Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pick up your dog's poop!!!!

VENT: Having two dogs, we really appreciate the campgrounds that not only allow dogs, but provide a dog park and poopy bags.  While walking the dogs today, of course I had to pick up their poop. We always carry our own bags even though there were poop bag stations along the way.  So while getting a bag from the dispenser kindly provided by the campground, right there in front of the poop bag dispenser was a small pile of poop. Geeze! I was so frustrated!!!!! All there needs to be are a couple of complaints and bam, dogs not allowed.  This was right in from of the FREE POOPY BAGS!!!!! So of course, I picked it up.
I will admit that I am very predjudiced about little dog owners. Yes, I am generalizing, so if you are a good, responsible little dog owner, then I'm sorry for throwing you in the same group I'm venting about.
Owners of little dogs usually are very lax in discipline and training of their dogs.
Small dogs should be taught obedience and manners.
The little dogs yip, yip, yip at everything.
The little dogs jump, jump, jump.
The majority of poop I see not picked up are little piles.  A pile whether big or small is still SHIT! and should be picked up!!!!

The larger breed dogs are usually better trained and quieter.  It may be partly because of the type of breed, but it is also because if a large dog is not trained, it can be too much to handle, where a little dog even with bad behavior is "cute", at least the owners think so.  I find it totally annoying and irresponsible!

Little dogs should be TAUGHT/TRAINED to not yip, yip at everything that passes near it's space, which seems to include a wide area.
If a large dog barked (since they don't yip) at every passing being, there would be a complaint put in and possibly the large dog would be considered vicious.
Same rules should apply to the little ones.  Your yip/barking is very annoying and will sometimes get even a well trained dog riled up.
Little dogs should be TAUGHT/TRAINED not to keep jumping on people.  At least keep the little dog under control with a leash. It's just bad manners.  Even a little dog can dirty someone's pants with their dirty paws, or put a run in a woman's stockings, etc.
Large dogs are USUALLY taught to not jump and if not, the owner has a good grip on the leash to prevent the jumping.  Yes, this is not only for good manners, but a large dog jumping can cause more damage also.
And lastly, how difficult is it to pick up your little dog's LITTLE poop??!!!???  Little dog poop is so small, you can just seal the bag and stick it in your pocket if you want.
You would think that the large poops would be left since they are more difficult to pick up in one bagful and then we have to carry this 1/2 - 1  pound bag around with us.
If you are a dog owner, whether a large dog or small, there is a responsiblity with that ownership.
TRAINING, LOVE, CLEAN UP, HEALTH CARE, COMFORTABLE SHELTER.  If you can't fulfill what dog ownership entails, don't get a dog! Visit a friend who has a dog, or borrow your friend's dog to get your dog "fix".
Of course, if you have the time, money, and discipline to be responsible for a dog, then save a dog that needs a home. Go to PETFINDER & search for a dog that would fit nicely into your household & lifestyle. Of course there is the rescues I volunteer for:
There are rescues for all kinds of animals and yes, pure bred dogs & cats also.
Research the breed first, so you know what to expect.  My heart is with the older dogs.  They are usually much calmer, and just want you to love them in their final years.

RV: Tomorrow we are leaving to our next stop 3 hrs NW.  We're going to another Florida State Park. We've been very happy with FL State Parks even though there is no sewer.  The sites seem to be close together, but yet, it is still quiet & peaceful.
I can't say I'll miss this River Lodge RV Resort. Not a bad place, just forgettable...that is until a a vehicle stopped us while walking our dogs and asked about our setters. They then pointed to the back of their vehicle and in the crate were two BEAUTIFUL BENCH SETTER 4 month old PUPPIES!!~!!! One orange & one blue. What are the chances of that?? More on that under "pets".

RECREATION: We didn't spend much time outside at this place. Weather was fine, but a lot of "no see ums" which are nasty little gnat sized bugs that BITE!!! Plus this wasn't a very scenic area either.
Today, we did finally take a bicycle ride along the WITHLACOOCHEE BAY TRAIL At the Felburn Park Trailhead.  Paved all the way to the Gulf of Mexico. Very nice ride. Rode about 12 miles total.
Along the ride I saw my first LIVE Armadillo! The only Armadillo I've seen previously was a road kill in Oklahoma years ago.  And then, we saw another one!  I'm not sure what their enemies are, but they sure didn't seem to be fearful of us until we were very close to them. Then they just kinda shuffled into the brush.  They are cute in an ugly-cute kinda way.

At the end of the bike trail was the Gulf of Mexico. Another first! Scott braved, the no see ums, the sand crabs, and the potential for alligators (sign posted), to be the first of us to wade in the Gulf of Mexico. I was content to be the photographer and wait for a more civilized area to test the Gulf.

PETS: Good news & Bad news:  The good news is yeah!, Devin has two young dogs to play with at the dog park that has been empty all week except for us.  The bad news is we're leaving tomorrow.
We did all meet at the dog park in the center of the RV campground. And yes, they all played and got tired out.

What a difference in the personalities of the two puppy siblings.  The female orange belton (like Lyla) is very mellow, while the male black belton is outgoing and playful.

Eventually even the shy female started joining in playing with the group.

We are still amazed at meeting not just 2 English Setters, but 2 BENCH English Setters, & puppies! What fun while it lasted.

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