Thursday, January 17, 2013

MAUMELLE PARK COE , Little Rock, AR 72223

MAUMELLE PARK COE Little Rock, AR 72223 Site B37 $26./day
Our rating 4.5 out of 5 
View from our site
SITES: Large sites, plenty of grass, lots of room between sites. Many river front sites.
HOOK UPS: W & E (50amp) No sewer, but dump stations close.
BATHROOMS: Tiled and clean
PETS: Pet friendly. Lots of areas for walking the dogs.
WIFI: None
VERIZON INTERNET: Worked well. Pretty fast
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Nice part of the country, but not much sightseeing. Civil rights museum, Clinton museum. Lots of restaurants and food stores close by.
Comments: If there was sewer, this would be a 5 out of 5. Very quiet while we were here, but even during prime season, when full, I think it would still be an enjoyable stay because the sights are well separated. Beautiful view of the Arkansas River. Boat ramp very close. Playgrounds, pavillions, water fountains.
Below is a sampling of other sites. Whether on the river or not, they are all great sites.

My excitement about Geocaching as definitely subsided.
We looked for 3 caches all within Maumelle Park where we are staying. 
We looked for 3, we found ZERO! Very frustrating.
Geocaching now is going to the coordinates and then searching and poking and coming up empty and disappointed much of the time.
I think I may try to plant a cache one of these days. I would make it more of a hunting game instead of just a search. I would lead them to a spot fully described, such as "go to the coordinates, see the ______, turn right and go approx. 30' until your reach the _______", etc. 

Well, at least the dogs got a nice walk out of it and it got me off the computer for a while.
How many of you enjoy your time on "The Throne" aka Toilet. We only had one bathroom growing up and when Mom would go in, we knew we'd be holding it a long time before she came out. I guess that's where she could have a little peace for a while. I suppose she read while in there.
Scott is a "Reader on the Throne" kind of guy. As I've gotten older, I now do crossword puzzles on that special seat.
One of the "selling features" for our RV was that it had a porcelain toilet base, not plastic. Although heavier, it is also more durable and more like "home". But, the actual seat of the toilet was a light cheap plastic seat. After using it for a year, it has begun to squeak as you adjust position. Even before that it always felt cheap and reminded us that we are in an RV.
So our mod was to buy a $20.00 heavier plastic toilet seat from Walmart. Easy to install and what a difference! Cheap & easy, but a very rewarding mod. Now our toilet seat really is closer to a throne.  As the Charmin commercials states, "ENJOY THE GO".
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
As another reviewer stated, this book is sort of like an ER (Television series) story. I really enjoy medical mysteries and stories surrounding the medical profession.
Health & Happiness was truly just sort of a soap opera. We are given an inside look at the workings of a hospital (whether true or not), from a patient's viewpoint and a Dr.'s viewpoint. I enjoyed the self-searching and the questioning of the point of one's life and the frailness of life for all.
If you are offended by life's wrongdoings, you may not want to read this book. There is motherhood via a one night stand, there is malpractice not spoken of in the open or acknowledged by the Dr., there is an extramarital affair, Dr. misconduct. All makes for a good "soap opera".
I was disappointed that she did not end the story. The story "ends" with characters still questioning, what is right and wrong and not dealing with decisions to be made. 

True Lemon Our rating 5 out of 5
lrg_true_lemon_10ctI love lemon in my water. I try to always have at least one fresh lemon in the fridge at all times. No sugar, just lemon. But, when I don't have a fresh lemon, True Lemon is an excellent substitute! No artificial flavoring, no sweeteners. This is exactly the flavor I'm looking for when out of lemons.
They make other flavors also, True Lime, True Grapefruit, True Orange.
There are also lemonades sweetened with zero calorie Stevia.
Their website also has lots of recipes using their products. I love Lemon Chicken. I'll have to try that recipe.

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  1. Primo sites for sure....why are you up North and not in the desert heat, not that its been that warm? Just curious why you are in Memphis in the winter and now AK.

    I really liked all the interesting to see.

    hummm now you got me think about the toilet other problem is I need a step stool...I don't like the position of my knees and legs. Maybe an extra thick toilet seat!

    We found a geocache by chance on a path by our house...haven't try to do it by searching coordinates. It was cool...old army box full of bingo cards, plastic toys, etc. Super cute and grandson loved it!


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