Saturday, November 23, 2013

Boondock bust

Hidden Valley Ranch, Deming, NM
Mon. 11/25/13  Fri. 11/22/13 - Wed. 1/1/14 (5 weeks) 
Notice our date change for Hidden Valley Ranch? We were suppose to arrive on Monday, after 5 days of boondocking. Can we all say...
 ???? Yes, as many RV'rs state, our plans are made in Jello.
Scott seems to have done a wonderful job with the installing and wiring of the solar power system. But we had yet to test it totally without an electric back up. We decided to boondock for 5 days in the unusual City of Rocks State Park. I was looking forward to the easy hikes through the desert area and sitting amid the huge lava rock formations sheltering a campfire and picnic table. Ahhh, what a life! We arrive to Wheeling It's favorite City of Rocks site #16. Way out at the end with no one around. 

Huge site, so lots of room for the dogs to be tied out without tangling. Ahhh, what a life! 

We had some trouble leveling because Scott wanted to be positioned for the solar panels to get the most sun exposure. All level, solar panels angled to sun. We are all set! Ahhh, what a life! 

We have only used the RV stove and oven once. We didn't want to go to the trouble of using them. We usually just use an electric fry pan and an induction plate. Scott made a simple tomato pasta sauce on the RV stove. What a concept? Easy peasy! Why haven't we been using the stove before? Duh! Now we know. Ahhhh, what a life!
Unfortunately, after our second night with predicted temps going lower and predicted wind getting stronger and a heavy cloud cover, we questioned whether to stick it out or not. We both hate giving up, but I also want to be relaxed and fairly comfortable, which isn't happening with this weather. The two reasons for boondocking here have been destroyed. Scott is not able to really test the solar panels because of the cloud cover, so we are using the generator. I am not able to enjoy the cozy lava rock shelter because it is too cold and windy. 

So "WHY ARE WE HERE?" We're not anymore. With no relief of the weather in sight for the next few days, we decided to head to our next destination early with full hook up including 50 amp electric (meaning we can use our electric heater!). Our first boondocking experience was definitely a bust and very disappointing, but not because of a bad solar set up, just because the weather was not playing nice.

Once we decided to leave and had made sure our spot at the next stop was open, I was oh so ready to move on. Just a 30 mile drive SE to Deming, NM, just enough time to knit a few rows, we arrived at the friendliest RV park we've been to (besides Four Paws Kingdom, in NC), Hidden Valley Ranch,. We were only here for 2 weeks (extended from 1 week), in February. Every Friday is a pot luck dinner and new guests are introduced and are put at the front of the food line. We felt instantly comfortable, which is rare for us. I look forward to more pot lucks, Thanksgiving, and their craft get togethers. We'll be here until the holidays are over with and leaving Jan. 2. 

Spin n' Bun by Betty Davis Creations 
My rating 4 out of 5
My hair is getting long enough to put in a bun. I find that is the easiest and least annoying hairstyle for me. The only downside to a bun is the difficulty in wearing a hat for sun blocking.
I've been just twisting my hair into a bun and taking a large clip comb to secure it. I like the look even though it makes me look older. So for a tighter fit, I've decided to try this spiral device. It's very easy to use and does an adequate job if you don't have super long hair. My hair is probably between the top of my shoulders and my armpits.  Here's a you tube tutorial on how to use it even though it was a flop for this girl.

Our rating 4.5 out of 5

With the anticipation of boondocking and also to ease up on our host, Tom's electric, we purchased the Mr. Heater. We saw it at Tractor Supply for $89.00. Amazon sold it for $79.00 and free shipping. Amazon it is! The heater arrived in two days. According to reviews it would not work above 7000 feet because the air is so much thinner. Being at 7800 feet, we still needed to try it. It worked fine, in fact, it worked great. Easy to light, easy 3 temp setting. I think it heats better than our electric heater. It's not big and bulky either. The only down side is it does go through the little 1 pound propane bottles quickly. 
But Scott also purchased a
We haven't used it yet, but we may soon because right now I'm still cold in this drafty "tin can". This adapter lets you sort of fill the little 1 pound bottles from our 30 pound RV propane bottle.

Time to either put on my fingerless gloves on to continue typing or to just end this post. I think I'll end this post and go warm up, snuggled under the blankets in bed. Brrrr! 37° with wind and sleet! In the desert? Yes, in the desert!


  1. Just started following your blog. We are also from NJ and have been full timing since October of 2012. I see you are in Hidden Valley Ranch in Deming. That was one of our favorite places. In the sky you can see the stars forever. The owners are awesome. We were there about this time last year on our way to Phoenix for the holidays. Perhaps we will meet one day 'down the road'.

    1. Nice to "meet" you. I checked out your blog When pigs fly. Hmmmm, maybe if you had some posts on your blog, I could follow where you're going. Hmmm.

  2. Nice to meet you as well. We post on our blog all the time. There is nothing there? It is not on eblogger it is on WordPress.

    1. I just clicked on your blogger profile and saw nothing. Now I found your blog. Thanks.


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