Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Photo Project Day 1-Hubby

I need a purpose or theme to give me the incentive to find a photo a day that is special.
In my younger years when I hosted quite a few parties, they all had to have a theme...
Birthday Surprise
     Spring Fling
When I ride my bicycle or motorcycle, I need a goal (distance) or destination.
So for this December Photo Project I need a theme. I'm not very creative, but give me an assignment or goal and I'll try my best.

So my theme will be generally what makes me happy.

This is a photo of my husband today. Poor guy, it's my fault he is fertilizing a yard! He thought he was done with that when we sold our house in NJ!! I was the one who suggesting workamping. So Scott had to do the finishing touches on the grass or hope to be grass in the Spring.
Marrying him was one of the best things that has happened in my life. He is quiet, not needy, kind, considerate, and an animal lover. We rarely fight, maybe some small disagreements, but nothing lasting. Scott pretty much lets me make 90% of the decisions. Of course, most of those decisions, he's also in agreement with.
We generally have the same thoughts on politics, lifestyle, pets, money, etc.
Thank you Scott for putting up with me and still loving me.
I love you even though you didn't even wish me a Happy Birthday.

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  1. Is it your birthday? I have one of those DH...thankful everyday!


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