Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Lunch I didn't have...Sigh.

Rutherfordton, NC 28139
Workamping: We've been having a lot of rain the past few days, so we usually don't work on rainy days. But things do need to be done eventually. So today we went back to work. Scott just had to do some spray painting of primer in the "shed", which really is a huge garage/barn. I was back to sewing curtains. Now I'm comfortable with Birgit's machine, I've already made a couple of sets of curtains, I'm more relaxed.  I put on my headphones and listen to a book on tape while sewing. This is work??? Yes, it's still work because it takes up my personal time, but it is enjoyable work. Because I was enjoying sewing, I stayed well past my two hour "requirement". I wanted to finish the curtains. Because I was staying longer, I was at the office through lunch time. Since Meik and Birgit are from Germany, they eat dinner at lunch time. And since Meik is a chef, he cooks wonderful dinners for Birgit and once in a while for his workampers, and also caters dinners for the campground guests.
Since I was working longer than necessary, Meik brought me out a portion of their dinner. I was excited! Meik is a great cook! His sauces are wonderful. Here he comes! He brings a plate full of ...oh how exciting...it looks like an Asian dish. I love Chinese food!!!! He bends over like a waiter and the dish is in front of me, nose level. (Can you tell I love food??) I don't want to make a fool of myself by bouncing up & down in my chair with joy at this unexpected treasure of wonderfully prepared food. As Meik is explaining what he made, I get a closer look. He's pointing at an ingredient. OOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOO!
It's shrimp! Most people would say Oh Yes, it's Shrimp. I LOVE shrimp! But alas, if I want to continue on workamping, full time RV'ing, and living, I have to refuse this wonderful dish. I'm allergic to shrimp.

So back to Meik who seems to be enjoying explaining how he made this shrimp dish and my mind is just a blank. I've got to tell him I can't eat it.  It would be better if it was something I didn't like (which isn't much). I could at least take it and force it down. But if I eat shrimp, I could very well be down myself for the final count.
Of course Meik feels bad, I feel bad, Birgit feels bad. I hate being allergic to shrimp. One, because I love shrimp and two because I have to be picky about what I eat and I don't like picky eaters.
So Meik takes the plate away, he apologizes, I apologize. No apologies needed for either. But we both feel bad for putting the other in this situation. It's neither one of our faults.
As a compensation, Birgit brings out a huge slice of her Pear cake. Yummy, but I sure would have liked to have eaten a Meik creation.
So that is the lunch I didn't have. Sigh.

Weather: I have been enjoying the rain. I like being cozy all snuggled under an afghan on these days. Rainy days also get Scott & I in the mood for.....
                                                     No, not "that"!
                                                                                          Watching movies.
We watched a double feature. First was a cute movie called Our Idiot Brother. We both thought it would be ridiculously stupid. Why Scott even rented it with that in mind, who knows except Scott. But it really was entertaining without being utterly stupid. The brother is just a sweet, simple guy who takes life's challenges and just deals with it. He see's the world in a simpler way and gets himself and others in trouble with his complete honesty.
2nd feature was The Expendables I. I tried to watch The Expendables I, but I eventually lost interest. It was fun seeing action movie actors now past their prime, but once I got my fill, I was done. I will not be watching The Expendables II.

Purging: I took 3 or 4 tubs of photo albums out of our storage unit in NJ and stuffed them into our RV. I've been scanning and scanning and scanning: This is something I wanted to do when we still had a stick house, but of course with working, etc. there was never time. I have a lot of free time with this full time RV lifestyle. If you are a person that gets bored easily, this may not be the life for you. I spend a lot of time on the computer, reading and crafting. That fills my days just fine.
While on the computer, in between reading everyone's blogs, I've been scanning photos in these, bulky tubs that are made heavy from the photos.
Full tub of photos

Another full tub of photos

After effect of scanning
I still have 1.5 tubs to go. And yes, I am throwing out the photos after scanning. Scott better get my back up working.
My thought process is: If we were to have a fire and everything was destroyed, what would I do. I can't do anything about the lost items, so I would just have to move on. Photos used to be so precious to me. Now, not so much. I'm enjoying reviewing them, and there are many memories. But really, how often do we look at our photos? It is very freeing AFTER you do your purging. It's difficult, but ahhhhh, so much less "stuff" to think about.
So I will probably add an old photo here and there of good and bad memories as I continue scanning.
Four Paws had a photographer come in to take doggie portraits. It was $35.00 for a 20 minute session, which was between 40-50 photos taken. No hard copies, but we received a disc of all the photos.
It was a dreary day and at times there was a downpour. The "studio" was set up under the pavilion, but that is still outside. The wind & rain blew into the pavilion and some of her equipment (not cameras) got soaked. She was a trooper though. Thank you SAY CHEESE PHOTOGRAPHY, for the photos!
Here's a sampling:

 Yes, I purposely keep Devin's hair that way. It fits his personality. Lyla's hair would also do the same, but she is too pretty for that silly mop of a hairdo, so I clip down her head for a smooth, sleek, elegant look.
Stay tuned for an exciting update to Devin's bristle head.

Both dogs were very well behaved. Devin completely blew us away for how GOOD he was being. He stayed calmly in place, sat when we said, laid down when we said, stayed when we let go of the leash. There is hope for this silly boy!!!


  1. Oh oh scanning galore. That's on my list too and looking back at all the old memories...can't replace any of that.


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