Friday, April 26, 2013

RV PARK REVIEW: Blake Ranch RV Park & Horse Motel, Kingman, AZ

April 25 - 26, 2013
Blake Ranch RV Park & Horse Motel, Kingman, AZ
Site# 7 $22./day with 15% Escapees discount
Our rating 3.5 out of 5
SITES: Decent sized, most with a nice shade tree. Pea gravel which was kept refreshed.
BATHROOMS: Clean but a little bit of a walk from RV.
LAUNDRY: Great laundry. I should have done my wash there. Many units, 2 sitting tables with magazines, large table for folding clothes.
PETS: Welcome. Two small dog parks. Large enough for a little running and enough room for play.
WIFI: Worked well
AT&T PHONE: Very Good
/ACTIVITIES: Not much. Horseshoes.
-  AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Not much to do around here. The town of Kingman is 15 miles away and that is where the stores, restaurants are.
This park is conveniently right off I-40 behind a Pilot truck stop. Iron Skillet and Dunkin Donuts within walking distance. Even though we were close to the highway, we were higher up and therefore never heard the trucks nor traffic.
Very clean park.
It's Good to be us blogger posted, "Stupid about blogging"  I think many of the blogs I follow were started to keep our family and friends informed during our travels. Some have developed into more, but I enjoy the down to earth, post as if your just making conversation blogs.
I started the blog for two reasons. Let family & friends know what I'm up to without having to retell it to each person and the blog is a great way to keep the memories. I would never take as many photos or keep track of what we did if not for my blog. I make a .pdf of each post and save the file for memories when we, if we decide to settle down.
I did find myself getting upset because I only have a certain amount of followers, and other blogs have more. Take a step back. Remember the 2 reasons I blog is for family/friends and myself. Now I can relax and write freely. Maybe I lied a bit. I do blog to educate others that may be thinking of or starting out Full time Rving, but I refuse to put any pressure on trying to add informative things. If something pops in my head, so be it.
I really enjoy reality TV. Not things like The Bachelor, Housewives, celebrities, etc. But I enjoy American Idol, true crime, cooking competitions, PROPERTY BROTHERS, etc.
Reading blogs is my reality RV. My routine is as soon as I wake up, I turn on the computer, make a cup of coffee and start reading the blogs I've + rated. Those ratings could change at anytime.
I really find these blogs are my social outlet also. I'm not a real outgoing person. Reading blogs allows me  to know fellow bloggers a little bit. It's much easier to meet them in person, since I have an inside scoop of their interests, personality, etc. I have found that many RV bloggers enjoy happy hour. That seems to be the time to meet up. A drink or two loosen us all up. We can sit and chat. When it's time for dinner, it's time to leave.

On that note, at Meteor Crater RV Park, while Scott was outside rearranging his side of the basement again, Evan of Travels with Evan and Debbie blog, started up a conversation. Since they are from California and we are heading there, Evan said to stop by later to look over the map.
I felt funny knocking on their door, so I just plopped myself at THEIR picnic table with a bottle of wine and my Kindle and waited for them to notice me. 10 minutes pass and I'm still alone.
Evan was probably thinking that woman out there had a lot of nerve sitting at their table. They hadn't met me yet.  Scott finally came over and knocked.
I had finished my 1st glass of wine. We all sat around the picnic table looking over routes in California and up through Washington and Oregon. Evan had driven trucks in the past, so he was very familiar with what roads were ok for the RV. I wish we had met sooner. He had some suggestions for traveling through California, but we sort of already had our route established and reservations made. We took lots of notes for next time we're in the area. My 2nd glass of wine finished. Only 1/2 glass left in the bottle. Bottoms up!
Now Debbie finally came out. The first words out of her mouth were, "Have you had the chicken pox?". Yes, we both had. Debbie was just getting over Shingles. Thanks for coming out to meet us. I'm sure you weren't feeling your best. Now more conversations start. Evan and Debbie are very easy to talk to. Of course since I had twice as much wine as my norm, I was having an easy time talking also.

The ChaperoneThe Chaperone by Laura Moriarty
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Set in the 1920's when bobbed hair was coming into fashion and showing some leg was also starting to be accepted. A teenager with a talent for dance has an opportunity to go to NYC to attend a dance school and maybe be hired as part of the dance group. She is headstrong, conceited and a flirt. Her Mom hires a local woman to act as Chaperone.
The story evolves to reveal the private struggles of many characters. The book scans through about 50 years of time. Interesting story.

April 27, 2013 Arabian Oasis RV Park, Boron, CA
April 28 - May 6, 2013 McGee Creek RV Park, Mammoth Lakes, CA

June 14 - 24, 2013 Armitage County Park, Eugene, OR 

NV, CA, OR, ID, WA, MT, ND, SD, WY, then south for the Winter of 2013/2014


  1. I am happy you read my blog :) I always smile when I see your picture. And you leave nice comments. I try to read and comment on as many as I can and I really miss it when we are too busy and I can't read them. But the work at the park is slowing way down so I should have more time. However, we have to leave and get the RV well.

  2. Just added your blog to my reader. Very helpful and an easy read. We are just now preparing to sell the house and hit the road for a long while with our Lab/Hound, Obi. Not sure if we will full-time for years to come, but we might. Best wishes.

    1. We had no idea how long we would FT. We figured maybe 2 yrs. We are nearly at the 2 yr mark and still have too much to see.


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