Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Our basement, really a 4' tall crawl space, has 22 years of stuff...just in case.
There are boxes down there from when Scott moved in to this house in 1993. Never opened. Obviously, we don't need them.
Instead of trying to sort and throw out and also constantly walking bent over and making a hundred trips up and down the stairs, I hired Consider It Done to do the dirty work.  Voila! Within 3 hours, the basement was cleaned out and I didn't have to think about it anymore. Great company and efficient.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I miss organization!

I suppose instead of waiting until I have time to actually think about composing a post, I'll just post and if it turns out unorganized...oh well. That's our life right now.
Our house is a mess. We have been taking things out and trying them in the RV. Most items are staying in the RV.
It's surprising how much room we have in the RV. I keep bringing things in and finding cubby holes to fit them in.
Yesterday, I took down all my framed cross stitch and decided I've had 20 yrs of enjoyment...time to pass them on instead of packing away. Only a few select framed cross stitch, I'll keep.
So we've been spending about 3 hours a day at the house, cleaning & purging. Then coming back to the RV, to store/arrange what we've brought back from house.
Plus, I still have my data keeping for the applications for Above & Beyond Eng Setter Rescue to keep up with. That can take anywhere from an hour a day to 4-5 hours! So life is busy right now.  I look forward to just having our 350 sq. feet of living space to clean. Maybe then, I'll really have time to do some crafting.

Last week was the Monmouth County Fair.  I entered 4 craft items and won a ribbon for each! 2 First Place Blue ribbons and 2 Honorable Mentions.

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