Saturday, January 5, 2013

Devin's new do

West Memphis, AR 72301

While at FOUR PAWS KINGDOM for 3 months, Devin's personality really bloomed. We found out he is a real goof ball! So at the time, I bleached & dyed his overgrown hair on his head. I posted a photo in a past post.
Now that we are gone from the dog loving crowd in NC, Scott asked me to cut Devin's hair. Sort of like a guy cutting off his mustache after years. We were curious. So here are the before and after shots.
Before, Mr. Goofball
Before, center part

I liked his goofy hair. It was definitely a conversation piece. But I must admit, he looks more Irish Setter with it cut. We'll probably keep it cut. After all, he is 2yrs old now. Don't Setters calm down by then?---------------------I DON'T THINK SO! DEFINITELY NOT!
More Devin: I do most of the walking of the dogs. I don't mind as long as Scott does the last evening  walk. I like going to bed early. As stated in an earlier post, Devin has gotten quite wild because of not having a dog park to run around in and the excitement of mice in our RV. So we are back to the prong collar. But once in a while, the collar comes apart. Well sure enough, it came apart while on our morning walk. The RV park has nice wide, cleared paths around the park. They are away from traffic and there is just woods and tall grasses along the sides. So Devin was on the loose. At first I had a jolt of panic, then said, this is a good thing to see how he reacts. Then panic again as he took off into the woods and I couldn't see or hear him. I catch sight of him and give a whistle. He barely acknowledges me and continues exploring. More panic. Call his name with a happy sing-song voice. Debbie stay calm. After a long minute, he would head back to the trail, look back at me, then run back to me and pass me. He turns and passes and runs ahead. This activity went on for quite a while. As long as he looks for me and is keeping an eye on where we are, I feel ok about him being loose in this area. Since the park is practically empty, I kept him loose all the way to the RV. Along the way, he made a run for the lake and in he goes. He doesn't care that is is only 35° out!. I was curious to see if he would return to the RV or try to play a "chase me" game. He followed me to the RV and was happy to go inside for some much needed water after his morning run.
Shhh, don't tell Scott that I LET Devin off leash this morning. This time I planned it and had good chicken jerky for him when he would come back to me. His recall is really bad, but at least he doesn't wander too far. He's a work in progress. Scott does not want to take the chance of letting him off leash. I have a little more confidence in that Devin likes us and wants to be with us.
ONE GOOD THING BLOG: I haven't explored this blog too much, but what little I have, I've enjoyed all the hints, tips and recipes.
Ray's World Famous Bar-b-que, West Memphis, AR 72301
Our rating 2 out of 5

I saw good reviews so gave Ray's a try. I will not be back.
All was just ok. I like smoked meats which I did not taste in these.
The cole slaw was simple but refreshing.
The BBQ sauce was very good. Sweet, with a bite.
But, BBQ sauce is not enough to make me return.
Krystal, West Memphis, AR 72301
Our rating 2 out of 5

First time here. I thought it would be similar to White Castle. It is similar in that it's got itty burgers or "sliders".
But the burgers cannot even compare. I LIKE White Castle burgers. It taste like a decent fast food burger, only mini. Krystal burgers were disgusting mush! The meat just squashed when I bit into it. I ordered 2 cheeseburgers and only ate one. That's how bad they are!
The french fries were very good. Almost as good a Mcdonald's. Yum.
Howard's DO Nuts, West Memphis, AR 72301
Our rating 4 out of 5

Delicious donuts. All that I tried were delicious.
Red Velvet
Blueberry cake
Choc. with cream cheese filling
Place was busy, but the staff was willing to take time to explain the different donuts since this was my first time. I asked about a Bavarian Creme. She said none on display, but she could make one if I want. She was ready to go in the back and fill one. With the long line, I opted to just get what was on display.
Nice to have a non chain donut store that makes good donuts.
Blue Plate Cafe, Memphis, TN 38119
Our rating 3.5 out of 5

Very cute old home made into a restaurant.
We ate breakfast here.
Staff was abrupt, but efficient.
SWISS CHEESE OMELET: OK. Seemed like it was made in a non stick pan. There were no slight browning or crispy edges or buttery taste.
PANCAKES: Good. Nothing special, but better than many places. Fairly light. I like that they served the syrup warm, in a non drip container.
HOME FRIES: Good, slightly crispy sliced potatoes.
HAM STEAK; Very good and grilled just right.
BISCUITS & GRAVY: Gravy was good with that great bite of pepper throughout. The biscuits are AMAZING! Dry on the outside and moist on the inside. They don't crumble when you eat them like most biscuits. I would go back just for the biscuits. Would like if they offered Sausage gravy also, even at a surcharge.
Beside eating out, Scott has been cooking also. He made Chicken Cacciatore the other day. That is a meal he makes regularly. Every time he says he's making it, I say I don't like chicken and tomato. But every time I taste it, I love it!
He also made me breakfast again. I never tire of his breakfasts with the great fried potatoes he makes.
 I even cooked the other day. I'm trying to find simple crock pot recipes. I used to cook very good. When I was single, I had nothing to do on the weekends, so I'd try out a new recipe. But as I got more social and then married, and started volunteering, I didn't want to take the time to cook. Now my cooking skills are not very good. But, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this crock pot recipe.

Before full time RV'ing we went to the dentist every 6 months. It helped that Scott's insurance paid 100% of the bill 99% of the time.
Now that we are on the road and do not have dental insurance, we will schedule a check up only once a year. Since we will not be getting them professionally cleaned as often, I researched what to do to help keep tarter at bay.
I found a couple of interesting articles about remineralization, which is the process of returning minerals in the porus teeth.

According to the American Dental Assoc., CHEWING GUM helps prevent cavities. Exercising the teeth and jaws by chewing on a piece of sugarless gum after eating increases saliva flow in the mouth and helps speed up the process of washing away acid and swishing around the good stuff in saliva: calcium and phosphates. About 20 minutes of gum chewing helps measurably, and some types of gum now contain agents to help specifically with remineralizing, too

My dentist mentioned that I should be not only flossing, but getting that floss wrapped around the teeth. Hmm. Flossing is a pain in the...anyway. So I looked into the benefits of Water Piks. It seems every little bit helps, so I purchased a
Our rating 5 out of 5
I didn't want to get a full size Water Pik because living in an RV, counter space is at a premium. This product got very good reviews and takes no space at all. I had the personal piks on the wall instead of on the side of the faucet.  I have nothing to compare this to since I have never used a regular water pick. But so far, I am happy with this product. The pressure is good, it's easy to install and easy to use.

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