Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching up

It's been 11 days since I've posted. Last post was 7/14/12 and today is 7/25/12. Yes, I know, the post date states 7/16/12. So I lied.  I like to keep my posts in date order, so let's see how up to date I get. I've got to check my calendar to keep track of where we been. Here goes...
Post date 7/16/12 , Actual date 7/25/12

Can't really rate this park since it was only overnight and it is now 1500 miles later. I'll write what little I remember.
Sites were fair size, choice of sun or nice large shade trees. Most are pull-thrus.
Right next to a corn field. Of course, that all Iowa is! One huge corn field!
Right off the highway...what highway? I don't remember.
The RV park is an addition to the truck stop/convenience store/burger joint. They state they are Iowas's Best Burger. Hmmm, I guess, yes, this is the best burger I've had in Iowa, because this is the only burger in Iowa I've had.
Because of the nice shade trees and surrounding corn fields, we could have stayed here happily for a few days. You do see and hear the highway noise.
RV LIFE: Plans for next summer...GO NORTH, WAAAAAAY NORTH.
95+ degree weather all over the country. You'd think being in Iowa and Nebraska it would be cooler. Nope. I REALLY HATE hot weather!!!!!
The good news is that we are traveling every day heading towards Mass., so we are in an air conditioned truck for a few hours.
The bad new, once we stop for the day, I am soaked with SWEAT just from the little bit of set up I do outside.  Poor Scott has 45 minutes to an hour's work outside to set up.  Mainly for the Direct TV set up.
I am learning to not put so much emphasis on TV. I would be fine if he didn't set it up.
It was 94° inside the RV when I put out the slides. AC is on and 45 minutes later, it's still 90° inside.  And I'm still dripping with sweat. Disgusting!!! At least we have full hook ups so can take as many showers as we'd like!

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