Saturday, July 26, 2014

We live here????

This post will be "all over the place". If I try to organize my thoughts too much, I'll never get a post out. So bear with me until things slow down and living in a house becomes normal.

Oh the disgusting mess our RV is in!!!! We've just been transferring items a little at a time from the RV to the house as we need them. The RV is stuffy. Scott has the solar panels charging the batteries, so we are able to keep the fans running in the RV. But what a mess. The cabinets are open, the bed is unmade, the plastic storage boxes are in the middle of the floor waiting to be sifted through. What should stay in the RV and what should go into the house. And when it goes into the house, will we need that in the RV when we go on a trip? Lists for things we need for the house, lists for what we need for the RV, a list of what we'll have to pack when we decide to travel.

At least our now neglected RV has a safe place to rest. There is a short steep incline up our driveway. Scott assured me our truck could pull the RV up that. So the day we do pull the RV to the house, Scott is a nervous wreck. He tells me he's so nervous about getting the RV up the driveway, he feels like throwing up. Now I'm just furious!!! He assured me prior to purchasing the house, it would be no problem. I would not have bought the house if there was a problem storing the RV on our property.

We all made it up the driveway. Just a tiny scrape and our Ford F-350 didn't even break a sweat, unlike Scott. He knew "the wrath of Debbie" would be upon him if things didn't work out.
The RV fits beautifully between two of our garages and there's even room to let the slides out.


Actually, my Father sent me this link to the tallest flag pole displaying our American Flag. It is amazing that this red, white and blue cloth can stir so much emotion. Of course, it's because of what it stands for. Our freedom and that freedom is because of the sacrifices made by families whose loved ones have fought for our freedom. I cannot imagine what it is like to be dropped off in a strange country and then have to fight for your life and kill people that are fighting for what they think is right also. And on top of all that...many are not even of legal age to drink, yet they can carry a gun, kill and defend our country. It is a necessary evil. My heart goes out to all those that have been sent away from their country to fight to keep our country free. Thank you.
TENNESSEE LIFE, our little piece of heaven:
We really live here??? Every morning I can sit out on our covered porch and look out over the lawn and into the woods. Our property is full of birds and bugs and lizards.
Checking out the new "digs". And no, Devin did not "mark" anything.
I'm panicking about bringing "stuff" into the house. Scott is all gung ho. He bought a dish drainer. I had a hissy fit. I don't want that ugly plastic thing on the counter. Scott also bought a small plastic garbage can for the bathroom. I probably could have gotten one at Goodwill for $1.00. Wait!!!! Scott wants to go to home depot and start buying gardening things, and household things.
W-A-I-T!!!!!!! Geeze, give me a chance to get to Goodwill. Some things do not have to be new!!!! Nor does it have to be now!!!! We rarely argue, but we've already had two arguments about signing up for a landline and internet. He was going to sign up for land line without long distance. Why bother? We RARELY use the phone and when we do, it is to call out of area. I actually yelled at him NO! Relax! Wait! We've been living in an RV for 3 years and have done just fine! Just wait and let us settle in a little and we'll realize what we really need and don't.
As I write, Scott is already out shopping. I can see his purchases over $100.  in my email. I get notifications from the credit card company. I really am quite stressed about bringing in things that are not needed.
You can all keep Scott in your thoughts and send him calming vibes to deal with me. I don't think I'm all that pleasant to live with right now.

Scott is not good with money. I was surprised to hear him tell our realtor that if it wasn't for me, he would never have considered retiring at 55. He didn't think about saving or investing. I am quite conservative in my spending on most things. I think before I buy. Many times I see something I want and I'll give it a few days. If I keep thinking about it, then I must really want it, but many times I don't bother purchasing that item.  I do have a weakness for Silk & Alpaca hand dyed yarns though. Scott's weakness is electronics.

Scott went out two days ago to buy temporary fencing and a lawn mower. Surprising he did a great job! He originally was going to buy a new riding mower, but happened to pass buy a lawnmower service and stopped in. Jeff (owner) was a real nice southern gent. He happened to have a John Deere on consignment. It's 10 years old, but only 300 engine hours. It was sitting in a garage for many years and he got it back in good working condition. This mower cost $4000. in 2004. We got it for $1500. I was a little nervous about this "deal". He couldn't take a charge, because it was consignment. He did take a check, but no receipt given. He said he would deliver it, free of charge, the next day. Hmmmm. Let's hope so.
All's good. His word was good and we now have a new toy for Scott.

We put up 400 feet of temporary fencing. Our dogs don't challenge a fence, so 4 foot high and not real sturdy is ok, until the foster dogs start to arrive.

The woods in the back is ours also. We plan to thin it out a little so we can walk easily through the woods down to the lake (which I haven't seen yet!). 
And what do our dogs do now that they have freedom to run around???? Typical Lyla, just lazes around and watches.
 Go play!!! You have a huge yard now!
Some things never change. Devin watches over the yard in the blue chair and watches what we are doing inside on his green chair.

We are starting to feel so "country". A Green and yellow, John Deere riding mower, installed wire fencing, getting to know the locals, etc.
I can't believe we live here! Come for a visit. We have room for your RV.
Enjoy the view of our place below.
Front yard

Side front yard
I have not had much time to do any crafts. I knit in the truck when we travel 30 minutes to Jackson for shopping. We actually sat together, each in our own lawn chair in the living room and watched a movie and of course I knit during the movie.
This area is quilting country. Maybe I'll start quilting? There is a nice quilting/fabric store in town that invites you in to sit and chat and meet local ladies and find out what everyone is making and groups to join and lessons offered. I sure do miss my NJ Knitting groups though.

Thank you all for your congrats on the house and encouraging me to still blog. Hopefully, I'll find enough things in Tennessee to blog about and you'll want to come visit and experience a little bit of Tennessee life with me.


  1. I am quite sure Tennessee will give you lots to blog about.

  2. I know someday Craig and I will land in a more permanent place as well. Maybe not for years, but eventually. I know we will have the same kind of "discussions." I will want to take our time buying things, and look for bargains if I can, and he will want to go out and buy buy buy. He is the shopper. Even now in the RV I find I am the "no" person when he want to buy something because I don't think we need it or don't have the room.

    We may just take you up on your invitation to stop for a short visit. We will be traveling between Niagra Falls and Gaffney South Carolina in early September. I want to avoid the East Coast and take a more inland route.
    Where exactly are you located? My email is: I'd really like to meet you and the dogs, if not on this round, them maybe next Spring.

  3. What a beautiful property you found. It looks just right for you and your rescue dogs.


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