Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Jinxed July

Cabela's Headquarters RV Park
Sidney, Nebraska 69160
July has not started well.
1st: we had to leave our Cedar Creek friends.
2nd: Scott couldn't get our new Direct TV/HiDef DVR system to work
3rd: my computer died
4th: I've been sick with tummy troubles and now dizziness.
5th: Blog problems. Please ignore the white highlight. It shows up and I don't know why. A real PIA to edit out.
7/1/12: So we left Verdi, NV and our Cedar Creek friends and  headed approximately 300 miles east arriving at Iron Horse RV Park (review below) in Elko, NV. So much for missing our friends.  Three couples from the CC rally were staying here also. We headed out to dinner to a Basque Restaurant called Biltoki (review below). Scott didn't go because he wanted to set up the Direct TV. Upon our return, he was still trying to get it to work. No luck.

7/2/12: I wake up, walk the dogs and find a great little dog park at Iron Horse RV Park.
After we come back from our walk, I turn on my computer and, I turn off my computer and, I turn on my computer, and check to make sure the monitor cables didn't come out, nothing. So I wait for Scott to get up. He opens up the CPU, cleans the dust out, checks cables and starts the comp, well TRIES to start the computer.  He puts in a new power supply, but computer will not boot.  He fools around for a couple of hours and admits defeat. That is difficult for Scott to do. 
Luckily, with all our traveling and never knowing if we'll get good internet connections, I copied my important A&B rescue files to a jump drive. Thank goodness. I've been using my laptop for 5 days. And able to do most things I need.
Traveled 300 miles to Phillips RV Park in Evanston, WY (review below)
Travel 290 miles to RV World in Rawlins, WY. (review below)
Travel 270 miles to Cabela's in Sidney, NE.
$32.26/day (10% Good Sam)

SITES: Level, fairly close, paved patio area, no table.
PETS: Pet friendly with nice grassed dog park and gazebo for shade.

Small pool and hot tub.
A lot of permanents, but well kept.
Our site at Iron Horse
PHILLIPS RV PARK, Evanston, WY 82930
$30.15/day (10% Good Sam)

SITES: Some good, some bad. Some grass, some gravel.
BATHROOMS: Didn't check
LAUNDRY: Didn't check
PETS: Pets allowed, but restricted walking to limited areas.
BOOK EXCHANGE: Nice shelve of books in office.
Old campground. Some sites really nice and roomy, others run down.  Our site #36 was great. A pull through with a nice large grassy area, and shade tree.
This park is right on the highway, but not too much noise.
The big down side, was not many places to walk the dogs. I ended up walking along the highway and using the grassy area in front of an apartment complex.

$28.19/day (15% Escapees)
Our rating 2.5 out of 5

-SITES: Gravel that needed replenishing. Close together.
+BATHROOMS: Modern & clean
+ LAUNDRY: Clean
+PETS: Dog friendly. Large fenced dog area. No bags supplied.
+BOOK EXCHANGE: Yes, by the office.
+WIFI: Free, worked great
-SPRINT INTERNET: Bad, no signal
Quite a run down park, but yet, I liked it. I felt comfortable here.
Upon arrival, I laughed and said we're definitely going to have to level HERE! To our surprise, it was level.
Park was practically empty. I assume if we were staying longer, we could have parked near the back of the park for more privacy. Sites were very close that to sit outside, I would be right next to our neighbors sewer connection.
Surprising, the office and store was VERY nice with lots of supplies and souvenirs.
They had a simple miniature golf course which was in pretty good condition and a great playground for kids.

There is a building with a large pool inside, but was not filled. Looked like it needed some patching.
Surprisingly, I wouldn't mind returning if need be as long as it wasn't crowded.

Biltoki, Elko, NV: Our rating 1 out of 5 stars

Staff was below par. The older waitress definitely looked like she hated what she was doing. We asked her what kind of dressing was on the lettuce, oops I mean salad and she said "house". We asked again and she replied "house". We think it was watered down Miracle Whip.
All sides served family style.
SALAD: Iceberg lettuce and "house" dressing. At least lettuce was crisp.
SOUP: Crock of soup brought to share with group. Nice novelty. Soup was a cabbage, tomato type. It was fine, but nothing to remember.
BEANS: Just baked beans
VEGETABLES: Terrible. Canned string beans.
FRIES: Excellent
PASTA: Terrible. Fat overcooked spaghetti with a think tomato sauce.
PORK CHOPS: Good. Two huge grilled chopped. Cooked properly, but again, nothing special. No marinade, no seasoning, etc.
FLAN: OK, kind of bland. I did finish it though.
Main course portions are HUGE! But they had no containers to take leftovers in. They supplied us with "doggie bags" and it did look like we were carrying "doo doo" bags home.
Would NOT return.


KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope by Danielle Steel
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Read in two days. Couldn't put it down!
3 orphan sisters separated at years 9, 7 and toddler.
Follow how each life develops differently and if they ever get a chance to meet again or is the chance lost.
A little romance, a lot of heartache. Very good read!

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