Sunday, October 2, 2011


"A Campground for YOU and Your Best Friend Too!"
FOUR PAWS KINGDOM Rutherfordton, NC 28139  
Our rating: 5 out of 5
"Catering exclusively to adults & their canine companions"
Level sites
Very friendly staff
Free WiFi

Saturday morning Lyla competed in wiener bobbing.  Out of about 20 dogs, she came in 2nd! She is such dainty girl, I didn't think she would dive in the pan of water and wieners with so much gusto.
Saturday night we took a trip to Germany! We enjoyed Octoberfest at Four Paws Kingdom campground. The owners of the campground are from Germany and Meik is a real chef.  He cooked up a wonderful German dinner to 65 of the guest registered at the campground. Birgit made a delicious Black Forest Cake. Her cake was so light and refreshing. Very different than the Black Forest Cakes found in the US. The US Black Forest Cake is basically a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and cherry in between the layers.  Very heavy and very sweet. Birgit's cake were thinner layers of a less dense chocolate and instead of heavy, sweet chocolate icing, she had whipped cream in between the layers with cherry filling. Mmmm, mmm, YUMMY!
The main menu was Home made Sauerbraten, Spaetzle (Swabian Noodles), Knockwurst, Brats, Kraut and Grandma's Red Cabbage, & warm German Potato Salad. We were actually served 2 plates full of food.  I took the knockwurst and brats home and had for lunch today. Delicious!
Also a cash bar available for purchase bottled German beers, wine and schnapps! 

After dinner there was entertainment. Both Meik and Birgit sang some German songs for us...

we heard some risque Octoberfest jokes, we played some games, some of which involved shots!
One game was to make a human Weisswurst!
 Scott was glad no one volunteered him for this game!

Very, very enjoyable evening. We'll be signing up for a repeat next weekend!

We arrived at Four Paws Kingdom on Wed, Sept. 14, 2011. This was one day later than planned.  We had a doggie emgergency on Sunday, Sept. 11 evening. Get details HERE & go to post dated 9/11/11.

I could live at this campground.  I already feel like I have family here.
If you have an RV and love to bring your dogs along with you...THIS IS THE PLACE TO VISIT!!!!

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