Monday, July 30, 2012

Food, Friend and Fido

Bernardston, MA 01337
As my post title states, we've been enjoying eating with & the company of our friend from NJ, now relocated in MA. Have enjoyed the jubilance of her two yellow labs also.  Devin has found a playmate for the week and a fenced yard to run around in!
Having to plan around a working schedule brings us back to the realization, of how lucky we are to be retired at a fairly young age and have all our time free.
Our friend still owns a beautiful home in NJ, custom renovated to her taste. It was quite a surprise to see the house she bought in MA. Definitely not a home, just a house. But this will not be her final house, so the best is yet to be.

We've gone out to dinner twice together and she will be dining at our home/RV this week. Scott plans to make his delicious scallop dinner in a white wine sauce.  Hopefully the weather will cooperate and it will be nice enough to eat outside instead of cramped in the RV.
Computer: I had mentioned in an earlier post that my computer died and could not be revived even by Computer Dr. Scott. So I purchased an HP LAPTOP
Decided to downsize since we are living in an RV. Maybe I'll got back to a regular computer if we ever settle in a house again. But to be honest, I am VERY HAPPY with this laptop.  I love the option of being able to take it to to bed or in the easy chair or outside. The battery life is between 6-8 hours which is plenty!  I like that I can close the lid when not using it to protect the keyboard from Lyla's paws. She tends to put her paws on the dining room table, where my computer is, when I go outside, so she can watch me out the window.
I love having the extra space under the table. Where my CPU used to be, I now have my sewing machine stored. I also don't have to keep unhooking my monitor and placing on the bed for travel. 
So besides the convenience of a laptop, I actually like the workings of the laptop.  
The keyboard is comfortable and I can type quite fast on it. 
The screen is large enough for me to be able to have multiple windows open and switch easily between them.
The computer itself is way fast enough for me.
Has plenty of data storage space.
I think the only negative is that the USB ports are all on the sides and towards the FRONT of the laptop. I use a track wheel/mouse instead of the touch pad. So to use the USB ports on the right side, I have to be very careful not to bump them while using my mouse.  It would have been smarter to put the USB ports near the side back or in the back.
But overall, this is a great computer and I'm not sure I'll go back to a big, clunky model again.

Direct TV/Tivo: We are technically on our fifth satellite dish since our full time life began 1 year ago.  3 blew over and broke. The 4th was the WINEGARD CARRYOUT from Camping World. This little satellite was convenient, easy to store and worked adequate. So we thought we were finally all set...and then...our Tivo receiver died. Scott had already replaced the power supply once. But this time we decided to get a new unit, since our non-working Tivo was purchased in 2003 and was really obsolete now. 
We ended up switching from Tivo to Direct TV DVR. We really love Tivo, and it was a difficult decision to switch over. This meant having to learn the DVR programming and would it be as user friendly as Tivo? Even though our 2nd Tivo, in the bedroom still worked, we had to have compatible units, which meant purchasing a 2nd DVR and of course, since we were upgrading, we now have high definition also, which means we needed the high def satellite unit, so our Winegard Carryout, although in great working condition, is of no use to us. Anyone want to purchase our Winegard for $60.00? 
Why did we switch to Direct TV DVR? Mainly because they offer MORE recording options. Tivo allows recording 2 shows at once and able to watch a recorded show at the same time. Our DTV/DVR allows FIVE shows to be recorded while watching a pre-recorded show. I still like Tivo's programming for the most part but the DTV/DVR is fairly easy to navigate and learn. I like the screen on screen that allows you to look at the menu/list and what you are currently watching is still heard and seen in the top corner. There are pluses to both and would recommend either.
Our rating 4.5 out 5.  Really deserves a 5 out of 5, but I'm too cheap sometimes.
Blue Heron Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Although pricey and not our usual type of restaurant. I would have worn a nicer shirt instead of an Irish Setter T-shirt if I had known. It was a great experience (especially since our friend treated us). We do not avoid pricey restaurants, but tend to like a more relaxed down home atmosphere.
Lovely historic New England brick building. Didn't expect such a quality upscale establishment.
Wait staff very attentive, knowledgeable and pleasant.
POMEGRANATE MARTINI: Excellent!!!! I want to go back just for that!!!!!
CHEESE ASSORTMENT APPETIZER: Pricey for the amount of cheese provided, but very nice assortment of 4 cheeses. A brie type, aged cheddar, blue cheese, and another hard cheese. Crostini supplied in mini bucket. Glazed almonds and dried cherries garnished the cheeses. The aged cheddar was the standout for me.
DIM SUM APPETIZER: Impressive display of 4 bamboo steam containers stacked. Most of the 4 items were plentiful and delicious. A little disappointed in the shrimp over pasta. But the other 3 were tasty.
SCALLOPS WITH LENTILS: Absolutely delicious!!!!! Scallops were sweet and cooked perfectly. Roasted corn nibblets as a side and the sauce over the lentils was amazing! A LIGHT Mascarpone cream based sauce with a touch of tart sweetness (Apple Cider reduction). Amazing combo. It was actually an appetizer, but we ordered as a meal.
RIB EYE: Average+. Cooked medium rare as requested. Roasted corn nibblets on the side very nice. Mashed potatoes, excellent. Arugula salad on the plate also, but lacked any dressing, so was more for show.
SPRING CRISP: Blood orange and blueberry served warm in a crock with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Very tasty.
For the price of the meals, I think it would have been nice to have a salad included.
Would definitely return even if we had to pay for it instead of being "treated".
Bernardston Farmers Supply Stopped here mainly for dog food. I ended up with grain free dog treats on sale, parrot food, and a great price on Taste of the Wild grain free dry dog food. Price was about $4.00 less for a 30# bag than where we purchased all over the country.
Great assortment of dog training devices, thunder shirts (which are difficult to find, except on line), variety of health products, shampoos, etc. 
Great store for dog supplies.
Remember  this the next time you have major surgery  and need a blood transfusion.
This is good  to know...

Australian  Medical Association researchers have found  that patients needing blood transfusions may benefit from  receiving chicken  blood  rather  than human blood.

It  tends to make the men cocky and the women lay  better.

So sorry. I'm on my second glass of wine and am feeling quite silly.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Devin, Devin, Devin

Bernardston, MA 01337

Traveler's Woods of New England, Bernardston, MA 01337
Site #58, $22./day with weekly rate discount.
Our rating 4 out of 5
SITES: Decent sized sites. Pull thrus are in sun/field, back ins mostly with shade trees.

HOOK UPS: FHU near road and out in the open. W&E (30amp), at much nicer sites.
BATHROOMS: Old but clean.
LAUNDRY: Only 2 washers and 2 driers, set up in basement. Dreary, but clean enough.
PETS: Pets allowed with plenty of area to walk them.
WIFI: Free Wifi, worked mostly fine.
AT&T PHONE: 3 bars
BOOK EXCHANGE: Great selection of books to exchange next to the office/lounge.
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Lots of geocaches, hiking, New England sites.
Very friendly staff. They give dog biscuits at check in and while riding around the park in their golf cart.
When we first arrived, there was a problem with the electric. The cable kept overheating and then electric would shut off. Notified the office and within 10 minutes someone was out fixing it. About 2 hours after it was fixed, someone stopped by to make sure all was still ok.
The office/lounge area is in a very old building. The lounge is somewhat rustic and dated, but very cozy. The room draws you in to sit and read a bit.
Just an added little tidbit I noticed. The grease the dumpster sliding door. That is usually difficult to slide, and loud as it scrapes open. At this park, I can open it with one hand. Smooth opening and in goes the garbage.
View from back window

View from desk

Oh Devin the Menace.
He really is a good dog, not a great dog, but a good dog.
He has chewed Scott's earplugs. How do we know? It's hard to miss a bright neon green or orange something in his doo doo. He has chewed my headphones. Well what do you expect when they are swinging from the table and he's bored in the morning before I get my lazy self up at 6am to walk him. He has also chewed two of my knitting projects. One was an acrylic cardigan and I was able to fix and replace the missing buttons.  Again, how can we fault Devin? The buttons were made out of reindeer antlers sliced thin. Just a couple of days prior, I had introduced Devin to the expensive treat of antler chews! Is Devin supposed to know the difference?
More recently he chewed my Ryley/Lyla scarf (made out of their spun fur yarn). That was somewhat more upsetting, but my fault for leaving it on the bed. I think I can "fix" this by just shortening it to where he chewed it.
Since his fireworks introduction in Boise, Devin also seems to be somewhat scared during thunder storms. I've read the worst thing to do is to baby them. It is better to act normal and give him treats and play with him to distract him so he'll associate thunder with treats & playtime.
I happened to be in bed with my laptop...yes, my laptop is very good in bed. Devin was laying up there with me quite unsettled because of the thunder.  We've never had a dog frightened of thunder, so never had a need to try THUNDER SHIRTS. Seems the concept of thunder shirts is the dog is wrapped snugly which somehow comforts and calms them. So with that concept in mind, I wrapped Devin under the covers head to paw. He settled down and fell asleep.
Can you see his head in the middle of the photo? and his paw sticking out? Whatever works. Devin is a work in progress, but we love him.


Stay CloseStay Close by Harlan Coben
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Very good narration by Scott Brick (as always).
This author's book beginning are usually very drawn out and so detailed and you are thinking let's get on with the story. Knowing that, from past experience, I did continue on.
Soccer mom has left her secret past behind for 17yrs, but events that happened back then and new events now cause her to feel she needs to revisit her past to set things straight.
Nothing real exciting, but curiosity of how all the characters fit in do keep your interest.
Would rate 3.5 if able.

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Bella Notte on Urbanspoon

Overall rating 3.5 out of 5
The setting is beautiful, with a large expanse of green grass and the green mountains beyond.
Staff was very nice, although not as well trained as I would expect at this nice restaurant. Our waiter stretched the dish across my husband and expected me to take it. I didn't mind, but past experience at nice restaurants, the waiter has always squeezed in between and placed the dish in front of the patron and not expected us to grab the dish.
BLOODY MARY: Husband & friend had first round and said was very good.  I had a sip of the second round and found it bland (no spices, no bite) and almost watery (not from the vodka). Olive and celery garnish.
CALAMARI: Although not a fan, the breading on this was light and tasty. Calamari was slightly chewy, but I think that is they way squid is!
ROASTED PORTABELLA MUSHROOM: Delicious in a reduced balsamic vinegar sauce.
FRIED MOZZARELLA in Brown Gravy: Option for brown or red gravy.  Nicely breaded and fried without being too greasy and the cheese nicely melted and stretchy inside. The brown gravy was fabulous!
SALADS: Fine, average. Nice house Italian dressing.
LOBSTER RAVIOLI: 3 diners at our table and we were sharing our meals. We joked that if there were only 4 lobster raviolis, we wouldn't expect to share. Sure enough only 4. I was told they were very good and again, the sauce was delicious.
SHRIMP AND SCALLOPS, over pasta: Very good with another great sauce.
EGGPLANT ROLLATINI: Large portion with past and sauce on the side. Good.
CHEESECAKE: Excellent & light.
TIRAMISU: Bland. I've definitely had better. Costco's frozen tiramisu is really good actually.

Sunday, July 22, 2012



Site #12  $27./day  Our rating 3.5 out of 5

SITES: Pull thrus, nicely shaded.
HOOK UPS: W&E, dump station
PETS: Pets allowed, lots of grass to walk dogs
VERIZON INTERNET: worked fine.
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Right on Lake Erie.
Overnight sites
Very interesting RV park, Mostly permanents with about a dozen pull thru overnight sites. The permanents were a hodge podge of different types of units. Some were park models that looked like homes, some were 5th wheels, with additions added to the side by the door to make a permanent 3 season room. Some had beautiful covered decks/porches attached to their RV's. A couple actually had some kind of loft or 2nd floor! It reminded me of a little munchkin type village. No grid like street/rows, but winding dirt roads with units squeezed in where they could at all kinds of angles. I was fascinated.

I enjoyed checking all the units out while walking the dogs and headed toward Lake Erie. We arrived at a grassy field with a bench to sit and look over Lake Erie. Well, 5 feet from the bench was just a drop! There was Lake Erie...dreary Erie. It was an overcast day and when I saw Lake Erie, it was very ominous looking. No watercraft on the lake and if there were it was too foggy to see and I would think they'd have a difficult time on the lake since visibility was low and the water was full of white caps. It reminded me of the Atlantic Ocean without the huge waves. But as the Atlantic, just gray water as far as the eye can see.

While just passing through the town of Lake City, it looked really quaint and old. Interesting historic buildings and homes. Interesting home style restaurants, a coffee house. I would have enjoyed staying here a little longer. 

TALL PINES RV PARK, Bainbridge, NY 13733
Site #56, 
SITES: Tight, some with shade along the river, others out in the open. VERY UNLEVEL.
PETS: Pet friendly with plenty of grassy areas to walk the dogs.
WIFI: Free, worked well.

Nice atmosphere. Very family orientated. Seems a lot of people are weekend regulars and know each other. Many activities for the kids.
On site small ice cream and cafe. You can call in your order and they'll deliver to your site.  We had meatloaf dinner one night which included great baked beans and canned corn. The meatloaf was very good. The second night we had their bbq'd ribs with baked beans and canned corn. I would definitely order the meatloaf again, but the ribs were not bad, but below fair. I didn't finish mine.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary to us!

Our one year anniversary of full timing in an RV. We are still loving it and of course, can't believe a whole year has passed. Last year at this time we were so stressed. We were staying at a dusty RV "resort" in NJ, while heading to our house to purge EVERYTHING, and also having friends work on painting all the rooms and putting in new flooring. Add to that the heat of summer, the "shore" traffic, learning our sweet Irish Setter Ryley had bone cancer, the expense of fixing up the house, maintaining the house and paying for an NJ priced ($50.+) RV site...I'm glad those days are behind us.
What a difference a year makes. We now do not have a house in NJ, so no bills with that house. We regulate our budget by how much we travel. More travel more RV park costs and diesel costs. The longer we stay in one place, lower diesel use and better rates on the RV site for staying a week at at time.
No worries about who will mow the lawn or shovel the snow while we're traveling. No $7000.00 per year NJ property taxes!
We are truly, truly lucky to have retired pre 55, with a decent pension, health insurance coverage,savings & our health to enjoy.

Fayette, OH
RV PARK REVIEW: This was a nice park that we could have easily stayed longer. It was EMPTY! Even the camp host wasn't around, so the park fee was on the honor system.
Sites were VERY unlevel, but surrounded by pine trees.
No sewer and no water. In spite of the lack of hook ups, it was still a nice park, with a nearby lake to swim in.

Vanish (Jane Rizzoli & Maura Isles, #5)Vanish by Tess Gerritsen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book 5 of a Rizzoli (detective) & Isles (med. exam.) female character series. But it's fine reading it by itself, as I did. I do plan to follow up with the other books in this series.
Rizzoli is a no nonsense women and very dedicated to her job. Isles is more calming and efficient.
Characters well described and a definite connection and understanding to them.
This particular story is based on young Russian girls, coming to the US, to become a "Pretty Woman" prostitute, thinking they'll land a rich husband. Instead, forced into abusive prostitution & held as prisoners.
The story evolves into who to trust? Who are the "good guys" and the "bad guys", etc.
I really couldn't put this book down. Loved it.

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North Utica, IL 61373

RV PARK REVIEW: Only overnight. Seems like an older campground that as they expanded wasn't well thought out.  We did have a pull thru with shade, but no reason to the layout of the park. Many permanents/seasonals, but well kept.
Another park near corn fields.  

RV LIFE: There was also a large field with cows and a bull. While walking the dogs in the morning, I strolled down a side street. Came upon a herd of cows...big cows. They were very interested in us.  One by one, they came over near us with just a fence between. Lyla looked up at them and sniffed, then proceeded to make herself comfortable and laid down. Devin was petrified! He is a real wimp! He was afraid and stayed behind "Mom" for protection, peeking out every once in a while. He was not happy see new scary larger than him animals.
Eventually, the whole herd of about 12-15 came over to the fence, including the bull with a ring through his nose. I love this life.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching up

It's been 11 days since I've posted. Last post was 7/14/12 and today is 7/25/12. Yes, I know, the post date states 7/16/12. So I lied.  I like to keep my posts in date order, so let's see how up to date I get. I've got to check my calendar to keep track of where we been. Here goes...
Post date 7/16/12 , Actual date 7/25/12

Can't really rate this park since it was only overnight and it is now 1500 miles later. I'll write what little I remember.
Sites were fair size, choice of sun or nice large shade trees. Most are pull-thrus.
Right next to a corn field. Of course, that all Iowa is! One huge corn field!
Right off the highway...what highway? I don't remember.
The RV park is an addition to the truck stop/convenience store/burger joint. They state they are Iowas's Best Burger. Hmmm, I guess, yes, this is the best burger I've had in Iowa, because this is the only burger in Iowa I've had.
Because of the nice shade trees and surrounding corn fields, we could have stayed here happily for a few days. You do see and hear the highway noise.
RV LIFE: Plans for next summer...GO NORTH, WAAAAAAY NORTH.
95+ degree weather all over the country. You'd think being in Iowa and Nebraska it would be cooler. Nope. I REALLY HATE hot weather!!!!!
The good news is that we are traveling every day heading towards Mass., so we are in an air conditioned truck for a few hours.
The bad new, once we stop for the day, I am soaked with SWEAT just from the little bit of set up I do outside.  Poor Scott has 45 minutes to an hour's work outside to set up.  Mainly for the Direct TV set up.
I am learning to not put so much emphasis on TV. I would be fine if he didn't set it up.
It was 94° inside the RV when I put out the slides. AC is on and 45 minutes later, it's still 90° inside.  And I'm still dripping with sweat. Disgusting!!! At least we have full hook ups so can take as many showers as we'd like!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

HALL COUNTY PARK, Grand Island, NE 68801

Grand Island, Nebraska 68801
Hall County Park, Site # 6 $15.00/day
Our rating 4 out of 5. Would have rated 5 if had water hookup.
SITES: Cement pads, grass sites with picnic table, shade trees, spacious.
HOOK UPS: 50amp only. Dump station in park.
BATHROOMS: Dated, but clean.
PETS: Pets allowed
WIFI: None
VERIZON INTERNET: OK, somewhat slow, but worked consistently.
SPRINT INTERNET: Good connection, but very slow.
AT&T PHONE: 4 bars
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Not much. Lots of stores, but sites? not so much. A pioneer museum locally.

Beautiful park. The RV section is literally on a loop at the end of the park.  If you get a site on the inside of the loop, you have no one behind you.
View from back picture window
Lots of turkeys walking around the park, rabbits, & squirrels.
There is a paved walk/bike path within walking distance of the park. It is about 6 miles long, but no shade.
Lots of areas to walk throughout the park. We have been finding a tick or 2 (dog ticks, not deer ticks) on all of us per day.
Our Site #6
Hot, Hot, HOT!!!! and Humid. Are we back in NJ????? Temperatures consistently in the 90°'s with high humidity. It's a shame. This is a beautiful park with a really nice site with shade trees. I did spend 1 afternoon outside, but that's it. It has just been too uncomfortable to stay outside. We basically go out to walk the dogs and that's it. We don't want to cook inside, because it will heat up the RV. We don't want to cook outside, because it's too damned hot! What's that mean???? Take out! Eat out!!!

I picked up a new computer a couple of days ago. The reason we stopped in Grand Island, is because that was the closest Best Buy!
I bought an HP LAPTOP. So far, I'm very happy with it. A laptop is so much more practical for RV living. I now have one less thing to unhook and stow safely for travel. No more moving the monitor. I just have to fold it closed and take the laptop with me!
What a pain having to transfer files, download programs again, etc.  But I'm slowly getting there.
Devin is once again loving looking out the back window while sitting on MY recliner/rocker. He is now used to squirrels and even the turkeys, but ooooooh the rabbits. That really gets him going.  This is a very good learning experience for him. Learning to keep quiet and fairly calm even though he's very excited about seeing the rabbits.
While on our morning walk, both Lyla and Devin got a scent of something. They honed in a spot and next thing I hear is a "squeeeek, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeek". They found a vole trying to bury himself in the grass and hide. Lyla is a gentle soul and was just curious, wanted to smell and make friends. Devin is a typical young boy. He slams his snout at it, then tries to paw it. I'm holding him with all my strength. I want them to see and smell the vole, but not hurt it. The vole recovers from his shock and gets his bearings and starts digging just under the grass line. Now I saw in action what ruins beautiful lawns. The lawn looked like it was alive, moving in a wave, as the vole tunneled.

OverseasOverseas by Beatriz Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Audio book: Very good narration by January LaVoy.
Enjoyable book. Fairly light reading.
Time travel genre with of course romance involved.
How does a Victorian Age man deal with a modern day career woman, and end up falling in love.  He seems to handle more than I could accept.
Like-able characters, interesting story with some deception.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Meeting place?

Reno, NV: While in Reno, we passed a cute little store called FINE VINES. It is a wine, cheese and gift shop.  We didn't actually purchase or participate, but the concept sure looked inviting. They have seating so you can purchase wine & cheese and sit and chat. They order wine tasting, wine & cheese pairing tasting, cooking demo's, and my favorite a "WINOS" night. Huh? Women In Need Of Sanity. A ladies only night.
This would be a great place for a ladies knitting night group!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

CABELA'S RV PARK - Sidney, NE 69160

Sidney, Nebraska 69160
Site #6 $31./day
Our rating 4 out of 5
SITES: Level, gravel, with grassy area and picnic table. Average spacing. Some have a shade tree. Also sites for tents.
LAUNDRY: Decent laundry, only $1.00 for wash and $1.25 for dryer. (2012)
PETS: Pet friendly. Lots of places to walk. Corral for horses.
WIFI: Free wifi worked well.
VERIZON INTERNET: Worked excellent
AT&T PHONE: 5 bars
BOOK EXCHANGE: No, but did leave a book in the laundry anyway.
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Not much in the way of restaurants. Cabela's Grill is actually pretty good.
There are a few historical places to visit. Large Cabela's retail store on sight.
EXTRA: There is a lot for free overnight parking,with no hook ups, but a dump station and water spout available.
We would stay here again.

Cabela's Sidney Grill
Our rating 4 out of 5
Right in the Sidney retail store, they have a small restaurant.
Staff was friendly, but slow (new staff).
Lots of sandwiches to choose from with not your "normal" meats. Such as elk, boar, bison, & buffalo.
We chose to stick to average. Scott got a prime rib sandwich and I got the Cuban Reuben.
PRIME RIB SANDWICH: Quite tasty. A generous 3/4" slice of prime rib, then cut to fit the thick wheat bread. Lettuce, tomato, and onion added along with some jus. Prime rib was tender and he was able to bite into the sandwich and meat easily.

CUBAN REUBEN: Delicious. Thick, hearty slices of rye swirl bread, topped with shredded bbq, pastrami, sour kraut, swiss cheese, then put in a pannini grill. Would have liked some russian dressing on it to make it perfect.

Both came with a side and a drink.
FRIES & ONION RINGS: Probably would be good if fresh. They are cooked ahead and then put in a steamer tray, which makes them limp and luke warm by the time they are served.
I would definitely go back for another sandwich. Great prices also.
Even though we aren't at a wooded park away from civilization, we still have been introduced to new local wildlife. First, there are signs warning of rattlesnakes! We're in an open area with lots of mowed grass and small trees. Luckily, haven't seen any rattlesnakes.
We have been attacked by small gray birds with yellow breasts.  They are constantly on guard and when you go near "their tree", 3 or 4 fly overhead and take turns swooping down. They sort of stay clear of me, but they have come within inches of Devin! I guess they know who the bird dog is! So now I avoid that war zone on our walks. I tried looking up what kind of bird it could be, but there are too many to go through.  Anyone have any ideas?

There is actually a government site that gives info on how to protect yourself from swooping birds. The site is DEPT. OF SUSTAINABILITY AND EVIRONMENT. They actually have a pdf download with a fake set of eyes to put on your hat to fool the birds. Below is a photo of some of the techniques bikers use to avoid swooping.
Wild wig, eyes on helmet, feathers on helmet.

Also, the other morning while walking the dogs, all three of us, Devin, Lyla and I spotted a large chipmunk, oh wait, naaaaw, that's not a chipmunk. Maybe a skinny squirrel? Nope! I did get a good look and saw how it ran low to the ground with a really long, skinny body and long tail. It looked like a ferret.
So, onto my best friend Google and search "weasel nebraska". Sure enough, found out it's a LONG TAILED WEASEL.
Courtesy of Corbis Royalty Free Photos
Their black tipped tail is a defense marking, hoping predators with think it is their head.  In the Winter, they turn pure white, and as the spring-summer approaches, they get darker until they turn a dark brown. The above photo is the color I saw which makes sense, being a light brown since it is mid season.
We thought Devin's paw was on the mend, but last night he was licking it and sure enough, another big swollen spot with a large hole. That means we need to squeeze, prod, soak and hopefully get another cheatgrass awn out of his paw. Sigh....
While walking the dogs this morning, we were greeted by a very interesting looking dog. First impression pit bull mix. She ran over to my dogs and I could quickly access that she was friendly. Next, that she's a puppy.
Ended up it was a fellow camper with a 7 month old Catahoula Leopard dog. Sort of looked like the photo below.

So our Jinxy July is getting a little better.
Scott thinks he has figured out how to set up the Direct TV/DVR. As of now, he's got it working. Let's see how it goes when he tries to set it up at the next stop. We have two DVR's, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. We can record 5 things at once in the living room and 2 or 3 things at once in the bedroom. Seems very complicated to me. I suppose if I was alone, I'd just be watching campground cable. I'm very happy that Scott can figure all this out.
My computer is still dead, but I've decided to go with a good laptop instead of another desktop, at least while we are living in the RV. The laptop takes up much less space, I won't have to keep unhooking the monitor and putting it on the bed for travel, etc. Scott is the computer guru and he feels there is enough room and speed for me to be happy with it for what I do on the computer.
We  had to adjust our travels to accommodate being near a Best Buy. So tomorrow (Mon, 7/9) we'll head to Grand Island, NE and pick up my new laptop there. I'm excited...a new toy. I am surviving quite well on my present older (cheap) laptop I have now, but it is not fast (quite frustrating) and does not have a lot of memory, plus the #6 key popped off. Also, I use the numbers quite often and miss the side number keyboard that is lacking on this laptop. Also the new laptop will be 17.3".

Weather: Hot, hot hot in Nebraska, and windy. Seems every day we are threatened with high winds and storms. It was quite scary the other night. Our weather radio was set to announce when there is an alert. Sure enough, 3AM, it starts warning us of high winds and yes, our RV is shaking, & our slide covers (like awnings) are flapping noisily. It was quite difficult to get back to sleep.
The park actually has posters stating that on Wednesday's at 10am there is a test tornado warning siren. I don't think we'll be moving to Nebraska.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jinxed July

Cabela's Headquarters RV Park
Sidney, Nebraska 69160
July has not started well.
1st: we had to leave our Cedar Creek friends.
2nd: Scott couldn't get our new Direct TV/HiDef DVR system to work
3rd: my computer died
4th: I've been sick with tummy troubles and now dizziness.
5th: Blog problems. Please ignore the white highlight. It shows up and I don't know why. A real PIA to edit out.
7/1/12: So we left Verdi, NV and our Cedar Creek friends and  headed approximately 300 miles east arriving at Iron Horse RV Park (review below) in Elko, NV. So much for missing our friends.  Three couples from the CC rally were staying here also. We headed out to dinner to a Basque Restaurant called Biltoki (review below). Scott didn't go because he wanted to set up the Direct TV. Upon our return, he was still trying to get it to work. No luck.

7/2/12: I wake up, walk the dogs and find a great little dog park at Iron Horse RV Park.
After we come back from our walk, I turn on my computer and, I turn off my computer and, I turn on my computer, and check to make sure the monitor cables didn't come out, nothing. So I wait for Scott to get up. He opens up the CPU, cleans the dust out, checks cables and starts the comp, well TRIES to start the computer.  He puts in a new power supply, but computer will not boot.  He fools around for a couple of hours and admits defeat. That is difficult for Scott to do. 
Luckily, with all our traveling and never knowing if we'll get good internet connections, I copied my important A&B rescue files to a jump drive. Thank goodness. I've been using my laptop for 5 days. And able to do most things I need.
Traveled 300 miles to Phillips RV Park in Evanston, WY (review below)
Travel 290 miles to RV World in Rawlins, WY. (review below)
Travel 270 miles to Cabela's in Sidney, NE.
$32.26/day (10% Good Sam)

SITES: Level, fairly close, paved patio area, no table.
PETS: Pet friendly with nice grassed dog park and gazebo for shade.

Small pool and hot tub.
A lot of permanents, but well kept.
Our site at Iron Horse
PHILLIPS RV PARK, Evanston, WY 82930
$30.15/day (10% Good Sam)

SITES: Some good, some bad. Some grass, some gravel.
BATHROOMS: Didn't check
LAUNDRY: Didn't check
PETS: Pets allowed, but restricted walking to limited areas.
BOOK EXCHANGE: Nice shelve of books in office.
Old campground. Some sites really nice and roomy, others run down.  Our site #36 was great. A pull through with a nice large grassy area, and shade tree.
This park is right on the highway, but not too much noise.
The big down side, was not many places to walk the dogs. I ended up walking along the highway and using the grassy area in front of an apartment complex.

$28.19/day (15% Escapees)
Our rating 2.5 out of 5

-SITES: Gravel that needed replenishing. Close together.
+BATHROOMS: Modern & clean
+ LAUNDRY: Clean
+PETS: Dog friendly. Large fenced dog area. No bags supplied.
+BOOK EXCHANGE: Yes, by the office.
+WIFI: Free, worked great
-SPRINT INTERNET: Bad, no signal
Quite a run down park, but yet, I liked it. I felt comfortable here.
Upon arrival, I laughed and said we're definitely going to have to level HERE! To our surprise, it was level.
Park was practically empty. I assume if we were staying longer, we could have parked near the back of the park for more privacy. Sites were very close that to sit outside, I would be right next to our neighbors sewer connection.
Surprising, the office and store was VERY nice with lots of supplies and souvenirs.
They had a simple miniature golf course which was in pretty good condition and a great playground for kids.

There is a building with a large pool inside, but was not filled. Looked like it needed some patching.
Surprisingly, I wouldn't mind returning if need be as long as it wasn't crowded.

Biltoki, Elko, NV: Our rating 1 out of 5 stars

Staff was below par. The older waitress definitely looked like she hated what she was doing. We asked her what kind of dressing was on the lettuce, oops I mean salad and she said "house". We asked again and she replied "house". We think it was watered down Miracle Whip.
All sides served family style.
SALAD: Iceberg lettuce and "house" dressing. At least lettuce was crisp.
SOUP: Crock of soup brought to share with group. Nice novelty. Soup was a cabbage, tomato type. It was fine, but nothing to remember.
BEANS: Just baked beans
VEGETABLES: Terrible. Canned string beans.
FRIES: Excellent
PASTA: Terrible. Fat overcooked spaghetti with a think tomato sauce.
PORK CHOPS: Good. Two huge grilled chopped. Cooked properly, but again, nothing special. No marinade, no seasoning, etc.
FLAN: OK, kind of bland. I did finish it though.
Main course portions are HUGE! But they had no containers to take leftovers in. They supplied us with "doggie bags" and it did look like we were carrying "doo doo" bags home.
Would NOT return.


KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope by Danielle Steel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read in two days. Couldn't put it down!
3 orphan sisters separated at years 9, 7 and toddler.
Follow how each life develops differently and if they ever get a chance to meet again or is the chance lost.
A little romance, a lot of heartache. Very good read!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Busy traveling

Haven't had time to update the blog. While in Verdi, NV we were hanging out with our Cedar Creek friends. 28 rigs for the International Rally.

Now we are making our journey back East to MA, then NJ, then NC. So we are traveling approximately 250 - 300 miles per day and just staying overnight at parks.  

Little computer time and tonight my computer died, so have to use the lap top.

We will be staying 5 days at Cabela's main store in Sidney, Nebraska, starting July 4. They have an RV park there.

So I catch up with you all then.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heading East.

Verdi, NV 89439
We've come to the end of our week with the Cedar Creek RV Owners' Club. A really great group of people, (even if my seat kept being taken).
Here's our rigs all lined up. I think we were 28 rigs and took up 3 rows.
A group of about 45 of us headed out to the Atlantis Casino for the TOUCAN CHARLIE'S BUFFET

And upon arriving at the register to pay ahead, we were ID'd!!!!! Life comes full circle doesn't it? In your teens you can't wait to hit 21. In your 30's you're thrilled to be ID'd to make sure we're 21. In your 40's you just look at the clerk and say "really?", because you KNOW you look over 21. Toucan Charlie gives a senior discount for 55 and older. Our FIRST SENIOR DISCOUNT! And yes, we were ID'd.

We are led to the back of the dining room where a bunch of tables have been pushed together for our group. Two long rows of tables and not much room in between the 2 tables. I have no patience for that, so I proceeded to pull the tables away from each other and others helped, so we could get to the seats in the middle. Oh Geeze! As we're moving the tables apart a couple swoops in and takes the seats that we just made room for. Ooooooh boy I was angry. Best for me to just walk away. Which I did and found an empty row of tables. We had much more room at these tables anyway and I knew the folks that sat near us better anyway. So there!

The buffet came out to about $25.00 (w/tax and tip included). Great buffet. Rated 2nd best this year. Last year it was rated 1st. Scott had a plateful of lots of crab legs piled on next to me on my left and Lee Anne piled on next to me on my right. I was a little anxious, since I am deathly allergic to shellfish. I just thought of all the crab juice squirting me as they hammered, tore, & twisted those legs to get at the meat.  Lots of salads, Chinese, Mongolian BBQ, Mexican, fish, prime rib, etc. I would say 95% of the food was great. I was disappointed in the deserts. The cakes were blah, the cheesecake was fair-good.

Wait staff was great. It is very chaotic in the dining room, with hundreds of people expecting to be taken care of.  Our waiter had a smile on his face and was great about refilling our drinks and answering any questions.
So, we are heading East along Interstate 80, all the way to Mass. Mainly overnight stops, 300 miles and hopefully arrive by 3:00pm.

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