Thursday, November 14, 2013

Poked and Prodded, oh my!

Driveway docking - Tijera, NM 
It's the dash that matters.
It's the dash that matters is a great thought. Doesn't matter when you were born, nor when you die, but what you do with what's in between.
We've extended our stay here in the Tom's driveway. I hope we are not overstaying our welcome. Tom is a wonderful host and we are taking full advantage of his hospitality. We were supposed to leave on Monday, 11/18, but then I asked to stay until Tuesday for my Mammogram appointment. Then Scott asked to stay until Wednesday. Why? Because he needs to download an update to one of his computer games. A large download and who knows when we'll get good internet again. Yep, we are taking full advantage of his services.
We also made reservations until the new year. We will be really boondocking for the first time after we leave here. We visited City of Rocks last year while staying in Deming. What a really neat campground. The cool sights, surrounded by huge rocks are the no services sights. We took Wheeling It's recommendation and experience and reserved site #16, all by itself and no hook ups. Then we'll be at Hidden Valley Ranch in Deming, NM for about 5 weeks which will cover Thanksgiving thru New Year.
Scott just added a 3rd solar panel, so we now have 400 watts? I am at a total loss at how this all works. I believe he also got another battery. Another purchase we are waiting to receive is the Mr. Heater Buddy, that works with propane and no electricity. The temps go down to the 30's and lower overnight, so we'll need this Mr. Heater. In the past, we've just used electric heaters and that has worked well (as long as we have electric). We try not to use the RV heater, since it is a lot of wasted spaces to heat and takes a lot of battery power. As long as we have enough power to charge my computer and get internet, I'll be fine. I can cook over a fire, I don't need TV.
I had 2 more Dr.'s appointment. A "ladies' Dr." & eye Dr.. Review below. I'm happy to say, I've lost 5#'s without really trying. If I would only start exercising!!! Other than my normal high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low thyroid, and post-menopausal depression, I'm doing well. My meds are working.

We have been looking on line at property in Tennessee. That is the final State for us to consider settling down in. Tennessee does not tax pensions, has low property tax, homes & land are inexpensive.  Population density is 150 people per square mile, compared to 1170 people per square mile in NJ. The downside is 7% state sales tax, same as NJ.
We have seen some beautiful properties and homes for under $200,000. This particular property, I am in love with! It's been on the market since May 2013. I wonder what's wrong with it? We'll be in Tennessee around March/April 2014. Will it still be available? Yearly taxes for 6.5 acres, less than $900. compared to our yearly taxes of over $7000. for 100'x80' property in NJ.
I'm getting excited to visit Tennessee.
McLeod Medical Center, Cedar Crest, NM
My rating 4 out of 5
The receptionist, Kristina was excellent (rate 5 out of 5 perfect). Friendly, full of info, efficient.
G.P. Melissa Fowler, PAC
I had a check up with Dr. Fowler, mainly to get my prescriptions updated.  Very nice Dr., but only took my blood pressure. I was hoping for an exam.
Gynecologist, Effie Medford, MD (rate 5 out of 5)
Oh my gosh! I never expected what was to be experienced! Dr. Medford is well into her 60's, most liked 70's with a Southern charm. I had an appointment for an annual pap smear. Well, I was with her for almost an hour! First I had two hearing tests, urine test, blood pressure, & discussed diet and exercise, She reviewed my chart thoroughly asking me questions to verify my answers. She explained ALL that she was doing. Checked my heart sounds, lung sounds. Checked not only my pulse on my wrist, but my pulse in my neck and groin. She compared the pulses to make sure there was no delay. She pressed deeply into my abdomen to feel my spleen, stomach, uterus, & kidneys. She checked my reflexes for my knees, ankles, bottom of feet, ankles, and elbows. She had me laughing because I remember doing this as a kid. My limbs had a mind of their own as she used the rubber hammer. She would inform me that all was good after each exam testing. Right there is more than an doctor has ever done to me. I was so impressed!
On to the gynecological exam. Ladies, you know the basic drill. First I liked that the table to lay on was set low, so I didn't have to climb up. This is the first Dr. to let me know it was ok to keep my socks on. She explained using water to lubricate instead of jelly to prevent contamination. She not only did the pap smear but then, damn, how far can a hand go up a woman's hoo ha? She checked my cervix, and the went sideways (ouch?) and checked each of my ovaries (another first). Then women after 40 should have a, um, well, rectal exam. Usually it's in and out and done. Not with Dr. Medford. It was in and uh oh, circle around and around and then out. Damn she is thorough.
She asked me at least twice if I needed to talk to about anything. She also explained that the paper robe was covering my side enough that if someone accidentally stepped in, all they could see would be my socks.
Another bit of info she gave me. Since I am a woman of a certain age (56) and no previous abnormal pap smears, I do not need another for 3 years. I have a bone density and mammogram scheduled next.

We haven't really explored this area. We've just been hanging out with our host, Tom and his furbabies, and too many appointments. I'm feeling a little stressed again. This is happening too often! I almost look forward to boon docking for 5 days. Just us and the rocks.
Reservation dog Saga continues...
Dina went in for her spay today. She is still not used to a crate and panics when I close the door. I hope she'll be ok at the vet.
Our host, Tom has had to put two dogs "down" while we are here. The first was because of biting. Shadow was adopted out from our rescue, but returned because of biting. Tom took him in to see if he could rehabilitate him. He knew this was a difficult case and realized there is something wrong with this dog, but chose to keep him in hopes of still helping him. Well after Shadow went after a number of people (luckily no actually bites), he decided to put him to sleep. Then within a couple of days, he had to put his 13 year old "heart" dog, Mikey to sleep. He was having shaking spasms and periods of not being able to breath. Tom would breath for him. Tom realized it was time. So sad, but that IS part of life.
The usual disclaimer, feel free to skip this part.
Since I really don't have much to blog about, you're stuck with another Rant!
Dog Rescue requirements:
I am so frustrated that I have been led to drink at 10:00 in the morning!
I am very involved in English Setter rescue. I have become quite frustrated at the strict requirements for adoption. My thoughts are that we are taking dogs from being homeless, on death row, or living in a cage in a shelter and finding homes for them. The rescue I volunteer with INSISTS on monthly Heartworm preventative and annual heartworm testing. We have had to turn away very good potential adopters because they do not give monthly heartworm preventative. I do agree to the importance of annual testing for heartworm. Heartworm infestation is a terrible health problem, expensive and difficult on the dog to treat. But I don't agree on turning someone away because they don't administer monthly. I suggest education and strong encouragement.
Our rescue has also denied a very good applicant because they do not have a fence and will tether their dog for bathroom breaks. They will also walk the dog. We have lived full time in our RV for 2.5 yrs. Rarely have a fenced in area. We walk the dogs and I tether our IS/ES mix for about an hour in the morning. He LOVES it! He prefers his morning poop while tethered, then he sits in our lawn chair and watches & smells the wildlife. Many times he is also tethered in the afternoon. I do keep a watch on him to make sure he is not tangled and nothing is bothering him. That is better than sitting in a cage in a shelter. That is better than being killed at the shelter. That is better than being a stray, having to find each day's meal and the danger of being hit by a car or attacked by wildlife.
For me, I am looking for a good dog owner, not an exceptional or perfect dog owner, although that would be great also.
Wed. 11/20 - Sun. 11/24/2013 (5 days) City of Rocks State Park, Faywood, NM
Mon. 11/25/13 - Wed. 1/1/2014 (1 month + 10 days) Hidden Valley Ranch, Deming, NM


  1. I love Tennessee....anxious for your report on that. So close to so many beautiful regions...central. My sister lived in Knoxville...Jerry's sister is now in Baxter IN THE HILLS on 85 acreas. She can lend you an ear if you look around there.

  2. We hope to be at a high enough elevation to get some snow in the Winter.


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