Monday, January 16, 2012

Dog Park

RV: A couple of cold nights 29° & 34°, then warms up during the day. Between our two electric heaters and the propane RV heater, we are toasty.
We're really enjoying Farr Equestrian RV Park. Very quiet with only 4 or 5 rigs and all keeping to themselves. Since the bathrooms are decent, we've been trying to use them so we can stay another week here.  It's lovely sitting outside and seeing the horses right in front of me in their natural state.  I've never seen horses play with one another, and also roll around in the grass. Then to see 25 horses all galloping to the trough for hay.  Very cool.  I really love it here.
Huge stable building

View from our RV
DOGS: We've gone to the local (10 miles away) dog park maintained by BREC. I think that means Baton Rouge Equestrian Center, but not sure.  It has over 100 parks it maintains, which include, the horses, RV, water park, sports parks, dog parks, plantations...
Anyway, we went to the Burbank Dog Park in Baton Rouge. Beautiful park with a pavillion for shade, benches to sit on, lots of poopy bag stations & garbage.
The only down side is there is a section that became flooded with the recent rains.  Great at first, but then it is slowly drying up and below is the result.

Devin loves to go running through the water, whether it's muddy, algae, or clear. Of course he hates the bath he has to endure when we get back to the RV.
We entertained the other dog owners as Devin romped around splashing mud all over. They were all laughing and glad it wasn't THEIR dog in the mud. That's ok, paybacks are a...
Devin found plenty of dogs to rub off a little mud on.

We met a sweet older Irish Setter name Katie. Of course it brought tears to both Scott & my eyes. Reminded us so much of sweet, sweet Pillsbury.

Our rescue ambassador, Pillsbury

Katie, Irish Setter at dog park

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