Saturday, July 26, 2014

We live here????

This post will be "all over the place". If I try to organize my thoughts too much, I'll never get a post out. So bear with me until things slow down and living in a house becomes normal.

Oh the disgusting mess our RV is in!!!! We've just been transferring items a little at a time from the RV to the house as we need them. The RV is stuffy. Scott has the solar panels charging the batteries, so we are able to keep the fans running in the RV. But what a mess. The cabinets are open, the bed is unmade, the plastic storage boxes are in the middle of the floor waiting to be sifted through. What should stay in the RV and what should go into the house. And when it goes into the house, will we need that in the RV when we go on a trip? Lists for things we need for the house, lists for what we need for the RV, a list of what we'll have to pack when we decide to travel.

At least our now neglected RV has a safe place to rest. There is a short steep incline up our driveway. Scott assured me our truck could pull the RV up that. So the day we do pull the RV to the house, Scott is a nervous wreck. He tells me he's so nervous about getting the RV up the driveway, he feels like throwing up. Now I'm just furious!!! He assured me prior to purchasing the house, it would be no problem. I would not have bought the house if there was a problem storing the RV on our property.

We all made it up the driveway. Just a tiny scrape and our Ford F-350 didn't even break a sweat, unlike Scott. He knew "the wrath of Debbie" would be upon him if things didn't work out.
The RV fits beautifully between two of our garages and there's even room to let the slides out.


Actually, my Father sent me this link to the tallest flag pole displaying our American Flag. It is amazing that this red, white and blue cloth can stir so much emotion. Of course, it's because of what it stands for. Our freedom and that freedom is because of the sacrifices made by families whose loved ones have fought for our freedom. I cannot imagine what it is like to be dropped off in a strange country and then have to fight for your life and kill people that are fighting for what they think is right also. And on top of all that...many are not even of legal age to drink, yet they can carry a gun, kill and defend our country. It is a necessary evil. My heart goes out to all those that have been sent away from their country to fight to keep our country free. Thank you.
TENNESSEE LIFE, our little piece of heaven:
We really live here??? Every morning I can sit out on our covered porch and look out over the lawn and into the woods. Our property is full of birds and bugs and lizards.
Checking out the new "digs". And no, Devin did not "mark" anything.
I'm panicking about bringing "stuff" into the house. Scott is all gung ho. He bought a dish drainer. I had a hissy fit. I don't want that ugly plastic thing on the counter. Scott also bought a small plastic garbage can for the bathroom. I probably could have gotten one at Goodwill for $1.00. Wait!!!! Scott wants to go to home depot and start buying gardening things, and household things.
W-A-I-T!!!!!!! Geeze, give me a chance to get to Goodwill. Some things do not have to be new!!!! Nor does it have to be now!!!! We rarely argue, but we've already had two arguments about signing up for a landline and internet. He was going to sign up for land line without long distance. Why bother? We RARELY use the phone and when we do, it is to call out of area. I actually yelled at him NO! Relax! Wait! We've been living in an RV for 3 years and have done just fine! Just wait and let us settle in a little and we'll realize what we really need and don't.
As I write, Scott is already out shopping. I can see his purchases over $100.  in my email. I get notifications from the credit card company. I really am quite stressed about bringing in things that are not needed.
You can all keep Scott in your thoughts and send him calming vibes to deal with me. I don't think I'm all that pleasant to live with right now.

Scott is not good with money. I was surprised to hear him tell our realtor that if it wasn't for me, he would never have considered retiring at 55. He didn't think about saving or investing. I am quite conservative in my spending on most things. I think before I buy. Many times I see something I want and I'll give it a few days. If I keep thinking about it, then I must really want it, but many times I don't bother purchasing that item.  I do have a weakness for Silk & Alpaca hand dyed yarns though. Scott's weakness is electronics.

Scott went out two days ago to buy temporary fencing and a lawn mower. Surprising he did a great job! He originally was going to buy a new riding mower, but happened to pass buy a lawnmower service and stopped in. Jeff (owner) was a real nice southern gent. He happened to have a John Deere on consignment. It's 10 years old, but only 300 engine hours. It was sitting in a garage for many years and he got it back in good working condition. This mower cost $4000. in 2004. We got it for $1500. I was a little nervous about this "deal". He couldn't take a charge, because it was consignment. He did take a check, but no receipt given. He said he would deliver it, free of charge, the next day. Hmmmm. Let's hope so.
All's good. His word was good and we now have a new toy for Scott.

We put up 400 feet of temporary fencing. Our dogs don't challenge a fence, so 4 foot high and not real sturdy is ok, until the foster dogs start to arrive.

The woods in the back is ours also. We plan to thin it out a little so we can walk easily through the woods down to the lake (which I haven't seen yet!). 
And what do our dogs do now that they have freedom to run around???? Typical Lyla, just lazes around and watches.
 Go play!!! You have a huge yard now!
Some things never change. Devin watches over the yard in the blue chair and watches what we are doing inside on his green chair.

We are starting to feel so "country". A Green and yellow, John Deere riding mower, installed wire fencing, getting to know the locals, etc.
I can't believe we live here! Come for a visit. We have room for your RV.
Enjoy the view of our place below.
Front yard

Side front yard
I have not had much time to do any crafts. I knit in the truck when we travel 30 minutes to Jackson for shopping. We actually sat together, each in our own lawn chair in the living room and watched a movie and of course I knit during the movie.
This area is quilting country. Maybe I'll start quilting? There is a nice quilting/fabric store in town that invites you in to sit and chat and meet local ladies and find out what everyone is making and groups to join and lessons offered. I sure do miss my NJ Knitting groups though.

Thank you all for your congrats on the house and encouraging me to still blog. Hopefully, I'll find enough things in Tennessee to blog about and you'll want to come visit and experience a little bit of Tennessee life with me.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Too tired to blog...

Just a quickie to let friends know, all is good. Just too tired to blog.
Things are going very well with the new house. I'm more happy everyday with our decision.
Just so sore and tired from moving and fencing.
I have gone from a sedentary RV life to working around our property.
Just walking up and down the hallway all day is at least 20x's more activity than living in the RV.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last day :(

July 14 - 15, 2014
We are once again home owners. The big difference this time is that we are NOT house poor, we are not working, we do NOT have high taxes, we cannot see our neighbors and we are NOT IN NEW JERSEY!
We had a bit of a stressful time yesterday.
While RV'ing we have had a Capital One 360 internet only checking account (formerly ING). This has served us well. We pull money out via an "All Points" ATM. If we need to make a deposit, we took a photo of the check or mailed it in. We also still have an account in a regular bank in NJ. With on line banking, this has not been an issue. We have transferred money to and from these accounts from all over the USA. No problems, until this past Friday.
I made sure to plan ahead for the settlement money for the closing of the house.  Taking into account the weekend, it should be delivered Monday morning. Our closing is Tuesday. All's good. Since the only way to do this was through a cashier's check overnighted, I made sure we had sufficient time to have the money by closing. In fact, the money would be received the day before closing.
I receive an email from Capital One stating the cashier's check has been sent out overnight delivery on Friday 7/11 & UPS tracking # included. I am to receive an email when the package is delivered.
Monday was our last travel day from KY to TN. After arriving and setting up, I settle down to check email and make sure the check was delivered. Hmmm, no notification. I go to the UPS site and check the tracking #. 9:30am tracking registered. 1pm tracking voided!!!!!What???? I go to my on line account to see if the money was withdrawn and I'm locked out & my account is frozen! it is 3:30 in the afternoon. I call the bank, and explain the situation and then sort of yell that this is not my fault and I need the money by tomorrow. Someone messed up. I was never sent an email stating the cashier's check was cancelled, nor did I receive a phone call. And yes, I checked my spam folder.
The bank decided that this was too large amount to transfer when my transfer address was not from my home address computer. Well, duh! I've been transferring money from around the country for three years without issue.
OK, I'll make a long story short. An exception had to be made and they agreed to wire the money to the closing bank in the morning (too late today). They could not guarantee receipt until 5pm. It could get there sooner, but no guarantee. I call Amy at the closing office for the info for transfer. She was so sweet and said no worries, the bank is next door and the money will be there. Amy was just wonderful.
And yes, the money was there bright and early in the morning! All is good. We now have a house again with a dream piece of property.

I'm about to cry! 
I really do want to have a house with a real kitchen. 
I'm looking forward to our covered porch.
I'm happy our dogs will now have space to run.
I'm happy I won't have to pack up my laundry and save quarters for the laundromat.
But do I REALLY want to settle down??? I've got to do some soul searching and go through the stages of grief. We will no longer have the freedom of the road. Even if we travel, we still have the responsibility of the house. Is it ok? Is the lawn being mowed? Is the house being broken into?
I hope I will learn to enjoy the most of both worlds. 
We researched for 6 years about eventually living the RV Full time lifestyle. We waited for retirement,we purged, we sold our house in NJ (yeah!!!!). Our 3 years of RV/FT has flown by!!!! We "could" continue, but then I could see myself thinking of staying put more often and wanting a larger kitchen.
RV'ing has made me very lazy. I would only go hiking during the most optimal weather conditions, which is low humidity, not over 80°, not too steep, and so on. 
I very rarely cook. Only 1 person at a time in the kitchen. Scott is the main cook. I spent many hours in the RV and the only change of scenery was from the living room to the bedroom and if  "perfect" weather, I'd sit outside. A lot of sitting doing computer work, a lot of sitting while crafting. We lost our enthusiasm for sightseeing. We spent too much time in the SouthWest. We had a terrible Winter stuck in the RV trying to stay cozy and not stir crazy. Constant moving causes constant repairs needed. 
It's time to settle down for a while. As I've said before, we are young enough that in 5 - 10 years, we may do this all over again with renewed enthusiasm!
With all the reasons we're settling down, I still feel a let down. All the years of dreaming, all the years of planning, all the years of waiting and finally living the RV Full time dream come true, and now it's over. 
We hope, if I can keep my foster dog numbers under control to see the Upper Peninsula in the Summer of 2015. By then, we'll be comfortable in the house, know our home town area and may feel comfortable enough to leave our home in the care of neighbors. Time will tell. 
Tonight is our last night as RV Full timers. We are no longer part of that special group. Sigh. What will I blog about? 
Thank you fellow RV'rs for following us in our travels.
Murder at Pride Lodge: A Kyle Callahan MysteryMurder at Pride Lodge: A Kyle Callahan Mystery by Mark McNease
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Once I got passed the surprise and acceptance that this is a gay based book, I really enjoyed this murder mystery.
Don't be put off by the gay pride reference in the title. This book is not about gay rights, or flamboyant gay exhibitionist. This is a murder mystery. The references to gay couples are just matter of fact, no hot sex scenes. I easily accepted the characters and liked the character development. Now that we are past that, let's talk about the murder mystery. I enjoyed the twists and the who done it possibilities. Only a couple of items that were unrealistic. A body is found at the bottom of an empty pool. The person was a recovering alcoholic. For a good part of the book, everyone is questioning whether the person had a relapse and killed himself. On and on, the question was brought up. In any unusual death, an autopsy would be performed with bloodwork. That drinking or not drinking question should have been resolved quickly by a test for blood alcohol level.
Being brought up in NJ and visiting New Hope, PA often, I could imagine this lovely B&B as a wonderful, romantic weekend away. I will most likely read the next book in this series. It solved the murder, but definitely had a open ending for curiosity of what is to come.

Whiskey Rebellion (An Addison Holmes Mystery #1)Whiskey Rebellion by Liliana Hart
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Thank goodness this was free. I just couldn't finish. This story caught my interest from the first page...drama and humor combined. The story line was really good and I really wanted to find out what happened, but I CAN'T STAND THE MAIN CHARACTER, ADDISON!!!!!
Oh my gosh, what a DITZ, an airhead, so irritating!!! I have no patience for a person that causes their own trouble. And Addison is a high school teacher????
She breaks the rules and wonders why she gets into trouble?
She takes a 2nd job as a stripper and wonders how word gets out in this small town.
She eats a banana split while driving through morning traffic. Not a cone you can eat with one hand, a banana split, that takes a utensil. She cuts people off, almost gets into an accident.
She can't keep promises or secrets. Ugh! Steer clear of this immature 30 yr old. She sounds like a high school student herself and even then an immature high school student.
If the author had just toned down Addison's antics, I would have really enjoyed the book. A little bit of a klutz or airhead is fine, but one right after the other and her inability to understand why things happen to her was just too much.
As I was reading, I said to myself, oh no, here it comes. I can see another mini disaster about to happen because Addison will make the wrong aka STUPID decision. If she does, I'm done with this book. She did. It was very anti-climatic to only be able to delete this book off my Kindle. If this was a paperback, I would have enjoyed tearing it apart in the same childish manner of Addison.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Get real!

June 2 - 15, 2014
I've been looking at a lot of DIY, organizing, decorating blogs by women that seem to either have too much time on their hands, or have the "luxury" of being staying at home Moms and can make time for all the things working Moms can't, or they are overachievers and will burn out from everything having to be perfect.
The consistent thing I observe on the majority of these blogs is the perfection of what they post. Their DIY's are done in easy step by steps, hubby jumps in to help. They're kitchen is always clean, their floors dust bunny free. Then to top it all off, their DIY's are color coordinated. Give me a break. Get real! Do we have matching storage containers in our pantries? Do we have a bouquet of flowers that match the bowl of lemons in a bowl on our counter? Are our clothes hung according to colors in our closets? Really?
Oh come on! Get real!!!!! Is this how gardening equipment looks in real life? A Pink handled prong thing, matches the pink, turquoise and yellow flowered trowel, that matches the teal, turquoise and yellow dust brush.
Oh, and yes, my linen closet has only white and avocado green linens in it to match the avocado green storage boxes. When did avocado green come back in style??
I am still a full timer, but I am now also calling myself a short timer. I would not trade our 3 years on the road for anything!!!!!!!!
I highly recommend full time RV'ing! It is a great way to purge your house. Purging is very difficult and a lot of work. Oh the stuff we accumulate...because we can! F/T RV'ing forces you to purge. Whatever you don't get rid of, you either have to haul with you or pay for storage. Our storage unit is 15' x 5' and costs us about $90. per month x 36 months = $3240.00. Is the stuff we stored worth that much? Well, the motorcycle is, or almost. But the other things? Nope.
What have we in storage?
My motorcycle, which I look forward to getting road ready again and riding the rolling, curving roads of Tennessee.
Craft items: Even though I purged and purged and purged, I still have a load of fabric and yarn. I scanned into the computer, most of my craft books. I gave away crafts that were "someday" I'll try this.
Lots of doggie stuff: We'll always have dogs and I believe I'll always be involved in dog rescue somehow. So yes, I have a crate, an xpen, a canvas crate, lots of harnesses, a doggie cart (wheelchair), display grids in case I ever set up a tent for rescue fundraising and awareness again.
Telescope that I bought Scott when we were still exchanging Christmas gifts. Maybe we'll actually get to use it, since it can stay out and set up on our covered porch!
Ski equipment: Hmmm, that is difficult. I really don't see us skiing anymore. If we had moved to W. Virgina, then maybe, but who knows how far the nearest ski resort is. That is a difficult one to give up.
Clothes: We took the minimum with us on our RV adventure. *Note: Take less warm weather clothing. I took about 6 sweatshirts which take up a lot of room in an RV. I would have been fine with 2 or 3, even through the cold Winter we experienced, we layered. When we went outside to walk the dogs, we'd throw on a sweatshirt and sweater and then our 3 season jacket. Gloves, hat and gator/cowl were essential. That made the difference between being cold and being comfortable in 30° weather.  So in storage, we have Winter coats, long sleeved t-shirts and lots of sweatshirts.
It will be fun to empty the storage and see what things we forgot about, or what items we'll be able to use again.
I'm trying to make a list of the good and bad of F/T RV'ing and the things I miss while RV'ing and while living in a house.
Already, I'm missing the get up and go freedom of RV'ing. But, since we are not as excited about sightseeing as we were 3 years ago, our daily activity has definitely slowed to an almost standstill. What do we do with ourselves while living in an RV if we aren't sightseeing? I am NEVER BORED. But I do feel somewhat guilty just cruising the net and reading and crafting. Poof! The day is gone and it was all ME TIME! That is true retirement.
Moving back into a house is a little more responsibility, but not too much. We have enough in savings to have just a minimal mortgage to keep our credit good without having to worry about meeting our month bills. I'll be very curious to see how our bills compare to RV'ing. We did not budget during RV'ing. Traveling is a money eater. The gas for 1 day's travel is at least $100. So every day of travel is times $100. plus cost of your site. That adds up. Now we will have a mortgage that the monthly payment will be less than 2 weeks in an RV park. Minus the $100. gas for travel. We'll be able to buy groceries on sale and with coupons.
This is another whole different way of life for us. I have never lived in a house with acreage and privacy and also not the commitment of working full time. Will Scott mow the lawn on his own, instead of having to be nagged? Will I once again enjoy gardening, since I am not working?
I am just as or maybe even more excited about furnishing and decorating the porch! As long as the weather cooperates, the porch is where I will spend most of my time. I plan to fill the porch with a lot of quirky, whimsical things. We have a LARGE AND WIDE wrap around porch. Oh the many uses for this space! A hammock to take naps in...a swinging bench to read in....lots of pillows & afghans to make it all comfy. A rocker to enjoy my morning coffee and my evening cocktail outside overlooking our very own woods, with no neighbors to have to acknowledge. I have NEVER lived on property that the neighbors could not be seen. Yep, I'm getting excited to have our own PRIVATE piece of heaven.
We have taken the conservative road meaning, our house is only 1500 square feet, even though our property is 7 acres, it is mostly maintenance free woodland. We want the roominess of a house, the privacy of the land, but not be overwhelmed. I think this house and property has accomplished that.
I do sometimes wish I was more of a risk taker. We could have gone higher in a purchase price and had a beautiful modern kitchen, large showcase home, but in the end, we are simple folk. I don't want a showcase house. I want a home, that I am comfortable in and don't resent because of the high mortgage and upkeep. So yep, we took the safe road again. A little disappointing, but in the end, because of our conservative spending we have been able to retire at 53/55, full time before some people even get to retire and buy a house after seeing much of the country before we hit 60! We could do this all over again in 10 years. Life is good.

Information overload!
Maybe we shouldn't move back into a house. I am spending hours on Pinterest see all kinds of ideas. Will I actually renew my love of woodworking now that I have the room to do it? In our old house, I used an extra bedroom to do my woodworking. Very cramped and storing the wood was a problem. I just found a site that links to the 50 best woodworking blogs (in his opinion). I'm either in heaven or hell with all the possibilities or trying to do too much. Oh the simple life of an RV'r. No room for woodworking and tools. Just enough room for yarn, kindle, 2 dogs and hubby.
Scott's been having trouble sleeping because he is thinking of all the things to do when we move in. Luckily nothing is essential, but if we have the land and space, let's use it.
What's on our minds...
Fencing: We have the privacy and land, so why have to walk the dogs? If we have a fence it's win/win. We win because we can just let the dogs out without having to venture into he elements. The dogs win because they can run free and do their business at will.
Aquarium: Scott wants it, I don't. Marriage is full of compromises. He doesn't ask for much, so I'll give in to this.
Woodworking: This is a big one. We have 3 huge garages. My mind says I want to make things, but in reality,do I? Did I get frustrated before because of lack of space?
Decorating: Since the walls are pine planking, there is no painting to do, but yet I want to make our house our HOME. I'm getting overwhelmed at how to decorate. Rustic? Subtle wood tones? A splash of bright? Clean lines or overstuffed? I've got to make sure I don't fill the how with "stuff". I want to bring items in that have a purpose, or better yet, more than one purpose. I want to try to keep as many items off the floor as possible for easy cleaning.
Yard & Garden: Currently the lawn is a clean 2 acres. No flowers, no vegetable garden. Nice and clean and easy care. Do I really want to make work for myself by having to tend a flower garden? Oh but I LOVE flowers! Do I want to till & weed a vegetable garden? Well, I've already bought mint and pepper plants. I'm looking at container gardening, vertical gardening and raised gardening, so all are kept neat in their own areas.
Fostering: We will have the room and time now to foster dogs. But that sure is a responsiblity. Ya never know what your'e gonna git! Shhh, don't tell Scott...I've already committed to taking in two English Setters that have been in foster care way too long. I hope to re-evaluate and get them adopted!
Cooking: Even cooking has come into play with moving into a house. I don't bother cooking in the RV. But with the house, I'll have a larger pantry, a freezer to store leftovers, etc.
RV life is definitely a simpler life. I'll be very curious how both Scott & I react once we move in. Will we dive head first and start our projects or will we just sit in our hammock (temporary sofa in living room), relax on our air mattress (temporary bed in the bedroom), sit in our lawn chairs (temporary easy chairs in the living room), eat dinner on TV trays (temporary dining room table)...oh wait, we ALWAYS eat on TV trays whether in a house or an RV.
Our minds are whirring!
Wow! I impressed myself! I finished this project in 3 days!
Irish Sea Shawl is actually a short poncho. This is a nice little accessory to cover a plain tee.
This was not the right yarn for this project. The thickness of Noro Kureyon was very inconsistent. I was drawn in by the color changing. I'm still happy with it. It will make a nice casual throw over a top.
Kindle Free
Treasures of the North (Yukon Quest Book #1)Treasures of the North by Tracie Peterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A nice historical romantic adventure. A genteel woman being forced into marriage with a vengeful man. She finally makes a decision instead of letting others lead her along. And so the adventure begins.
This was a free Kindle book and the first in a series.
The book is somewhat of a cliffhanger and I'm curious what is going to happen, but not enough to put up with all the religious teachings. This is definitely religious book. I was able to skip over many pages of characters praying for God's guidance. The author is also slipping in how to ask Jesus into your heart, blah, blah, blah. Skip over, skip over, skip over. So, even though the characters were well developed and I like the basic story, I will not be reading the rest of the series. I've had enough of sermons.

Virgin River (Virgin River, #1)Virgin River by Robyn Carr
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sweet! This is a book you read when you want an easy happy-go-lucky, Mayberry type story. Maybe this should be in the fantasy section instead of romance, since I don't think towns like Virgin River can exist, with everyone getting along, a bar with a generous owner comping drinks and food often & being gorgeous and a gentleman too!
Kind of hokey, as one reviewer stated. But if you want a vacation from the murder mysteries, paranormal, etc., take a break with this feel good, G rated romance.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Nuttin much

"To be safe on the Fourth/Don't buy a fifth on the third." 
James H. Muehlbauer
A little bit of heaven. We are back at Columbus...State Park. A perfect place to unwind from the week of socializing with fellow Creekers. Although, because of the heat, not too much socializing. Many of us spent our days inside.

Oopsy! Just a little oopsy. While making a sharp turn into the State park, the road had a dip, then an incline. Oopsy, our back end hit bottom and scraped along the asphalt. Damn!
What kind of damage has been done?
Will it affect the workings of the RV?
How much is it going to cost to replace?
We ended up with a wackadoodled (meaning really bent) rear jack, a crack in our pvc pole sewer hose holder, and a rip in our sewer hose. As I've said before, don't go full time if you think there are less things to do to maintain an RV than a house. That is a total misconception.
Scott was able to sort of bend the jack back and was still usable, but for how long. We don't have sewer hookups so don't have to worry about the cracked sewer hose.
Our rating 5 out of 5
Seems good quality, good weight capacity, good price.
Scissors jack from Amazon
Scott installed the jack and realized that our old jack was only 20", the new jack is 24". Did not affect installation. Luckily this was an easy fix.
RV to House Transition:
We have never had a house and owned an RV. When we had a house, we would tent camp for vacations. Therefore, we ate on mainly paper plates and used as much disposable as possible. We had a couple of tubs with our camping equipment in them ready for vacation.
We are now beginning a new way of life. Living in a house, but having a huge RV to travel in. I don't consider our future RV travels to be vacation. I'm retired, living in a cozy cabin like home on 7 wooded acres within walking distance to a lake. My life is a vacation!
I have no idea how often we will actually RV and for what reason. I suppose we'll use it to visit family and to go to Cedar Creek rallies. But will we ever venture all the way West to Oregon and Washington? I so want to return to Custer, SD. Will we keep such a large RV? If we keep it, that means keeping our dually pick up truck too.

I have already committed to taking in TWO English Setter foster dogs. Shhh, Scott doesn't know it yet. All I can say, is I warned him. If we got a house, I would be fostering. HE'S the one that decided not to travel this summer after purchase of the house. I am now in settling down mode, looking forward to cooler times in the Winter.

Do we leave much of the daily living items in the RV and buy "new" for the house? That means we'll have double of a lot of items. But do we really want to have to plan to pack for a trip? I'm sure most people keep dishes, pots, glassware, flatware, etc in the RV. I guess the not knowing whether we will continue to use it, is what bothers me. I don't want to buy things that are not needed, that we already have.

But, on the other hand, even though I'm not much of a shopper, I am looking forward to buying "new" dishware & flatware. The furniture? not so much. I just want comfy without taking up too much room.
I so wish I was more creative! What you say? Look at all the beautiful crafty things I make. 99.9% of my finished crafts are just following instructions. I follow instructions well, but to think up a crafty item...nope. It's empty up here in my head.
You're probably tired of hearing of my current passion...Pinterest. But oh my, my, my, it certainly has zillions of ideas to give my unoriginal brain a boost to create.
I get upset with myself because of the many simple things I see on Pinterest using everyday items. What can't I think of that? We all have our talents. I'll just continue to snatch the ideas from Pinterest and go with it.
Here is a sew simple project.
sew or iron on hem project for the 4th of July or picnic table.

The Twelve Tribes Of HattieThe Twelve Tribes Of Hattie by Ayana Mathis
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I am fascinated by the history of slavery and the strong black race that had to endure. I cannot fathom the idea that one human is treated so horribly by another human.
This book seemed to have no flow. I couldn't keep track of what was going on and who was who.
I just assumed, being an Oprah's pick,that this would be good. I didn't bother to look at reviews ahead of time. Lesson learned, read the reviews.
I was just trying to get through the book. I didn't finish. Read previous reviews for better judgements.
The Oranges - 2011 Dramedy
Hugh Laurie
Oliver Platt
My rating 2 out of 5
Two neighboring families are the best of friends, until the prodigal daughter returns and stirs up a lot of trouble.

7 Psychopaths - 2012 Dark Comedy
Colin Powell
Christopher Walken
Woody Harrelson
My rating 2 out of 5
Pretty bad movie. It got a 2 because I like to watch and listen to Colin Powell & there was a sweet Shih Tzu in the movie.
Just a bunch of killing and egos and stupidity.

Snow White and the Huntsman - 2012 Fantasy
Kristin Stewart
Charlize Theron
Chris Hemsworth
My rating 3.5 out of 5
I would have given it a 4 if they had cast Snow White with someone other than Kristin Stewart. Snow White is supposed to be the "fairest of them all" and Stewart is average with too big a chin to be called beautiful. Plus her acting is similar in all her movies. Mouth half open and a furrowed forehead.
Now Charlize is absolutely stunning!  They needed someone equal or better looking (if possible) than her.
The special effects were great, the dark story was very good. If you are a Kristin Stewart fan, then you'd like this more than I did.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


June 16 - 29, 2014
Site#49   Price $22./night
Our rating 3.75 out of 5
This is just an average RV park, but because of the price and the nice owners, I gave it a slightly above average rating. Also, if we had been in one of the middle of the park sites, which are much nicer, the rating could have been higher.
Discounts: Passport America honored for the whole 2 week stay.
Sites: Sites vary in size and quality. Our site was very tight, with no shade. But we were very close to the grassy area for the dogs, which made it enjoyable for Devin. Other sites were larger & shaded. They had concrete pads, with river rock landscaping which was very nice.
Hook ups: FHU. Really great water pressure.
Bathrooms: Private, large and clean.
Laundry: Beautiful!!!!!! The laundry was a separate building with about 8 washer/dryers, tables to fold clothes, an iron and board for our use. There was a book exchange, as well as a comfy couch and TV. 
Pets: Very pet friendly. Yet another park that has plenty of room to set up simple fencing for dog play. Lots of grassy area, with doggie bags provided.
WiFi: Multiple available, included. Worked fairly well.
Verizon Internet: Good.
Sprint Internet: No signal
Satellite: Plenty of open sky.
Verizon cell: 4 bars
AT&T cell: 4 bars
Book Exchange: In the laundry room
Activities: There is a beautiful pool that is made to look more like a pond among the rocks. Also a hot tub that is trying to look like it's in a natural setting. A nice touch.
There is an onsite restaurant, called Rosie's Tumbleweed Outpost Grill,which I reviewed in a prior post.
Mail delivery accepted: yes
Area/Town/Sights: Well, duh! It's Branson! Lots of touristy things to do. Musical shows, variety shows, Silver Dollar City, riding the ducks (trucks that are also boats), Table Rock Lake activities, College of the Ozarks, wineries...
Overall a nice park, especially for the price and if you want to be in the Branson area, but not amid the chaos, hustle and bustle of Branson.

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