Sunday, April 29, 2012


Colorado Springs KOA
Fountain, CO 80807
We've extended our stay near Colorado Springs, CO because Scott & I have been sick with the flu all week!!! So instead of leaving Monday, we'll be leaving Wednesday and hope to squeeze in some local sights in 2 days. We were hoping to take the 3 hour PIKES PEAK COG RAILWAY, which looked beautiful, scary and exciting. But since we are both still somewhat congested, we aren't sure how our bodies would handle the 14,000 feet altitude. Scott read that they have finished paving a road up Pikes Peak and that it is safe. We'll probably try driving and see how high we get before we think our heads will explode. Plus, we can take the dogs with us then. It's always more enjoyable in the company of our pups. And, yes, I'm starting to feel a slight bond with our Irish Setter, Devin after adopting him 6 months ago.

It really hurts to keep my eyes focused on the computer. I haven't been doing any reading. Just a lot of tv watching and sleeping. It's really been a miserable week for both of us, BUT we are still so very fortunate in that we didn't have to worry about getting a Dr's note for being absent from work!!! We have the luxury of being able to just lay around and let our bodies fight the illness. The most difficult part was having to walk the dogs. Sure wish we could just let them loose in the yard. The dogs were really good during our illness. Although Devin didn't let me sleep  past 6:10am, once he went for a very short walk in the morning, he stayed quiet and let us be until at least mid afternoon! That was bliss. One day, I just couldn't walk them, so in late afternoon when Devin started pulling on his leash to go out, I simply put them out on the tethers and sank into a chair outside and practically fell asleep. I was so sick, I didn't care what I must have looked like out there. Scott was feeling well enough that afternoon and took them for a walk. Poor dogs, deserve an outing to Pikes Peak.

Hopefully, we'll be fully recovered in a couple of days and I'll report on the KOA and the surrounding area.

Craft week went to hell also.

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