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Sevierville, TN 37862
Riverview Plantation RV Park, Sevierville, TN 37862 Site #418 Riverside
$27./day with Good Sam discount
SITES: Fairly close together, with a grassy area and at least 1 shade tree. Mostly back in, some with River view.
BATHROOMS: didn't look
LAUNDRY: Clean, 4 washers/dryers with at least 2 laundry buildings
PETS: Welcome. Many areas to walk the dogs with poop bags and garbage cans available.
WIFI: Free. Great connection and fast.
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Tourist town. Lots of good & bad restaurants, lots of entertainment. Great Smoky Mountain trails fairly close.

This is a huge park with 300 sites. Most are back in. The river view isn't really worth it because it is mainly blocked by trees. But the river side sites have a lot of open grassy area behind the site.
We were here in the winter, so the park looked like a parking lot with grass patches. But in the summer, this place is probably beautiful. The majority of the sites have TWO shade trees, 1 in front and 1 in back. Cement patio with picnic table. Fire ring. Some sites all cement, but the crushed gravel sites seem level and clean also.
Great park for rallys. There is a large pavilion with picnic tables and also a conference center.
If in the area again, I would return. But there seems to be a few other decent campgrounds in area further away from the highway. This campground is "secluded" in between two highways, but is not noisy.

There seems to be a lot of fishing in this river. We so many lines & lures hung up in the branches overhanging the river. I thought it would be nice to take out our Eagle inflatable kayak if it wasn't winter time. But then maybe not. You'll see why below.
Scott asked me if I saw the sign posted outside. I said "yea, something about overflow and calling the water dept?".

Scott says, "Noooo, not that sign, the OTHER sign!"

Waste Nothing Yahoo    "Use everything waste nothing!" 
Lots of tips from members. It can be anything from how to make crafts from soda bottles to the most recent subject, sharing bath tub water to save on "excessive" water use.
Scott's on Broadway, Forest City, NC
Our rating 2.5 out of 5
This was recommended by friends. They said hamburgers and onion rings were great.  We tried both and were disappointed. Two sizes of hamburgers. The large are huge on an extra large roll, but size doesn't always matter if the end result is not good. Burgers were dry. Onion rings were just average to below average.
It did a brisk take out business that was well run and organized. There is seating also.
I would not return.
Apple Valley Creamery & Bake Shop, Sevierville, TN
Our rating 4 out of 5
A little difficult to rate since we only had a couple of items. Surprising, I did not try the ice cream. We were heading to dinner, so didn't want to fill up on ice cream.
The bakery has LOTS of cake/breads such as pumpkin, apple cinnamon, blackberry, as well as cookies and mini muffins.

BLACK RASPBERRY COBBLER BREAD: Very good. Moist, dense, rich black raspberry flavors with a touch of cobbler crumb type topping. The only thing I didn't like was the seeds in the bread, but the flavor makes up for that.
CRANBERRY OATMEAL WALNUT COOKIES: Excellent. Slightly chewy, and perfect combo of flavors and spices.
Have you ever heard of Vagina Dentata?A few weeks ago, we watched a movie called TEETH, or maybe their sub-title, "Every Rose has it's Thorns". Sounds like an interesting horror story? Well, I'm not sure interesting is the correct word. Scott & I do enjoy horror movies. Scott is more into the zombies type than I am, but I still enjoy a good scare and some gruesomeness.
This is about a girl who has made a pledge of chastity. Unfortunately, she is preyed upon and later her teenage, hormonal curiosity takes over, and then revenge. This poor girl has teeth inside her Vajayjay, as I've heard Oprah call it. We had to watch it just to see how they did the scenes. Were they stupid/cartoony?, were they crude? Actually, the movie wasn't really that bad. I feel the subject of her problem was done somewhat tastefully. At one point, a boy does get his, you know what bitten off. When the doctor goes to reattach, the doctor says, "Hardly seems worth it"...chuckle, giggle.
I'm not sure I can recommend it as a "must see", but it's good enough to keep you interested even if we revert back to our puberty days and snicker throughout.

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