Saturday, March 24, 2012

STILL in Livingston, TX, sigh....

Livingston, TX 77351
We're still "stuck" here in Livingston, near a highway and RV's surrounding us. At least most of these RV'rs are full timers also, so it's gatherings around the "campsite" at night, no campfires, no kids riding their bikes around. So even though we are parked close to each other, it's not so bad. I miss having a view of the woods or water.
At least the weather has been better. Finally out of the spring rainy season I hope.  Scott was getting quite blah with all the rain.  It didn't bother me at all.
We will be here AT LEAST until April 4th. Oh crap! That's because it's taking longer for delivery of the new axles. 

There certainly are a lot of smoked bbq places in Texas. We are loving that part. In NJ, when you get BBQ, it's just cooked ribs with BBQ sauce on it, or cooked pork shredded with BBQ sauce on it.  Just before we started full timing, a local place in Neptune, NJ opened up that smoked their meat. Now that's what I'm looking for and it's plentiful here in Texas. 
Most BBQ places are just little sheds with another shed behind them where they smoke their meats. We see smokers all over the place, in campgrounds, in front yards, on porches, etc. Smokers are as common here in Texas, as Weber Grills are common in suburbia NJ.

Big Mike's BBQ:
We didn't really try any of their sides, just their meat.
Their ribs were excellent. Lot of smoked meat with a great rub cooked into it.  No need for bbq sauce.

Cassity's Cafe:
Cassity's Cafe on Urbanspoon

A very casual place. This was recommended to us for their Friday Chicken & Dumplings so that is what we ordered. Very good, but I'm not sure I would recommend it especially. The gravy part was tasty, not a lot of chicken, but ok. I really liked the dumplings. But of course I love breads, starches, carbohydrates. I think the dumpings were home made, but were not the fluffy biscuit type of dumplings but more like GERMAN SPAETZLE dumpling.
They also had catfish that smelled delicious, but I doubt we'll be back to try it.

With the warmer weather, I haven't been drinking as much wine. I made a perfect Gin & Tonic with a slice of lime the other day. Refreshing.
We've also tried those single serving slush drinks. 

Daily's Frozen Peach Daiquiri: DELICIOUS! Great on a hot day. Just put in the freezer. Because of the alcohol in it, it does not freeze solid, but becomes a slush. In checking the ingredients it does not contain rum or tequila as I would expect, but has wine as the alcohol.
This was a little too sweet for me. Next time I'll put the slush in a large glass and pour seltzer over it. That cuts down on the sweetness, but still maintains a soupier (easier to drink) slushiness.
Which brings me to a Slush recipe that I served at our backyard wedding in hot August of 1994.


12 ounce can frozen Orange Juice
12 ounce can frozen Lemonade
2 cups tea (4 tea bags to 2 cups boiled water)
2 cups sugar
6 cups water
2 cups liquor 
(I used vodka, but rum would work or wine also)
7-up, Sprite, or Seltzer

Mix all, but soda, together.
Freeze overnight. 
Scrape slush with spoon into glasses.
Pour soda or seltzer over slush.
(Soda was too sweet for me, so I use seltzer)
Makes 1 gallon.

FYI, I don't know who Kathy is. 


  1. Are you finding that you miss your home at all? Do you use your oven a lot or do you have other appliances that you use instead? I have found that cooking in our motor home can be quite a challenge. I like more space than what I have.

    We were supposed to begin our adventure today, but my husband is being sent to St. Thomas for a month. We can't take the motor home there. I will have to live our dream through you for a little longer. :-)

  2. Well at least it's only a month and not an extended commitment. The only thing I miss about home is our fenced in yard, to just let the dogs out in, & my knitting groups. But really, it's not bad. I need the exercise anyway.
    We try to use the oven only when it is cool out. We bought an Oster Toaster/Convection (Feb. 24, 2012 post) oven which works really well for just the two of us. I've baked banana bread in the Oster Oven and put it outside, so it wouldn't heat up the RV. Living in the RV, you learn to use your outside space as part of your home also. We are also using the crock pot a lot more. You can also bake in a crock pot.
    We've learned that we need to keep the kitchen are clutter free, so when we want to cook, it is easier to spread out for chopping, etc.

  3. Just put your site on Mom and Dad's favorites. Sounds like you're having quite an adventure. - db


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