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HALL COUNTY PARK, Grand Island, NE 68801

Grand Island, Nebraska 68801
Hall County Park, Site # 6 $15.00/day
Our rating 4 out of 5. Would have rated 5 if had water hookup.
SITES: Cement pads, grass sites with picnic table, shade trees, spacious.
HOOK UPS: 50amp only. Dump station in park.
BATHROOMS: Dated, but clean.
PETS: Pets allowed
WIFI: None
VERIZON INTERNET: OK, somewhat slow, but worked consistently.
SPRINT INTERNET: Good connection, but very slow.
AT&T PHONE: 4 bars
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Not much. Lots of stores, but sites? not so much. A pioneer museum locally.

Beautiful park. The RV section is literally on a loop at the end of the park.  If you get a site on the inside of the loop, you have no one behind you.
View from back picture window
Lots of turkeys walking around the park, rabbits, & squirrels.
There is a paved walk/bike path within walking distance of the park. It is about 6 miles long, but no shade.
Lots of areas to walk throughout the park. We have been finding a tick or 2 (dog ticks, not deer ticks) on all of us per day.
Our Site #6
Hot, Hot, HOT!!!! and Humid. Are we back in NJ????? Temperatures consistently in the 90°'s with high humidity. It's a shame. This is a beautiful park with a really nice site with shade trees. I did spend 1 afternoon outside, but that's it. It has just been too uncomfortable to stay outside. We basically go out to walk the dogs and that's it. We don't want to cook inside, because it will heat up the RV. We don't want to cook outside, because it's too damned hot! What's that mean???? Take out! Eat out!!!

I picked up a new computer a couple of days ago. The reason we stopped in Grand Island, is because that was the closest Best Buy!
I bought an HP LAPTOP. So far, I'm very happy with it. A laptop is so much more practical for RV living. I now have one less thing to unhook and stow safely for travel. No more moving the monitor. I just have to fold it closed and take the laptop with me!
What a pain having to transfer files, download programs again, etc.  But I'm slowly getting there.
Devin is once again loving looking out the back window while sitting on MY recliner/rocker. He is now used to squirrels and even the turkeys, but ooooooh the rabbits. That really gets him going.  This is a very good learning experience for him. Learning to keep quiet and fairly calm even though he's very excited about seeing the rabbits.
While on our morning walk, both Lyla and Devin got a scent of something. They honed in a spot and next thing I hear is a "squeeeek, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeek". They found a vole trying to bury himself in the grass and hide. Lyla is a gentle soul and was just curious, wanted to smell and make friends. Devin is a typical young boy. He slams his snout at it, then tries to paw it. I'm holding him with all my strength. I want them to see and smell the vole, but not hurt it. The vole recovers from his shock and gets his bearings and starts digging just under the grass line. Now I saw in action what ruins beautiful lawns. The lawn looked like it was alive, moving in a wave, as the vole tunneled.

OverseasOverseas by Beatriz Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Audio book: Very good narration by January LaVoy.
Enjoyable book. Fairly light reading.
Time travel genre with of course romance involved.
How does a Victorian Age man deal with a modern day career woman, and end up falling in love.  He seems to handle more than I could accept.
Like-able characters, interesting story with some deception.

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