Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heading East.

Verdi, NV 89439
We've come to the end of our week with the Cedar Creek RV Owners' Club. A really great group of people, (even if my seat kept being taken).
Here's our rigs all lined up. I think we were 28 rigs and took up 3 rows.
A group of about 45 of us headed out to the Atlantis Casino for the TOUCAN CHARLIE'S BUFFET

And upon arriving at the register to pay ahead, we were ID'd!!!!! Life comes full circle doesn't it? In your teens you can't wait to hit 21. In your 30's you're thrilled to be ID'd to make sure we're 21. In your 40's you just look at the clerk and say "really?", because you KNOW you look over 21. Toucan Charlie gives a senior discount for 55 and older. Our FIRST SENIOR DISCOUNT! And yes, we were ID'd.

We are led to the back of the dining room where a bunch of tables have been pushed together for our group. Two long rows of tables and not much room in between the 2 tables. I have no patience for that, so I proceeded to pull the tables away from each other and others helped, so we could get to the seats in the middle. Oh Geeze! As we're moving the tables apart a couple swoops in and takes the seats that we just made room for. Ooooooh boy I was angry. Best for me to just walk away. Which I did and found an empty row of tables. We had much more room at these tables anyway and I knew the folks that sat near us better anyway. So there!

The buffet came out to about $25.00 (w/tax and tip included). Great buffet. Rated 2nd best this year. Last year it was rated 1st. Scott had a plateful of lots of crab legs piled on next to me on my left and Lee Anne piled on next to me on my right. I was a little anxious, since I am deathly allergic to shellfish. I just thought of all the crab juice squirting me as they hammered, tore, & twisted those legs to get at the meat.  Lots of salads, Chinese, Mongolian BBQ, Mexican, fish, prime rib, etc. I would say 95% of the food was great. I was disappointed in the deserts. The cakes were blah, the cheesecake was fair-good.

Wait staff was great. It is very chaotic in the dining room, with hundreds of people expecting to be taken care of.  Our waiter had a smile on his face and was great about refilling our drinks and answering any questions.
So, we are heading East along Interstate 80, all the way to Mass. Mainly overnight stops, 300 miles and hopefully arrive by 3:00pm.


  1. Indian restaurant in nj offers excellent indian food services in a friendly and relaxed manner.

  2. Did the I-80 trek thru Neb...Country View in Ogallala and Pine Grove in Greenwood (east of Lincoln) are 300 mi. apart and serve a ton of over nighters....if that fits into your journey travels....


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