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Food Trucks in Tucson

Mar 14 - 27, 2013 Desert Trails RV Park - Tucson AZ 85735
I believe I failed to mention that we met Howard & Linda last week, from RV-Dreams. We noticed they were in the same town as we were (Deming, NM). We invited them to stop by our park to check it out because we love it so much. We are not really entertainers. Our RV is set up for just the two of us. 2 easy chairs, no couch. So even though we invited them over, we were not prepared to entertain. We didn't even have extra lawn chairs out. Luckily, when they arrived, they brought their own water and chairs. Thank you!. I tried to offer them some alcohol. I'm much more sociable after some alcohol. But they were fine with water. At first, conversation was difficult, but eventually we had a nice time talking easily. Linda heard our African Gray Parrot in the RV and her eyes lit up. She loves birds. Swayze (parrot) did a some entertaining with his little conversations with himself and imitating a cockatiel. Linda came in the RV to say hello to our bare naked parrot (he plucks his feathers out). Of course Swayze just stared at her and kept quiet. Linda being a bird lover, expected as much.
Nice to meet you Howard & Linda. Maybe we'll try to go to one of your Rally's in the future.
The the pending demise of Google Reader has given me the opportunity to review the blogs I follow. So far, I am very happy with Bloglines. I don't seem so overwhelmed. It looks very similar to Google Reader, but somehow its "cleaner".
I have caught up on all my RV blogs. I have only started looking at the crafts blogs, then the food, blogs, then the dogs blogs and will it ever end? Yes it will. Remember, if it's on the internet then it "must be true"!
Here's the last page of the internet. LAST PAGE
And here's the end of the internet. INTERNET END
I keep a spreadsheet of all the blogs I subscribe to. That way I can somehow begin to familiarize myself with future friends I may meet.  I also do my own rating system. On my Bloglines reader, I edit the title of blogs to give them a 4 tier rating.
-            Bad                              Read last
/            So-So                           Rarely read, if I have time
CAPS     Good                           Read regularly
+CAPS   Very good/Excellent      I'm a follower and must keep up with.

For blogs that don't really keep me interested...yes they are out there. Sorry, I'm not interested in your outings with your grand kids, or endless touristy stuff.
Sample: Bad
-RV'ing to visit Grandkids. See that minus mark? Those with this mark are the last I read, if I have time. Eventually if they continue to not pique my interest, I'll unsubscribe and "strikethrough" on my spreadsheet.
Sample: So-So
/100 parks in 100 days. The slash mark means so-so. On my spreadsheet the font is gray. These I rarely read and usually eventually downgraded to minus and unsubscribe.
Real link: Good
+Beluga's excellent adventure  I have only started reading this blog and I like his writing so far. So he gets a plus sign. As I continue to follow Beluga, I may upgrade to must read. These good blogs are in bold on my spreadsheet.
Real link: Very Good-Excellent
+IT'S A COZY LIFE These blogs I find interesting. They usually cover more than just RV'ing, but have other interests that I relate to. These blogs are people I would really like to meet because I already feel I know them and would have a nice time around the campfire. These blogs I check every day. They are in Bold & larger font on my spreadsheet.
I move the + blogs to the top on my alphabetical list, above the A's on my Bloglines reader. They are the first in the list and the first I read. Probably too much detailed info. Sorry.
BROWSING THE WWW:// continued
As mentioned above, I just started following Beluga's excellent adventure. I'm still finding out about their personalities and what they like to do. They are FT & have 2 larger dogs (play date?). They also are birdwatchers. I found this very interesting.
From Beluga's Excellent Adventure post of 3/17/13
On our way back from our last "Crane walk" we stopped by the Great Horned Owls in the barn.  I wanted to find an Owl pellet to dissect and Mr. Owl happily obliged.  I picked up my prize with a kleenex and we took it back to share with Paul and Nina.  After flooding it with water, we discovered a few tiny bones, lots of fur and a cool little skull with its jaws and teeth intact!   Once again, small pleasures.  I didn't take any pictures, didn't want to gross you out......
I found that very interesting! Like checking the stomach contents without cutting the animal open.  I think I would have had to keep that little skull and maybe made a pendant out of it.
Although this park is dog friendly with large and small dog parks, our neighbor seems to be more of a cat lover.
The left sign says, "Here lies Mr. Cooper. He didn't use the pooper scooper.
The right sign says something like, "Here lies Cold and Hard, the last dog who pooped in this yard."

They may like dogs, but not dog poop in their yard. Very understandable. Our neighbor is a permanent in a small manufactured type home the size of an RV. We see her cats looking at us from their perch on the window sill. When I say "we", I mean myself and Devin. Oh crap! Devin sees the cats. All hell breaks loose. He's barking, yelping pulling on his tether to try to get to them. He's fixated! We have to resort to the mean, scary spray bottle. 
Devin actually gets along with cats, but if he's not in the same room with them, he goes nuts to try to chase them.

It's been many weeks since our dogs have had a bath. Ya really got to be a dog lover to put up with all the dirt dragged in by them, not only in the RV, but also in OUR bed. Of course they sleep with us!
Desert Trails RV park has a dog washing station. Oh thank you so much! After a romp in the park dog run, I gave Devin a bath and then Lyla. Devin was such a good boy. He climbed right up the steps onto the grooming table and just let me soak him down, suds him up and rinse him off. Lyla on the other hand refused to climb the stairs, so "Mom" had to bend over and wash her while she was just standing. My pants got soaked of course, but it was better than washing them in our little shower in the RV. We do have an "outside shower" with hot & cold water, but these sites are so close together, I'd be washing the dogs in our neighbor's site.
I may be clean, but I'm not happy.
Our rating 4 out of 5
We headed to Himmel Park in Tucson, AZ for a Food Truck Roundup. When we got there at 3pm there were about 6 trucks present. There could have been more earlier in the day. Food trucks are known to run out of food early and depart. 
Photo: Great day to be outside with a few of your friends!
This was quite a drive from our RV park, but we've never been so wanted the experience.
Smokin' Hot BBQ Since it was St. Patty's day, they also offered Corned Beef. Scott had a Smoked Reuben and I had a Malarkey or something like that. Very good corned beef that was smoked! Yum! My sandwich had corned beef, provolone, slaw on roll. The roll was very fresh and delicious. Great corned beef. I didn't taste the cheese at all. Over all a great sandwich for 8 bucks.
You Sly dog was a cool hot dog truck. Each hot dog combo had a cute name with a dog (canine) pictured.
Scott had "The Sonoran". I had planned on getting one of these later in the week, but after one bite of Scott's, that was enough. This is a bacon wrapped hotdog, with beans, tomatoes, onions, mustard, mayo and maybe I forgot what else. I love the mexican rolls it's served in, but it just too much confusion in my mouth.
From the Chefs Kitchen and Catering Facebook page.      Scott had the sauteed mussels. Delicious! He sopped up all the broth with the bread.
Truckin Good Cupcakes by the time we finished our main course, the cupcake truck left. I was full anyway.
Very good experience. If you visit Tucson, be sure to check the Food Truck Roundup page for their schedule of where they'll be.

Heat Wave (Nikki Heat, #1)Heat Wave by Richard Castle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Recommended by my husband. Good choice.
Suspense, mystery, and some romance...well really some light sexual tension tossed in. The main character is a female homicide detective. She's tough, with a barely visible soft side and a realistic character.  Overall good murder mystery.

Mar. 28 - Apr. 10, 2013 Dead Horse Ranch State Park - Cottonwood, AZ

Apr. 11 - Apr. 17, 2013 Trailer Village - (Part of Grand Canyon Park), AZ

NV, CA, OR, ID, WA, MT, ND, SD, WY, then south for the Winter of 2013/2014


  1. Gheez I was sweating bullets....but I made BOLD so I'm tickled pink :O) Food Truck caravan...NICE! I have mussels on my "to try" list...after watching episode after episode of Top Chef. Graveyard cracked me up...a nice amenity with the dog wash! I'd probably be getting myself a short wash along with them!

    1. You are probably #1 now that Flip Flop has settled in a real house.

  2. We would like to go to one of Howard and Linda's rally too but we just can't seem to line our times up to go. We will still be working this fall when they are in NC. And sometimes they are just too far away, maybe one day. I have tried mussels and they are ok, not one of my favorite seafoods. Maybe it was the way they were cooked?


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