Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh the weather outside if frightful...

Sevierville, TN 37862
Oh the weather outside if frightful...and inconsistent:
Our first day here was absolutely beautiful! Sunny, around 60 something, no wind. I spent most of the day outside with my laptop and flatbed scanner. I am totally obsessed with my computer.Since switching to a laptop, I am totally mobile. I don't even need a desk anymore.

Then we had a couple of rainy, overcast, but warm days. Good days to just stay in and bond with hubby and the dogs in these close quarters.

Now the weather has turned to good Christmas weather. Clear blue skies, & crispy cold. You can just imagine snowflakes falling at any moment for a white Christmas. This still, cold weather is invigorating!!! Great weather for walking the dogs. Of course Devin is being a wild child on walks. He went from playmates and dog parks to no playmates and leash walks. Between the cold weather which gets dogs invigorated also and energy that needs releasing, it has been a comedy show walking Devin. He bounces around, trying to grab my hand, grabbing his leash to walk himself, grabbing sticks to play tug with me, then he tosses them in the air and tries to chase it, with Lyla and I at the other end of the leash. Devin is quite the entertaining character.
I want my freedom!
Recipe blog PLAIN CHICKEN is full of easy recipes. Many dinners and also snacks etc. I find her recipes things that I would cook.
Have you noticed I haven't had a book review in a while? Notice I haven't had a craft finished? That's because of my love affair with my laptop! My laptop is an all in one entertainment, education, communication device. Instead of coffee and reading in my easy chair in the morning, it's now coffee and the laptop in the easy chair.
Here's about the only crafty thing I can come up with for now.
This is a cake! Made by SUGARS SWEETCAKES & TREATS.

The Bride and the Mercenary The Bride and the Mercenary by Harper Allen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Murder mystery & suspense.
I'm always surprised when a Harlequin book is exceptionally good. I've found that most are good rather than bad.
All the main characters in this book have strong personalities with much influence upon those they are connected with.
The female lead, Ainslee is either a total naive idiot or someone you want by your side because she'll be there no matter what.
This story catches you from the start and keeps you always guessing who the characters really are. I wavered back and forth deciding who's the good guys and who's the bad.
Beef Jerky Outlet Sevierville, TN

Amazing selection. Staff very helpful and willing to let us sample as many varieties as we wanted. Haven't found a bad one yet.
Great t-shirts available. I like "Fat people are harder to kidnap".
Thai Basil, Sevierville, TN 37862
Our rating 5 out of 5

 We stopped here for lunch. The prices and portions for lunch were perfect.
Service was excellent and very friendly like we were in a friend's home for dinner.
FRIED POTSTICKERS: Very good, with a good balance of slivered ginger in the meat. The dipping sauce was tremendous! Would love to buy a bottle of it!
COCONUT SOUP: At first I was a little put off by the coconut flavor, but as I continued, oh what a PERFECT BLEND of spices, sweet & sour flavors. Excellent soup.
RED CURRY: Excellent. My husband was totally enthralled with the flavors. He closed his eyes while eating just to savor the wonderful taste experience.
PRIK PAO: Very good. They really know how to blend their spices to make a wonderfully complex & delicious sauce.
We will definitely return if in the area again.

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