with trees around and birds tweeting.
The temps are more reasonable (around 40° this morning)
Things seem to be working fine.
We have our own transportation into town.
There's a Walmart within 10 miles.
There's a Tractor Supply (for dog food) within 10 miles.
As I walked the dogs this morning, I shuffled through fallen leaves. Ahhhhh.
I saw 3 deer running through the woods that I was surrounded by. Ahhhhh.
This is my environment.
Our truck is running great, although I try to avoid looking at our dwindled savings account.
Life is much better now.

Time to catch up on things.
I don't understand people who ask what do I do all day now that I'm retired. There is plenty to do!
I'm waaaay behind in my A&B dog rescue volunteer duties. With all the daily traveling, I've been avoiding doing the rescue work. Now I have to catch up on processing the applications, voting on any Executive Board issues, find volunteers to help with home checks, fill in my spreadsheets, etc. If this was a paying job, I'd be either fired or given a warning for not keeping up.

We will also be doing a little house hunting, as well as hiking through these beautiful Tennessee woods!
Scott kept very busy yesterday by repairing the slide molding that hit our easy chair while sliding in for travel. He also "repaired" our fan/ceiling light that "wasn't working". Why the quotes? Because the light was really never broken. One day the fan and light just didn't work. Scott pulled out things in the basement to follow the wiring, he pulled out the circuit breaker area to check for broken wires and connectivity. He lost sleep thinking a wire broke or was chewed through and it is rubbing against something in the walls of the RV and will catch fire. Scott misses that light. While Scott was replacing the battery for the cabinet light, he noticed a large toggle switch for...."Ceiling Fan". Oops! This switch must have been accidentally toggled and turned the connection for the ceiling fan off. Well that was a "duh" moment. Easy fix. Turn the ceiling fan switch to the "on" position. 
I'm also waaay behind on my MKAL's (Mystery Knit-a-longs). Although I knit in the truck, that knitting is limited to heavier yarn and larger needles. With the bouncing of the truck, there is no way to do delicate knitting. In the truck, I've been knitting a ruched hat and cowl set.
Waiting for our next trip

I'm behind in my "Follow your Arrow" shawl. Clue 4 came out on Feb. 2. I usually have the clue completed by the next day, but we were traveling, so didn't bother. Clue 5 is coming out tomorrow. 
I'm behind in a new MKAL for a beaded lace cowl. The first clue came out Feb. 7. 
So you all know what I'll be doing...knitting.
Our sweet, sweet, res dog, Dina is now on her way to her adopters in NJ. I'm so glad we took the chance and picked her up. Instead of being work, she was a joy to have around.
Have a great life, my sweet, sweet Dina.
This morning as I was getting ready to walk the dogs, I looked around to see where Dina was. As soon as I sit to put on my shoes, Dina would get excited and start licking my face. So I was looking around so I could protect myself while donning my shoes. But no Dina....sigh.
It takes a village...Just to give you an idea of the all the volunteers that participate EVERY weekend to transport dogs either from shelters to foster homes or from foster homes to adopters, here is Dina's transport sheet. Dina's transport was from Tennessee to NJ. Hers merged with another transport for 3 dogs coming from Missouri to the East.

The transport request starts being posted about 10 days prior to transport date. Of course, by the time the day of transport (Feb. 8) came around, all the "legs" were filled. Included in this transport was a volunteer that had to keep these 4 dogs overnight! 4 dogs that don't know each other and that the volunteer doesn't know, plus her own animals being introduced. The dedication and kindness of volunteers is absolutely amazing and so very appreciated.

**ROUTE and LEGS: Saturday, Feb 8th**

**Transport starts out in Central time**

Leg #1 - ...Thank you Debbie! (That's me!)
Lawrenceburg, TN - Nashville, TN
82 miles - 1 hr 45 min
6:00 am - 7:45 am

Leg #2 - Filled.....Thank You j. Lee!
Nashville, TN - Bowling Green, KY
65 miles - 1 hr
8:00 am - 9:00 am
Thank you Larry!

Leg #3 - Filled.....Thank You Larry!
Bowling Green, KY - Elizabethtown, KY
70 miles - 1 hr
9:15 am - 11:15 am (Eastern time)

**Rest of this transport is in Eastern time**

Leg #4 - Filled.....Thank You Mary!
Elizabethtown, KY - LaGrange, KY
67 miles - 1 hr 15 min
11:30 am - 12:45 pm
Thank you Mary!

Leg #5 - Filled.....Thank You Pat!
LaGrange, KY - Cincinatti, OH
77 miles - 1 hr 30 min
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Leg #6 - Filled.....Thank You Lisa!
Cincinatti, OH - Dayton, OH
52 miles - 1 hr
2:45 pm - 3:45 pm

** Dina Joins with Sebastian,Charlie and Holly Transport in

**Dina joins the transport**

Leg #7 - FILLED - Thank you Lindsey! (Dina only)
Dayton, OH - Springfield, OH
45 miles - 45 min
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm

Leg #8 - FILLED - Thank you Alisa! (All 4 dogs)
Springfield, OH to Columbus, OH
48 miles - 45 min
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Leg #9 - FILLED - Thank you Sherry! (All 4 dogs)
Columbus, OH to Cambridge, OH
80 miles - 1 hr 15 min
6:00 pm - 7:15 pm

Leg #10 - NEEDED (All 4 dogs)
Cambridge, OH - Washington, PA
80 miles - 1 hr 15 min
7:30 pm - 8:45 pm

Leg #11 -FILLED - Thank you Kaitlyn! (All 4 dogs)
Washington, PA to Donegal, PA
58 miles - 1 hr
9:00 pm - 10:00 pm

**Overnight NEEDED in the Donegal area** (All 4 dogs)

**Route and Legs - Sunday, February 9th**

Leg #12 - FILLED - Thank you Carole! (All 4 dogs)
Donegal, PA to Breezewood, PA
75 miles - 1 hr
7:00 am - 8:00 am

**In Breezewood dogs split up**

Leg #11 - FILLED - Thank you Samantha! (Charlie, Holly & Dina)
Breezewood, PA - New Kingstown, PA
60 miles - 1 hr
8:15 am - 9:15 am

**Aaron and Sarah pickup Holly from Samantha**
**In New Kingston, Holly and Charlie stay, Sebastion and Dina continue

Leg #11A - NEEDED (Dina only)
New Kingstown, PA - Hamburg, PA
67 miles - 1 hr
9:30 am - 10:30 am
Leg #11B - FILLED - Thank you SueAnn! (Dina only)
Hamburg, PA - Easton, PA
43 miles - 45 min
10:45 am - 11:30 am

Leg #11B - FILLED - Thank you Denyel! (Dina only)
Easton, PA - Somerset, NJ
46 miles - 45 min
2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

During the transport, we get email updates. So besides the volunteer drivers, there also has to be a volunteer to organize this transport and route. Then someone to be by the phone all day to get the updates from drivers and send out an email to everyone. I am waiting by the computer anxiously waiting for updates to ensure that my sweet Dina is behaving, happy, and safe. A big fear during transport is escape. Many dogs are stressed from transferring from vehicle to vehicle and stranger to stranger. The dogs' reaction may be to bolt. I have two collars on Dina. One with I.D. and the other collar is a martingale type collar, so if she tries to slip her collar it will tighten without choking.
Volunteers are always needed. If anyone is interested in helping with a transports, I can put you in contact with our coordinators. Transporters are just as important as the foster homes. It takes a village to save these dogs from homelessness to the safety of an adopter.
The Snowman (Harry Hole, #7)The Snowman by Jo Nesbø
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I have not read the other books in this series and I don't think there is a need to for this book.
This was the audio version and it just seemed so long and drawn out. The narrator was great, the story was great, but maybe I could have listened to the abridged version and enjoyed it more.
This would make a great movie.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's time for a change

Thursday, February 6, 2014
Downtown Riverside Park - North Little Rock, AR
I think fate,  a higher being, bad luck, or who knows is trying to tell us something!
It's time to settle down.  What that means is, we either start staying MUCH longer in one spot or we settle into a house. To be honest, I have only one area of the country I feel  I'd still like to see. That is the upper peninsula area. I'd like to stay around Mackinac Island. That's it!  But, I'm ok if we don't get there also.
We spent way too much time in the desert. We have been in cold weather way too long. As I've said before, I like Winter, just not in an RV. If we were in a house now with a fireplace or wood stove, I'd be happy, and say "Bring on the snow!" But we're in an RV in the cold Winter weather and it totally, sucks!
We've  had a string of bad luck, and I've had it. Stuck in Ft. Stockton for three weeks, and a $16,000. truck repair was  definitely a hard pill to swallow.
The good news is at least we're heading to a part of the country with pine trees and some green.  We're also getting closer to Dina being adopted. That is definitely bitter sweet. It is very difficult to give her up.
Today, we head out of the Dallas area with snow falling, roads icing up. Do you really think Dallas has salt or sand trucks?  Traffic very slow and backed up because of some spin outs by the idiot drivers not used to driving in snow. We are a little more cramped in the truck today. We had to include our African Grey parrot to our passenger list. Since rescuing Dina, we've left the bird in the RV during travel. She seems to do fine. Although, we thought we lost her when we drove with black exhaust. We opened the RV and the fumes were very strong. We got Swayze out and she was fine. When we arrived yesterday. The inside temp of the RV was only 36!  Much too cold for a parrot. But again, she seemed fine. We're not taking chances today. She'll stay in the small dog crate between Scott and I in the front seat, and the three dogs in the back seat.
The normal temp for this area at this time of year is 59°, this morning it was 18°.
While closing the slides this morning, one hit a small table which turned it sideways, which then moved the recliner, which then got in the way of the other slide. CRACK! There goes the molding. Put the slides out again to rearrange and secure things again. Now slides back in.
And because of Jay Leno, we broke our TV antenna. We normally watch satellite Direct TV.  But because our stays have been just overnights, we don't bother setting up the dish. Because this is Jay's last week, we didn't want to miss his last shows. So we raised our antenna to catch his show. Since we rarely use the antenna, we forgot to wind it down. Scott thought of it when we reached the exit of the RV park. He got out to wind it down...too late! We must have gone under a low hanging tree. Antenna is bent down. Scott now has to take the ladder off the RV ladder so he can climb up to the roof. With our luck lately, the antenna probably ripped a hole in our roof, or worse yet, Scott will slip off!  10 minutes later, Scott returns. He's ok, the roof is ok, and the antenna may be able to be easily fixed.
Again, thank goodness for this blog which is a great outlet to release my negativity.
Here's Scott's version of events...
"We must have really pissed off the FFoF. (Fickle Finger of Fate) We over-nighted in Grand Prairie, TX and with-stood one of their coldest nights. About 18 deg with a wind chill of who knows what. We woke to snow. Dallas people don't handle snow well. Our neighbor told us our planned route was completely blocked by accidents. A dusting of snow and they all go nuts. So, we pack up, check everything, we think, and hit the road, planning on taking the long way around Dallas. Problem? We had wanted to see Leno last night, being this is his last week. So, we'd raised our antenna for the 1st time in about 2 years. Naturally, we forgot it was up. This was also the 1st campground we'd been in with trees in I don't know how long. As we got to the exit of the campground, it hit me. Debbie? Did you lower the antenna? Deb, "huh"? Yeah, the antenna was busted, nailed by the first tree we'd camped under in months. As I climbed the ice covered ladder, onto the snow covered roof, I thought, this is it. I'm going to side off the roof and die. I survived the roof, but the antenna is dead. Luckily, no roof damage on my quick inspection. So, antenna removed, we hit the road. We managed to make it thru Dallas and the ice and snow, and arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas at 5:40 PM, in one piece ( 2, if you count the busted antenna). On the plus side, the truck ran great. :) From now on we, meaning Debbie, will be checking our "packing up" list before we we hit the road. Tomorrow, on to Lawrenceburg, TN, and Dina's transport."

On to better days ahead, I hope!

Our Travels