About us

We both were born and stayed in NJ, until 2011.
Started RV Fulltime, in July of 2011.
Left NJ Nov. 1, 2011.
Sold our house in Mar. 2012.
We were full time living in a 35' 5th Wheel RV, traveling the country to figure out where we may want to settle, for 3yrs from 2011 - 2014.
We are now settled in Tennessee with our pets, Lyla, our English Setter, Devin, our Irish Setter and Swayze, our African Grey Parrot & always a couple of foster dogs needing homes.

Reach us by email at njnomore@gmail.com
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  1. Hello! I'm glad to see you're traveling with your pets. I'm getting ready to embark on this adventure of living in an RV full time with my 4 greyhounds. I'm a single female so this is a big leap for me. Any advice on traveling with your pets? How long did it take you to get used to driving your 5th wheel? Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I've started a facebook page if you'd like to follow along at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Greyt-RV-Adventures/214899162051620.

    Have a greyt day! Terri

  2. Hi, I am also from NJ and just came across your blog. We started full timing in August 2012 from Williamstown. I looked you up on RVillage and was not able to find your name. We are under Loretta and Bill.


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