Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How annoying

Feb. 7 - 16, 2014 (10 days)
David Crockett State Park - Lawrenceburg, TN
"Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be" 
Abraham Lincoln
Surprisingly, while living in a 5th wheel, both hubby and I can spend hours away from each other. Scott is a TV watcher and I like quiet. I watch TV when I get into bed at night, but during the day, I like quiet. Scott turns on the TV as soon as he wakes up and he'd leave it on all day, but he knows it bothers me.
Usually we are in our "own space" during the day. If it's nice outside, I spend the day outside. Yes, I'm still sitting on my as..oops butt, but at least I'm outside. With this especially cold Winter, we are spending weeks inside with only going outside to walk the dogs. Yet we still spend hours away from each other. This is very easy to do. I start my day "downstairs" in the living room in my easy chair. Scott wakes up and turns on the TV in the bedroom until about 11a.m. Then we switch places. He comes "downstairs" to cook breakfast (lunch for me by this time). And of course, the TV in the living room is turned on. I get to stay cozy upstairs in bed. The bedroom stays much warmer than the rest of the RV. Our bedroom is my little den. I'm set for the day. A book, my computer, some knitting and the dogs all together.
As I type this, it is 8:45 a.m. I'm am in the living room and Scott is awake in bed watching the Olympics. He is obsessed with watch Curling. Grrrrr, how annoying! Normally, I can slide the door closed and it amazingly does keep the noise down, but with this cold weather, we have a heater up in the bedroom that also helps heat the downstairs, so the door can't be closed. My quiet time is being interrupted by the screaming of the Curling teams. Oh----my----gosh! How annoying to hear this screaming during my quiet time.
Time to put the headphones on and listen to some acoustic guitar!!!!

David Crockett SP has two campgrounds. #1 is closed for the Winter, but #2 is open all year. We are the ONLY campers here! It's wonderful! Scott is a little nervous not having anyone around, but I feel very comfortable. Scott carries his taser with him when walking the dogs at night. I guess that's a good idea. We are not sure what wildlife is around besides deer in abundance. Because we are in a very wooded (yeah!!!) park and the only people here. We've seen deer all around and they are quite comfortable with our presence. They stay away, but not out of sight. I wish it were warm enough to spend my days outside. It's so cold, that even Devin doesn't want to stay outside sitting in his blue chair.
Since we have the campground to ourselves, I want to let Devin off leash for some training. Because there are mainly deciduous trees, the forest is easy to navigate and see through. It's wonderful to once again walk through the crispy fallen leaves. This makes for a good area for Devin to be off leash and somewhat safe. If it ever warms up somewhat, I'll give it a try. Shhh. Don't tell Scott. He is a much more protective "parent".
I am so at peace here. Some people are desert people, not me, some people are ocean people, not me, even though I was brought up within 5 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. I am a woods and lake person.
So let's do a quick catch up of the places we stopped on our way to Tennessee.
Midessa Oil Patch RV Park - Odessa, TX
Our rating 2 out of 5   $30./night
Decent park with mainly pull thrus.
We were told we couldn't use the water for drinking or cooking, but ok for washing. They have a bad well and this has been going on at least since the Summer of 2013. They gave us a case of bottled water and said just ask if we need more. Would have rated this park 3 out of 5 if they did not have this water problem.
There was a decent sized dog park. But it was so cold that we spent little time there.
This park is mainly long time residents. The park is kept clean and the permanent sites were neat.
Sites were close together but was fine for a night or two.

Traders Village RV Park - Grand Prairie, TX
No rating, since this was a quick overnight. $31.50/night w/Good Sam discount
Mainly pull thrus
2 dog limit. Oops, did Dina count? She's a foster dog.
Dogs can only potty along ONE fence line along the driveway entry/exit. I hate when we are limited to where to walk the dogs, but even though it was only a 3' wide strip, it was long enough for the dogs to do what was needed.

Downtown Riverside RV Park - North Little Rock, AR
Yeah!!!! Finally out of Texas.
Our rating 3 out of 5 $11.50/night with Passport America discount (reservation & cash only)
This is basically a parking lot. BUT, it is right on the Arkansas River and in the middle of things to do locally. At night, the bridges on either side of the park are lit up and really give the area a festive feel.
There was a nice little grassy area to walk the dogs with pooper scooper and bag provided.
Walking distance to Bill Clinton Memorial Library.
Decent WiFi
Key code gate for security.
If you want to sightsee in Little Rock, this is a good spot to stay. This is not a park to "vacation" in, but a good place to be amid the local happenings.
Well here's a new category!
I think we are pretty much set on settling down in Tennessee. We are no where "desperate" to settle down, but I'd like to be sitting in front of a wood stove this time next year.
The good news: We drove by our "dream property" and are still thrilled with what we saw "in person". It lived up to the photos we saw on line. I can tell Scott is really excited. After 20 years together, I can feel his subtle emotions.
There is a sheep farm, Belfair Farm, across the street. My first thought was "Cool! I can pick up some roving to try spinning wool!". But this farm seems to be more for meat.
We drove around the neighborhood. About a mile or two away there are some junk yard trailer properties, but surrounding us, the homes and properties seem fine. There is a mixture of fancier homes, small ranch homes, and some mobile. But the important thing is that the houses are kept up and the yards are not full of junk.
There are guard dogs at the farm. Akbash dogs are a new breed to me. These dogs are to guard and protect the sheep from predators. I also saw three dogs on "our property". We did see a distant neighbor with 3 or 4 dogs in an outside kennel. Too small for so many dogs, but they looked healthy and happy.
The bad news: We made contact with the realtor. But, there is an offer on the house and a back up offer also. There is a problem with the first offer that is trying to be worked out. The realtor said we can still take a tour of the house and property in case the offers fall through. I'm hoping we may be considered since we can put over 1/2 the amount of house as a down payment, so we can easily be prequalified. And our time line is flexible. You want out fast? Fine. You want to take your time packing up? Fine.
So hopefully, we'll be able to see the house in the next day or two. Then onto the Eastern park of Tennessee where there are quite a few places we want to look at.
I REALLY miss Dina, although her name is now Emma. How annoying. She will always be Dina to me. Her all volunteer transport went fine. So far her new Mom is thrilled with her. I am quite upset over a few things. She changed her name to Emma. I like the name Emma, but I really liked the name Dina and the name Dina had a specific meaning for her "heritage". Dina was a version of Dineh, which is what the Navajo people prefer to be called now. You know how politcally correct I like to be....NOT! Dina was rescued as a stray from the Navajo reservation. Then I just found out Dina is not allowed on furniture, including the bed. Grrr, how annoying. One of our favorite times was cuddling with Dina in bed at night. She did not bother us or move around. She just settled in between us and she slept all night.
Of course these changes are not abuse and Dina/Emma will adjust I'm sure.
It totally breaks my heart to see her tail down like that. That is how she looked when we first saw her on the reservation. As she started hanging out with us and then coming along while walking our own dogs, her body language changed. Her tail was up and she had a bounce to her walk. To see her tail lowered again is just too sad to dwell on. I'm sure she'll adjust.

Dina/Emma meets her new sibling. I hope she plays nice. Dina can play somewhat rough. Of course 75# Devin could handle her.
She was a really bright personality in our quiet household. Even though our Irish/English Setter, Devin can be a wild child, for the most part, he just lays around inside the RV, preferring to be with us, but not near us. The same goes for our English Setter, Lyla. She wants to know where we are, but not particularly touching us. Dina watched us constantly. Waiting for any sign that she would get some attention. She followed us from room to room (we only have two rooms). When we would settle, she'd come over for pets or lay next to us for physical contact. Sigh. I miss you Dina. Yep, the tears are now flowing. This is the difficult part about fostering. Many times you absolutely fall in love with your foster dog and it's difficult to let go. Can anyone take as good care and give as much love as we did? Of course they can, but we never think so. But to give up your foster to an adopter opens up to new opportunities to help another dog in need.
In her new dog bed. Miss you sweety.
Since we have a DVR (Digital Video Recorder), we rarely watch  commercials. And even if we don't fast forward through commercials, we take those 3-5 minutes to read our books. But I did see this Beneful commercial on line.
The commercial is cute and interesting, but I must let you know, I in no way would recommend Beneful dog food to anyone.
Here is a breakdown of the ingredients and it's value from the Dog Food Advisor website.
First ingredients is corn meal. This is a very cheap way to increase the protein percentage. Would YOU consider corn a good source of protein?
"No dog food product can ever be magically better than the ingredients that were used to make it"
Of course you can't believe everything you read on the internet, but for 15 years I have researched and read about dog food ingredients, so I'm quite particular about what kind of dog food I feed our dogs. I agree with Dog Food Advisor's rating system.
Here is another break down review of Beneful's ingredients at Feeding Fido and Fluffy.
The Call - Thriller  2013
My rating 4 out of 5
Halle Berry
Abigail Breslin
I watch a lot of reality crime TV. This movie was like watching true crime but also seeing the action behind the 911 calls.
I think Halle Berry's beauty and talent were wasted on this movie. I would have liked to have seen an unknown in the 911 operator's role. Halle did not add anything special to her character, but probably drew an audience to the movie because of her fame.
The acting of both Halle and Abigail were great. I sucked in all the info on what to do if I'm ever stuck in the trunk of a car.
This definitely kept me on the edge of my seat...well at least sitting upright and attentive in bed. I couldn't even knit! Not so much because I had to watch what was happening, but more because the suspense just kept drawing me away from my knitting.
Subway - Chain
Our rating 4 out of 5
30 years ago, I would have never thought I'd give this chain such a high rating. Being originally from New Jersey, we have great subs (grinders, hoagies, etc.). While going to Northeastern Bible College in North Jersey, I stopped in a Subway with fellow students. Ugh! You call this a sub? I never returned to any Subways until... Scott tried one out of desperation while we were traveling. He HAD to eat. He tried the tuna flat bread sandwich and the rest is history!
Scott usually orders from Subway, while I stay in the truck with the dogs. But on our last trip, we were kind of in a hurry, so while Scott was filling up with diesel, I went in to "simply" order a tuna flat bread. What a traumatic experience!
I order two flat bread tuna sandwiches with lettuce, tomato, and onion and this is what followed.
S-ubway #1: What size?
D-eb: 6"
S#1: Do you want that toasted?
D: Yes.
S#1: Do you want the cheese toasted also?
D: Yes.
S#1: What kind of cheese?
D: What kind do you offer?
S#1: American, cheddar and pepper jack.
D: One with American and one with pepper jack.
S#1: Do you want extra cheese?
D: No
S#1: Do you want extra tuna?
D: Um, no.
S#1: What else do you want on it?
D: Lettuce, Tomato and onion.
S#1: Do you want crispy bacon?
D: (Did I ask for that?) Yes, sounds good.
Now I decide to also order a breakfast sandwich for Scott. The menu board says it's a 3" flat bread sandwich.
D: Could I also have a egg, cheese and bacon flat bread breakfast sandwich?
A second employee (S#2) helps me with this order.
S#2: What size? A foot long?
D: (Doesn't the menu state 3"?) No, just a small one.
S#2: Do you want extra cheese on that?
D: No
S#1: What kind of dressing do you want? (on tuna)
D: Oiy! you ask too many questions! At least you guys are nice and patient.
S#1 and S#2: I know, we HAVE to ask the questions.
D: (Isn't there already dressing IN the tuna?) Nothing.
S#1: Nothing? No mayo?
D: Oh, ok. (Do I really need more mayo in my tuna salad made with mayo?)
I head to the register and decide to get some cookies.
D: Could I get a dozen cookies? (Great cookies!) Do you have more in the back? I don't want to leave you with none.
S#3: We bake them all day. Order as many as you'd like.
The tuna sandwiches are done and brought by S#1 to the register.
The breakfast sandwich (6" even though I asked for a small and the menu states 3") is done and brought by S#2 to the register.
My cookies are packed by S#3.
S#3: Do you want anything to drink with your order?
D: No (as I chuckle).
How annoying! Oh my gosh! Questions coming at me from 3 different people. So many options when I just want a simple sandwich. So many item choices on the menu board. I can't handle the stress of ordering. Never again! Let Scott do the Subway ordering. Scott laughs at the recounting of my "ordeal" and says I'm getting old. How annoying!

5 Warning Signs you're getting old - Warning, foul language included

Do not regret growing old, it is a privilege denied to many. 


  1. I do not even know where to begin with this reply to you. First, there is absolutely no reason for the nasty tone in which you wrote this email. I have not followed up with you for three reasons: 1. I know how difficult it was for you to give her up. 2. we are still getting to know one another 3. I knew that Deanna had sent you a small update.

    What I am more upset about is how you bashed me on your blog. That was totally uncalled for! How annoying that her name is Emma?? I'm sorry people change their adoptive dogs names all the time. Why does she have to be any different? I didn't like the name Dina. That's all. So sorry that you're quite upset about it. Also, Emma is not allowed on the furniture, none of my dogs are for numerous reasons. None of which are really any of your business but I am a single mother. It takes a lot for me to have nice things in my home. I don't believe that just because you have animals your house needs to be messy and dirty. I keep my house nice. In the past the dogs have destroyed the furniture. I choose not to have that happen anymore. Does that mean they lack for attention? Not at all. They have dog beds all over the house. And we get down on the floor and play with them. Also Emma is going to be trained as a therapy dog. She has to know that getting up on beds and furniture is a no no unless she is invited. ABUSE????? How dare you even throw that word out there. Are you kidding me??????? You have got some nerve to even think about using that word.

    Lets move on to the picture. First it was the second day we had her. She was getting used to a new environment. Her tail was down because she was watching a loud truck come down the road. Are you for real lady? It breaks your heart? Such drama you portray to your fans. You have absolutely no idea. She was having a grand old time running in the snow and climbing the jungle gym. I can assure you that her tail is rarely down. Only when she meets another dog she doesn't like. She is very happy here. I'm sorry that you miss her. You had every opportunity to say no and you chose not to. Now you have no right to bash me the way you are. It is totally uncalled for.

    To answer the questions in your email- She is doing very well in obedience class. She and Bella have become buds and are pretty inseparable. They are even cuddling together now. She goes everywhere that is permitted with us. She's her Daddy's "Pretty Girl" as he calls her. She follows me everywhere and rarely lets me out of her sight. She is loved by everyone that she meets. She was seen by the vet last week and even went to the groomer. We will be enrolling her in Camp Bow Wow where she can go run off some energy and socialize with other dogs during this horrible cold spell. It's very difficult to be outside and she has a lot of energy. The vet thought this would be a good thing for her. We agreed.

    So there is your update. She is settling in well. If you want to continue to receive updates I suggest you lose the attitude or this will be the last update that you get. I am still dumbfounded by all the things that you posted. My blood is boiling.


  2. Thanks for the update.
    I'm sorry you're upset about my post. I never named you, and I don't think I said anything bad.
    I do wish her name was still Dina, but she is your dog.
    I do wish you'd let her up on the furniture, but it is your house.
    My blog clearly stated that this is NOT abuse and Dina will adjust.
    "Of course these changes are not abuse and Dina/Emma will adjust I'm sure."
    Saying her tail was down was nothing against you. It was her first day and I was just missing her wagging tail.
    "To see her tail lowered again is just too sad to dwell on. I'm sure she'll adjust."
    I kept saying, I'm sure she'll adjust.
    I never asked Deanna to check up or send emails. She kept bugging me about updates and I was waiting for things to settle in.
    I also don't understand why you think my email was nasty. I meant nothing bad about it. I don't want to "pester" adopters, I just wanted an update to make sure all was well and that if not, when we'll be in the area, if she needed to be returned.
    All seems to be more than well and she is doing fine and you love her. Thank you.


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