Sunday, July 8, 2012

CABELA'S RV PARK - Sidney, NE 69160

Sidney, Nebraska 69160
Site #6 $31./day
Our rating 4 out of 5
SITES: Level, gravel, with grassy area and picnic table. Average spacing. Some have a shade tree. Also sites for tents.
LAUNDRY: Decent laundry, only $1.00 for wash and $1.25 for dryer. (2012)
PETS: Pet friendly. Lots of places to walk. Corral for horses.
WIFI: Free wifi worked well.
VERIZON INTERNET: Worked excellent
AT&T PHONE: 5 bars
BOOK EXCHANGE: No, but did leave a book in the laundry anyway.
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Not much in the way of restaurants. Cabela's Grill is actually pretty good.
There are a few historical places to visit. Large Cabela's retail store on sight.
EXTRA: There is a lot for free overnight parking,with no hook ups, but a dump station and water spout available.
We would stay here again.

Cabela's Sidney Grill
Our rating 4 out of 5
Right in the Sidney retail store, they have a small restaurant.
Staff was friendly, but slow (new staff).
Lots of sandwiches to choose from with not your "normal" meats. Such as elk, boar, bison, & buffalo.
We chose to stick to average. Scott got a prime rib sandwich and I got the Cuban Reuben.
PRIME RIB SANDWICH: Quite tasty. A generous 3/4" slice of prime rib, then cut to fit the thick wheat bread. Lettuce, tomato, and onion added along with some jus. Prime rib was tender and he was able to bite into the sandwich and meat easily.

CUBAN REUBEN: Delicious. Thick, hearty slices of rye swirl bread, topped with shredded bbq, pastrami, sour kraut, swiss cheese, then put in a pannini grill. Would have liked some russian dressing on it to make it perfect.

Both came with a side and a drink.
FRIES & ONION RINGS: Probably would be good if fresh. They are cooked ahead and then put in a steamer tray, which makes them limp and luke warm by the time they are served.
I would definitely go back for another sandwich. Great prices also.
Even though we aren't at a wooded park away from civilization, we still have been introduced to new local wildlife. First, there are signs warning of rattlesnakes! We're in an open area with lots of mowed grass and small trees. Luckily, haven't seen any rattlesnakes.
We have been attacked by small gray birds with yellow breasts.  They are constantly on guard and when you go near "their tree", 3 or 4 fly overhead and take turns swooping down. They sort of stay clear of me, but they have come within inches of Devin! I guess they know who the bird dog is! So now I avoid that war zone on our walks. I tried looking up what kind of bird it could be, but there are too many to go through.  Anyone have any ideas?

There is actually a government site that gives info on how to protect yourself from swooping birds. The site is DEPT. OF SUSTAINABILITY AND EVIRONMENT. They actually have a pdf download with a fake set of eyes to put on your hat to fool the birds. Below is a photo of some of the techniques bikers use to avoid swooping.
Wild wig, eyes on helmet, feathers on helmet.

Also, the other morning while walking the dogs, all three of us, Devin, Lyla and I spotted a large chipmunk, oh wait, naaaaw, that's not a chipmunk. Maybe a skinny squirrel? Nope! I did get a good look and saw how it ran low to the ground with a really long, skinny body and long tail. It looked like a ferret.
So, onto my best friend Google and search "weasel nebraska". Sure enough, found out it's a LONG TAILED WEASEL.
Courtesy of Corbis Royalty Free Photos
Their black tipped tail is a defense marking, hoping predators with think it is their head.  In the Winter, they turn pure white, and as the spring-summer approaches, they get darker until they turn a dark brown. The above photo is the color I saw which makes sense, being a light brown since it is mid season.
We thought Devin's paw was on the mend, but last night he was licking it and sure enough, another big swollen spot with a large hole. That means we need to squeeze, prod, soak and hopefully get another cheatgrass awn out of his paw. Sigh....
While walking the dogs this morning, we were greeted by a very interesting looking dog. First impression pit bull mix. She ran over to my dogs and I could quickly access that she was friendly. Next, that she's a puppy.
Ended up it was a fellow camper with a 7 month old Catahoula Leopard dog. Sort of looked like the photo below.

So our Jinxy July is getting a little better.
Scott thinks he has figured out how to set up the Direct TV/DVR. As of now, he's got it working. Let's see how it goes when he tries to set it up at the next stop. We have two DVR's, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. We can record 5 things at once in the living room and 2 or 3 things at once in the bedroom. Seems very complicated to me. I suppose if I was alone, I'd just be watching campground cable. I'm very happy that Scott can figure all this out.
My computer is still dead, but I've decided to go with a good laptop instead of another desktop, at least while we are living in the RV. The laptop takes up much less space, I won't have to keep unhooking the monitor and putting it on the bed for travel, etc. Scott is the computer guru and he feels there is enough room and speed for me to be happy with it for what I do on the computer.
We  had to adjust our travels to accommodate being near a Best Buy. So tomorrow (Mon, 7/9) we'll head to Grand Island, NE and pick up my new laptop there. I'm excited...a new toy. I am surviving quite well on my present older (cheap) laptop I have now, but it is not fast (quite frustrating) and does not have a lot of memory, plus the #6 key popped off. Also, I use the numbers quite often and miss the side number keyboard that is lacking on this laptop. Also the new laptop will be 17.3".

Weather: Hot, hot hot in Nebraska, and windy. Seems every day we are threatened with high winds and storms. It was quite scary the other night. Our weather radio was set to announce when there is an alert. Sure enough, 3AM, it starts warning us of high winds and yes, our RV is shaking, & our slide covers (like awnings) are flapping noisily. It was quite difficult to get back to sleep.
The park actually has posters stating that on Wednesday's at 10am there is a test tornado warning siren. I don't think we'll be moving to Nebraska.


  1. Poor Devin! I hope he is all better soon. The weasle is definitely different looking. We had a rattlesnake in our site in Sarasota. I am on full alert for snakes now. LOL I have seen 4 or 5 here.

    Have a nice day!

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