Saturday, October 29, 2011

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

Freehold, NJ 07728
RV: While in NC, we did hit a low temp of 38° and did just fine.  Now we are 3/4 through our 10 days in NJ and we are experiencing the good ol' Noreaster.  Temp dropped to 33°, 50 mph winds expected and we had sleet this morning and now a dusting of SNOW!!!

Our furnace is working fine.  We just use it to get the RV up to 68° and then use two electric heaters that work pretty well.  
Our windows have condensation, but no dripping.  I'm comfortable and plan to cuddle up in the easy chair later with an afghan and knit and watch some TV.
Just finished a nice cup of white hot chocolate. Hubby is cooking chili. 
We sold our Ford Focus today, put our motorcycle in storage and up for consignment.  Ahhhh....things are starting to fall into place for now.
House should be up for sale next week. Hope the Cert. of Occupancy doesn't cause us too much trouble. But we'll deal when we have to.

Since taking the last bit of things out of the house and into storage or the RV, the RV is a mess. I planned on putting things in their place today, but with this lousy weather, the awning is not up and I can't get into the "basement" without getting freezing rain all over me.

Oct. 21-Nov. 1, 2011 (11 days)
PINE CONE RESORT  Freehold, NJ 07728 
Our rating: 2.5 out of 5  Will avoid.
+Rustic atmosphere.
+Quiet campground even during busy Labor Day weekend when full.
+Pets allowed
+Wi-fi  +Verizon internet worked fine
-Sandy roads and dirt sites, so always tracking dirt into RV.
-Electric needs updating. We had to move from an older 30amp site to a newly renovated 50amp site. The 30amp site kept shutting off on us.
After being at real RV resorts, I have downgraded the this campground.
 -Too much dirt.

PETS: Although Lyla seemed to have enjoyed being an only dog, since Ryley's passing, we still prefer to have two dogs.  Lyla and Devin seem to be getting along well. Lyla will go into his crate when he gets to rowdy for her.
Two nights ago, we let Devin sleep in bed with us. He did fine. The next night, he chose to sleep in his own dog bed and did fine. In fact letting him sleep out of the crate, enables us to get an hour or two extra sleep in the morning!
LYLA                              DEVIN

Funny thing...I definitely consider the RV home now.  The weather is miserable, cold and wet.  We packed the dogs into the truck and when we got to the house, I proceeded to walk in the miserable freezing rain with the dogs, around the neighborhood, for them to "do their business". Well duh!!!! I forgot...the house has a fenced in backyard.  Why should the 3 of us get all wet & cold, when I can just let the 2 dogs run around the backyard, while I stay cozy in the house!

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