Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Just a short ride of 1.5 hours from New Orleans to Baton Rouge. We are currently at FARR PARK EQUESTRIAN CENTER & RV PARK, in Baton Rouge, LA
We were met with muddy roads, flooded fields, uneven sites, cloudy sky and a loose pitt bull mix dog roaming around.
Jan. 10 - Jan. 24, 2012
FARR PARK CAMPGROUND Baton Rouge, LA 70820 $20./day Site #D2
Our rating: 4 out of 5. Would revisit. Would have received a 4.5 if they had sewer and a 5 if they had sewer & 50 amp.
+ Water & Electric (30 amp) & dump station
+ Verizon & AT&T cells worked fine
+ Verizon & Sprint internet worked fine.
+ Clean bathrooms
+ View is wonderful. 25 well kept horses grazing out in the fields nearby.
+ Long paved walking/bike "trail" along the Mississippi River. Goes from campground to city of Baton Rouge.
- No laundry
-Small sites, but since was practically empty the whole time, we had plenty of room. There is no definite lines between sites.
-Not level (so what, that's what levelers are for)
/Some shade, mostly open field
PETS: The loose puppy definitely put a bad taste in my mouth for our stay here. I instantly became quite depressed. Just brings to light the hopelessness of all the dogs, cats, etc. that need good homes. Animals need to be spayed & neutered as young as possible.
There is no need for them to go through their first heat or have a litter of puppies. Search the internet and I'm sure you can find a video of a dog or cat giving birth, so you can show your kids the miracle of birth.
I don't care that you have friends that have already "spoken" for the dogs. Because your dog had a litter, that is 4, 6, 8, dogs that won't be adopted from a shelter or rescue, because you were irresponsible and let your dog have pups. Those friends could have adopted a dog already in this world, waiting, bored and lonely for someone to adopt them.
I didn't expect to get on a soap box, but the loose dog is a "right in my face" moment reminding me of a sad part of human kind. But also, that is why I spend so much time on my computer making sure that the applications from the good people who want to adopt are processed.
For the record, so I don't get hate mail.  If you show your dog for confirmation and he/she proves to be a good standard, I understand breeding to keep the quality of the breed standard.
Too bad it's only 11:30am. I could use a glass of wine to calm me. Shhh, don't tell anyone, I couldn't resist.
What a difference a day (& glass of wine) makes.  By 10am, the sun is out, the muddy roads are starting to harden, and the loose dog has found a home! One of the campers whistled for the dog and he came right to him is a very submissive stance. The camper took his belt off to use as a leash. The dog had a collar but no tags (STUPID!). He looks to be under a year. Seems very sweet. The camper brought him to the office and  instead of expecting them to say we can't take him or we'll bring him to the pound, the staff got excited and said we have plenty of horse people here. Someone will adopt him. And sure enough, he was taken home.
So a sweet formerly homeless dog has been saved, the sky is blue, I found a nice bike trail...RV life is good.

BOOKS: Finished Fat Tuesday by Sandra Brown. My rating 5 out of 5. I have been having a run of listening to & reading above average books.  I know there has to be a disappointment in the future. But I'll savor the joy of my current reading material. Fat Tuesday, had murder, mystery, love, suspense. Hated and loved the characters, which is a good thing. Nothing worse, than not feeling anything for the characters.
Will begin today November of the Heart by Lavyrle Spencer

AUDIO: Finished How to Flirt with a Werewolf by Molly Harper. My rating 4.5 out of 5. I'm a little embarrassed to rate it so high.  It's really just a easy, lighthearted read/listen.  I seem to be caught up in the whole vampire/werewolf rage.  I love reading books and learning the authors idea of this supernatural world.

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