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See Devin Run

Tijeras, NM Driveway Docking
“You can't live your life for other people. 
You've got to do what's right for you, even if it hurts some people you love.” 
― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook
We arrived in Tijeras, NM (20 miles from Albuquerque) a few days ago. The gate to "our" 5 acre RV site was unlocked for our arrival.  We had about 6" clearance on each side before fencing. Scott pulled through with no scrapes. Our next challenge was getting the RV turned around 180°. Again, Scott did a wonderful job. Our last challenge with to get the RV level. We add a board, then another board, then another board and needed to "ladder" the tires up the board to the height of 12"!!! Finally, it's level all around.
Within a couple of hours of our arrival, our host, Tom gave us the keys to his house, offered his truck if needed and tried to pawn off one of his dogs on us. The dog part is a lie.
This is the really special part of full time RVing. Being able to visit so many acquaintances that turn into friends. We have electric, delicious well water and access to dump our tanks. What more could we ask for?

One of the downsides to full time RVing is keeping up with health check ups and vet check ups. I do miss knowing the Doctors to go to and having a routine to follow. So while here for a couple of weeks, I'm trying to squeeze a lot into a little bit of time. We've got the vet set up, Dr. check ups and blood work scheduled. I was even able to schedule a "ladies Doctor" appointment, which I didn't plan. Still working on the Dentist and Mammogram. In NJ, we would have to wait weeks to get in to Doctors. It's been great here and the staff have all been wonderful.I'm liking the people of this area so far.

We haven't taken the time to sight see yet, but there are lots of geocaches in the area, parks, trails to hike, museums, etc. We loved our visit to Old Town Santa Fe last year. I plan on visiting Old Town Albuquerque this weekend.
Reservation dog saga continued...
Dina is doing excellent. She has been a very easy dog. When we left Navajo Nation, Dina had not done "her business" on a leash yet. While still at her home turf, we gave in and let her loose to go to her special place. She always comes back quickly. On our overnight, Dina would not "go". So back to sleeping on the easy chair to make sure Dina doesn't do anything in the RV. After a good night's sleep in the easy chair and no disturbance from Dina, I woke on my own. I took the dogs out for their morning walk and STILL nothing escaped from Dina. It has been 24 hours since she has relieved herself! What to do??? We have a  4 hour drive ahead. So Scott drags himself out of bed and tries. Ten minutes later, they come back and Scott has a smug smirk on his face. 100% success. Ahhh, we can relax for our trip.
Now three days later and she is doing better about going on the leash, but Scott has a better success rate. No, Scott does not go potty on the leash, but he's had better luck getting Dina to do that.
She has gotten used to riding in the truck and lays down along with our other two dogs. I am now back to sleeping in bed. Our own dogs are allowed on the bed and in fact encouraged up. Devin has been having some pecking order problems with Dina in the RV. No fights, no growls, just his lack of confidence in the situation. Because of this, we do not want Dina up on the bed. That is reserved for Devin & Lyla. It is so hard. We have a king sized bed. She could just squeeze in beside me. But it's best to not start that habit. Darling Dina will whine and put her front legs on the bed for pets. But, we tell her to lay down and she seems to get it. She'll settle down for the night. She's really a good girl.
Dina likes RV life.
We took Dina to the vet here in Tijeras for her vaccines and a check up. She weighs 46 pounds and seems to be in good health. The vet was  very likeable. She got down on the floor to examine our dogs. We pointed out a lump on Dina's back and a lump on her jaw and asked them to be checked out. After manipulating the lump and feeling her jaw line, the vet feels she has experience some "trauma", meaning, probably hit by a vehicle. Her back lump is scar tissue, but her back is aligned. Her lump on the jaw is calcification caused most likely by her jaw being broken at one point. But she does not seem to have pain and her jaw movement seems to be fine, so she healed quite well. She has the tip of one of her incisor teeth broken off, but that does not cause a problem other than cosmetic. We do see that she takes hard treats gingerly and tends to eat it more to one side of her mouth. So this little girl has been through some tough times and she has survived and stayed sweet. She will be spayed & microchipped next week.

Devin has taken full advantage of Tom's open house hospitality. Devin, has befriended Zander, an English Setter that looks like our Lyla, only larger. They both whine for each other. Devin has found where the dog food is kept and overturned the contents for all the dogs to enjoy. He has found the giant sized box of dog biscuits, as well as a smaller container of dog biscuits. Has Tom ever heard of "puppy proofing"? Or maybe my dog just needs to learn how act in someone else's house. At one point there were 7 dogs running around his house.
Here is Tom's version...
"Tonight we had six setters and one "native American" in the house and what a time they had as they traversed though this maze at about 90 miles an hour. 
The "THUG" (Zander), fell in love with the red head (Devin), and of course tried to hump him all night like a virgin on viagra!!!!! 
When they left for the night, I gave the tribe their treats. Zander aka the THUG and a true food glutton refused his treat and the slow old blind Mikey stole it and ate is as the THUG kept sitting at the door whining for his new "LOVE". An hour later and this light footed mutt is still at the door crying for their red dog. This is going to be a most interesting week to say the least. 
Weather has been great and today they show up and we had snow this am, temps are now freezing and more snow on the way and my wood is not all stacked or covered and I do burn no less than 5 cords a year up here so I may be sucking wind this year. 
Could this be the Deb curse I have heard about so many times? :)." and then he says this about Dina..."The new over sized reservation RAT riding with Scott and Debbie is hard to understand as it barks in totally the Navajo tongue and it sounds so weird to say the least." Yep, Tom is a real jokester.
Mike (right) loves Dina (left) and licks her all over.

Only 1/2 the dogs in the house.
Tom's 5 acres is somewhat fenced. It would not contain a small dog, but will deter a large dog from wandering unless he really wants to get out. It's more like fencing for horses. I won't let Dina loose. She'd be out and under the gate in a heartbeat, but I think she'd come right back. Her recall is so much better than Devin's. I just say "Come on", and she comes to my side. Devin, just looks...sometimes and then continues running. But, Devin is pretty respectful of fences, even if they aren't that secure, so I've been letting Devin off lead and he has been running, and running, and running. Yep, he really likes it here at Tom's.
I wrote a review of Goulding's Camp Park on Tripadvisor. In the review, I stated about taking in one of the reservations dogs. I received a response from Goulding's. Uh oh. Am I going to be accused of stealing a dog? Nope. Here's what they said!
Gouldings, Manager at Goulding's Lodge & Campground, responded to this review, November 5, 2013
"Goulding's campground management and staff wants to thank this guest for their wonderful and detailed comments regarding their stay at our historic campground. We also want to express our gratitude that you found it in your heart to adopt one of the stray dogs and to provide a positive future for the animal. It has been a goal of the Goulding's staff and many other Monument Valley locals to improve the stray animal situation in this magnificent area. Again, Thank You..!!"
Wow! I did not expect that! 
Trunk Music (Harry Bosch, #5)Trunk Music by Michael Connelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Murder mystery.
Likeable, dysfunctional detective Harry Bosch the main character in this story. A little bit of his past and present love life revealed. Decent murder mystery ending in a total surprise for me.


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