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Devin, Devin, Devin

Bernardston, MA 01337

Traveler's Woods of New England, Bernardston, MA 01337
Site #58, $22./day with weekly rate discount.
Our rating 4 out of 5
SITES: Decent sized sites. Pull thrus are in sun/field, back ins mostly with shade trees.

HOOK UPS: FHU near road and out in the open. W&E (30amp), at much nicer sites.
BATHROOMS: Old but clean.
LAUNDRY: Only 2 washers and 2 driers, set up in basement. Dreary, but clean enough.
PETS: Pets allowed with plenty of area to walk them.
WIFI: Free Wifi, worked mostly fine.
AT&T PHONE: 3 bars
BOOK EXCHANGE: Great selection of books to exchange next to the office/lounge.
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Lots of geocaches, hiking, New England sites.
Very friendly staff. They give dog biscuits at check in and while riding around the park in their golf cart.
When we first arrived, there was a problem with the electric. The cable kept overheating and then electric would shut off. Notified the office and within 10 minutes someone was out fixing it. About 2 hours after it was fixed, someone stopped by to make sure all was still ok.
The office/lounge area is in a very old building. The lounge is somewhat rustic and dated, but very cozy. The room draws you in to sit and read a bit.
Just an added little tidbit I noticed. The grease the dumpster sliding door. That is usually difficult to slide, and loud as it scrapes open. At this park, I can open it with one hand. Smooth opening and in goes the garbage.
View from back window

View from desk

Oh Devin the Menace.
He really is a good dog, not a great dog, but a good dog.
He has chewed Scott's earplugs. How do we know? It's hard to miss a bright neon green or orange something in his doo doo. He has chewed my headphones. Well what do you expect when they are swinging from the table and he's bored in the morning before I get my lazy self up at 6am to walk him. He has also chewed two of my knitting projects. One was an acrylic cardigan and I was able to fix and replace the missing buttons.  Again, how can we fault Devin? The buttons were made out of reindeer antlers sliced thin. Just a couple of days prior, I had introduced Devin to the expensive treat of antler chews! Is Devin supposed to know the difference?
More recently he chewed my Ryley/Lyla scarf (made out of their spun fur yarn). That was somewhat more upsetting, but my fault for leaving it on the bed. I think I can "fix" this by just shortening it to where he chewed it.
Since his fireworks introduction in Boise, Devin also seems to be somewhat scared during thunder storms. I've read the worst thing to do is to baby them. It is better to act normal and give him treats and play with him to distract him so he'll associate thunder with treats & playtime.
I happened to be in bed with my laptop...yes, my laptop is very good in bed. Devin was laying up there with me quite unsettled because of the thunder.  We've never had a dog frightened of thunder, so never had a need to try THUNDER SHIRTS. Seems the concept of thunder shirts is the dog is wrapped snugly which somehow comforts and calms them. So with that concept in mind, I wrapped Devin under the covers head to paw. He settled down and fell asleep.
Can you see his head in the middle of the photo? and his paw sticking out? Whatever works. Devin is a work in progress, but we love him.


Stay CloseStay Close by Harlan Coben
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Very good narration by Scott Brick (as always).
This author's book beginning are usually very drawn out and so detailed and you are thinking let's get on with the story. Knowing that, from past experience, I did continue on.
Soccer mom has left her secret past behind for 17yrs, but events that happened back then and new events now cause her to feel she needs to revisit her past to set things straight.
Nothing real exciting, but curiosity of how all the characters fit in do keep your interest.
Would rate 3.5 if able.

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Bella Notte on Urbanspoon

Overall rating 3.5 out of 5
The setting is beautiful, with a large expanse of green grass and the green mountains beyond.
Staff was very nice, although not as well trained as I would expect at this nice restaurant. Our waiter stretched the dish across my husband and expected me to take it. I didn't mind, but past experience at nice restaurants, the waiter has always squeezed in between and placed the dish in front of the patron and not expected us to grab the dish.
BLOODY MARY: Husband & friend had first round and said was very good.  I had a sip of the second round and found it bland (no spices, no bite) and almost watery (not from the vodka). Olive and celery garnish.
CALAMARI: Although not a fan, the breading on this was light and tasty. Calamari was slightly chewy, but I think that is they way squid is!
ROASTED PORTABELLA MUSHROOM: Delicious in a reduced balsamic vinegar sauce.
FRIED MOZZARELLA in Brown Gravy: Option for brown or red gravy.  Nicely breaded and fried without being too greasy and the cheese nicely melted and stretchy inside. The brown gravy was fabulous!
SALADS: Fine, average. Nice house Italian dressing.
LOBSTER RAVIOLI: 3 diners at our table and we were sharing our meals. We joked that if there were only 4 lobster raviolis, we wouldn't expect to share. Sure enough only 4. I was told they were very good and again, the sauce was delicious.
SHRIMP AND SCALLOPS, over pasta: Very good with another great sauce.
EGGPLANT ROLLATINI: Large portion with past and sauce on the side. Good.
CHEESECAKE: Excellent & light.
TIRAMISU: Bland. I've definitely had better. Costco's frozen tiramisu is really good actually.

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