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Harassment covers a wide range of behaviors of an offensive nature. It is commonly understood as behaviour intended to disturb or upset, and it is characteristically repetitive. In the legal sense, it is intentional behaviour which is found threatening or disturbing.
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This post will be totally off topic from RVing & crafts. You may not even want to read this and hear about the crap an ex friend in NJ is pulling. So be forewarned, this is not a pleasant post.

I have an EX friend in NJ,who has been harassing me via emails asking for payment for her pet sitting services.
Last year, I had a foster dog, Ollie that I needed someone to pet sit for. Since this person pet sits for extra money, even though she is on disability, I asked if she would pet sit for Ollie. As payment, my husband would put a decent working & up to date computer together for her.  She had a 5-10yr old computer from a previous employer. All agreed.
Pet sitting went well, we brought over the computer and set it up for her.  We warned her that this was a computer put together with spare parts, so some components may wear out. We mentioned the battery specifically.  Sure enough, she only had the computer a week and it wasn't working correctly. The cable guy was installing her cable and told her not to use the computer because it sounded like it could catch on fire. So with that in her head, we took the computer back to fix it.
Ended up it was the power supply, which do wear out, as do mother boards, etc. We replaced the power supply. We did not charge her for the NEW power supply because we felt she hadn't had the computer long enough to warrant having to pay for a repair. Scott tested the computer and all is well.
But all ex friend can think about is that it's going to catch fire. Her friends that are supposedly computer savvy said not to take it. So ex friend will not take the computer back.
My husband has built a number of computers for friends and relatives. He ends up being their "computer support". We told ex friend that we would not be computer support, but of course we did fix the computer which was the right thing to do.
I offered the perfectly working computer to her a few times and even had mutual friends try to talk her into taking it. Ex friend refused.
Now ex friend is harassing me that I owe her money for her pet sitting services!!!! Every couple of months she sends an email with a new bill and is threatening to take this further.  This ex friend has a history of taking people to small claims court.
She refused the payment we all agreed on by refusing the working computer.  My parents now have the computer and have been using it since Oct. 2011. And guess what? It hasn't caught fire and works great.
Soooo, here's is a video of our foster dog, Ollie, who has now been adopted. We spent $5400.00 on surgery for bloat 2 days after we took him into our care. $1900.00 was reimbursed via donations or from our rescue. So we ended up paying $3500.00 out of our personal pocket. Ollie was worth it.
In this video is a digital voice mail of ex friend specifically stating, not to worry about the computer or payment. That we could use it as a donation to rescue or to help pay for Ollie's medical bills. This is stated at minute 1:08 and also at the end.

Yes, I guess you are only hearing MY side of the story, but after listening to ex friend's voice mail, what do you think?  Leave a comment.


  1. You offered and gave the computer for her services, repaired it and she declined. I heard her decline at 1:08 as you said. Nothing will make her happy, Deb. She's obsessed and a PIA. Yep, harrassment all right!

  2. I feel sorry for Ollie. As for the lady, my advice is to turn a deaf ear to her complaints. If you don't want the hassle of small claims set up a change jar and put some change in there every few days and send it to her every once in awhile. She is obviously not dealing with a full deck.

  3. Just hang on to this voice mail in case you ever have to go to court. You just have to play it for the judge.
    I also would just ignore her, mark her email as spam, and for get about it. She may never get around to court.
    Once again a person on disability stealing from the state( us), and looking for another form of hand out. Speaks volumes as to her real character.


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