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Site #12  $27./day  Our rating 3.5 out of 5

SITES: Pull thrus, nicely shaded.
HOOK UPS: W&E, dump station
PETS: Pets allowed, lots of grass to walk dogs
VERIZON INTERNET: worked fine.
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Right on Lake Erie.
Overnight sites
Very interesting RV park, Mostly permanents with about a dozen pull thru overnight sites. The permanents were a hodge podge of different types of units. Some were park models that looked like homes, some were 5th wheels, with additions added to the side by the door to make a permanent 3 season room. Some had beautiful covered decks/porches attached to their RV's. A couple actually had some kind of loft or 2nd floor! It reminded me of a little munchkin type village. No grid like street/rows, but winding dirt roads with units squeezed in where they could at all kinds of angles. I was fascinated.

I enjoyed checking all the units out while walking the dogs and headed toward Lake Erie. We arrived at a grassy field with a bench to sit and look over Lake Erie. Well, 5 feet from the bench was just a drop! There was Lake Erie...dreary Erie. It was an overcast day and when I saw Lake Erie, it was very ominous looking. No watercraft on the lake and if there were it was too foggy to see and I would think they'd have a difficult time on the lake since visibility was low and the water was full of white caps. It reminded me of the Atlantic Ocean without the huge waves. But as the Atlantic, just gray water as far as the eye can see.

While just passing through the town of Lake City, it looked really quaint and old. Interesting historic buildings and homes. Interesting home style restaurants, a coffee house. I would have enjoyed staying here a little longer. 

TALL PINES RV PARK, Bainbridge, NY 13733
Site #56, 
SITES: Tight, some with shade along the river, others out in the open. VERY UNLEVEL.
PETS: Pet friendly with plenty of grassy areas to walk the dogs.
WIFI: Free, worked well.

Nice atmosphere. Very family orientated. Seems a lot of people are weekend regulars and know each other. Many activities for the kids.
On site small ice cream and cafe. You can call in your order and they'll deliver to your site.  We had meatloaf dinner one night which included great baked beans and canned corn. The meatloaf was very good. The second night we had their bbq'd ribs with baked beans and canned corn. I would definitely order the meatloaf again, but the ribs were not bad, but below fair. I didn't finish mine.

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