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Afghans and Movies

Hidden Valley Ranch, Deming, NM
Mon. 11/25/13  Fri. 11/22/13 - Wed. 1/1/14 (5 weeks)
"If you can't feed em, don't breed em." 
Bumper sticker
To Hell with Black Friday
Ahhh, it's nice to be settled for a while. We've just been trying to stay all cozy in the RV during this cold spell or is this Winter in New Mexico? 
We got about an inch of snow when we first arrived. I was shocked. Snow in the desert???

Now that the wind has died down, it's not bad. I actually enjoyed the walk the morning of the snow. Unfortunately walking three dogs that are all wound up from the cool temps, the white stuff, and being stuck in the RV all day yesterday, made for quite the juggling act. Our 9.5 year old English Setter, Lyla normally does not pull on a leash. Devin is a crazy, bouncy ball and will get tangled on any length leash unless I wrap it around my waist and hold him close. Our reservation dog, Dina prefers to be on a long 20 foot lead for her bathroom needs. Even Lyla wanted to play outside, which I didn't expect. When she pulled on the leash unexpectedly, Dina got loose and just zoomed all over the open desert next to the campground. I wasn't worried. She was having a blast, loose about 100 feet from us, but always making sure she knew where we were. Sure enough, when I walked back to the RV and opened the door, Dina came running and was the first one up the stairs and into the RV. Treat for all, after they sit...yes even Dina has learned to sit for a treat.
Wish I was by our friend Tom's fireplace to warm up my tootsies!

The best place to stay in the RV when it is this cold is in the bedroom.  It's the warmest area in the RV. I guess because it is a smaller area, body heat, smaller windows, less drafts, it stays pretty comfortable. I had no problem knitting, reading and marathon movie watching up in the bedroom.Today has finally reached a reasonable temperature of about 60°. I may even sit outside for a while.
Our first night here at Hidden Valley, there was a pot luck dinner. Scott chose to stay home. I walked in and was recognized by Leann, so she introduced me to the group and mentioned that I rescue dogs. That gave me the opportunity to let everyone know we have a nice generic breed dog up for adoption.
Scott decided to join us at the clubhouse for Thanksgiving. The Ranch supplied the turkey and ham and the guests brought all the other fixins. Sherry, a guest I met during the craft get together, made home made soft biscuits. Oh my! They were so delicious! They were almost like those King's Hawaiian rolls. After dinner, I had a 2nd roll instead of dessert! They were that good! I made stuffing with sausage, apples, and dried cranberries added. It wasn't my best, but I still like it. I pretty much like anything with sausage.
We had a very enjoyable and relaxing Thanksgiving. We only had to walk 100 feet to meet with friends for dinner.
Reservation dog, Dina saga continues....
It is with a very heavy heart, that I have posted Dina on Petfinder. Sigh. I sooooooo want to keep her. The timing is just not right. This is the difficult part of fostering. The heartache of letting go. But unless you let go, you can't save another. You always feel no one can take as good care of your foster as you do. I will be very picky about who adopts this girl. I still have my reservations about adopting out our reservation girl. She really is a great, well behaved dog.
Here's her write up below.

"Dina is an absolute love bug. She loves to be with you, but is obedient when you've had enough loving.
Dina is an approximately 1 - 1.5 year old, 48 pound female dog of unknown breeding. I can't even begin to guess. But the important thing is that she is sweet, sweet, super sweet. 
Dina WAS a Navajo "res dog" (reservation dog), that hung around the campground along with a few other dogs, but Dina was usually alone. The other dogs seemed to hang out in pairs. Dina was very timid and unsure at first, but we could tell she wanted some attention. Little by little she got used to us and decided to hang out on a towel under our RV for the night. The rest is history. She wormed her way into our hearts. We began to feed her, introduce her to our own two dogs, then let her in our RV. 
We were eventually able to put a collar on her, then a leash. This all was done slowly and giving her time to adjust.  She has adjusted beautifully. She has been with us for a month. She has had no accidents in the house, in fact she can "hold it" a very long time. She is a smart girl and learns quickly. She is not food aggressive and will wait for her turn to be fed. She listens very well, but a soft reprimand is all that is needed. She is sensitive to yelling and will cower and go belly up in submission or fear.  She walks well on a leash. 
She has really made her way into our hearts. My 3 year old Setter loves to play, and play and play with Dina. They play well together with many different toys and no dominance nor toy aggression. They play tug of war beautifully. 
Dina has now made it into our king sized bed along with our other two dogs. Dina is a gentle snuggler and really wants to be near her person.
We would gladly keep her if we weren't traveling the country in an RV. I'm glad we saved her from having to find food and water on her own and prevented her having any more puppies. Is there a good samaritan out there that would like a very sweet, obedient, laid back girl?
She is spayed, up to date on vaccines, heartworm negative and has a microchip for identification.  An application via the Above & Beyond website and a home visit/check will be required to ensure this sweet babe will be happy.
She is currently in New Mexico."

While we went to Thanksgiving dinner, the dogs were left in the RV. What's wrong with this "picture"? 
Devin and Lyla are crated and Dina is left loose. It's a shame that the only trustworthy dog is the stray we took in.
Since we are settled in one spot for over a month, I don't have much to blog about, so I get to vent about things that bug me, since there isn't much to fill up a post with.
"If you can't feed em, don't breed em."  I saw this on someone's bumper sticker. Yes, a little crass, but they tell it like it is. This goes for not only animals, but humans too. If you can't afford to provide adequately for a child, you shouldn't be having them. 

Coffee or to go drinks in movies: Has anyone else ever noticed that when someone is holding coffee or hands a cup to someone else or takes a sip, you can just tell the cup is empty. It drives me bonkers to see them swing that coffee cup around while talking and never once a spill or drip. The movements are just too quick. You would have a much steadier hand if that cup was filled. They should at least fill it with water, so the action would be similar.
I've used up some yarn that was given to me and I really like the way this beret/slouch hat and cowl turned out. The pattern is It All Comes Together. I liked the twisted ribbing so much, I decided to make a matching cowl out of just the ribbing.
This set is available for purchase for $20.00
With the cold weather and the bedroom being the most warm and comfortable spot, I've been watching a few movies.
In Good Company, 2004 Comedy?
Dennis Quaid
My rating 3 out of 5
A fun watch if you're trying to waste away the afternoon. A little comedy and a little romance.

Warm bodies, 2013 Romantic Comedy & Zombies
My rating 4 out of 5 (Really?, yes really.)
Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer
Scott dragged me in to watching this movie. I was pleasantly surprised by really liking a Zombie movie. It is not your typical Zombie with these gross unthinking brain eating beings walking around, although it starts out sort of similar. How can the main character "R" be cute when he is a Zombie? Well he is! A few Zombies are slowly learning how to communicate with other Zombies and then even resist the urge to eat humans brains! It's an interesting twist and gives hope to the previously thought hopeless, mindless Zombies. Very cute movie.

This is 40, 2012 Comedy
Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann
My rating 3 out of 5
Ugh, turning 40. Time to assess what has become of our lives. Tied down to marriage, kids, jobs. Our bodies are no longer perky and taught. Are we happy? Is this what life is about? Find out if this family has the strength and love to stick it out through financial hardship, temptations, and unexpected news. I found it somewhat depressing as it was making us all face the reality of aging and responsibilities. I guess this is sort of a love story as well as a comedy.
Thursday, 1/2/13 - 1/8/13 (1 week) Oliver Lee State Park, Alamogordo, NM (White Sands)

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