Friday, February 24, 2012

The day after

It is starting to sink in, that we no longer have the responsibility of our NJ house.  I was in it for almost 23yrs. and my husband for about 18yrs.
I've gone through many boyfriends in that house, one of which was very mentally abusive. That could be another blog, "Great Escape from  _ _ _". That's quite a story.
I entertained the Air Force Reservists for Easter dinner at this house during Desert Storm.
4 cats, 4 foster kittens, 6 dogs, a few foster dogs, many foster guinea pigs, 2 pet rats & 1 parrot have come & gone at this house.
Our wedding was held in the back yard in 1994.
I've gone from a 20 something thin, single woman to a middle aged frumpy woman, here in Neptune, NJ.
Good memories, bad memories, but such is life.
I hated this house and am glad I'm rid of it. Live & learn.

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