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May 20 - May 30 (11 days) - Humbug Mtn. State Park, Port Orford, OR
Have you all heard of the flooding in San Antonio, TX? We had stayed at Traveler's World RV park a few months back, and were right next to the SA River. Susan from Travel Bug is staying long term at that park also. So check out her experience and photos of flooding at the park.

Speaking of flooding...
The rain and flooding reminds me of a camping trip in PA, when we still tent camped.
In 2003, we were camping near a creek. Our Flat Coated Retriever, Chance, loved to swim, so we always tried to camp near water.
Irish Setter Ryley and FCR, Chance (both passed)
Notice where the creek is above. We had been there about 4 days and only had a day or two left of our vacation. It started raining heavy overnight, and continued into the morning. The creek started to rise. Scott said we'd better start packing. Optimistic Debbie said, let's wait a bit. Scott then put a stick at the shoreline of the creek. He said we'll check on it later to see how fast the creek was rising. Well,it didn't take long before the water was way past the stick. I was shocked and said, "let's get packing!". That was about 10am.
About 10 am

It's rising!

We're packing and it's rising, and rising.
About 11am

Our tent was still fairly dry at this point amazingly.
Just about 12 noon
 We made the most of it. Chance loved playing in the new pond. We're outta here!

We have been in Oregon for a week and it has rained 6 out of 7 days. Some days it's just been sprinkles here and there, or heavier rain off and on. But today, we have a full on continuous rain. No wonder everything is so green here.
In between the rain, we've had a couple of campfires. It's good weather for that. There's a little chill from the rain, but then it clears up and the dampness lingers, so a campfire hits the spot.  I sat outside by the fire  the other day, with my afghan wrapped around me, a cup of warm spiced cider and a book to read. Ahhhhh.
We have no cell service (AT&T & Verizon). We have very slow or no Verizon internet. Luckily, town is only about 7 miles away and there are plenty of places with WiFi.
I had breakfast at Paradise Cafe because they had WiFi. I've sat in the Library parking lot and used their WiFi. I've been to Siren's Cafe for lunch and spent a couple of hours there using their WiFi, and lastly, I sat in the parking lot across the street from a motel using their WiFi.
I've been typing up my blog on a WordPad document and saving it. When I get into town with WiFi, then I copy/paste onto blogger and add photos.

It's essential I check my email at least every other day since I volunteer for dog rescue processing adoption applications. I am so thankful that our rescue receives quite a few applications weekly that have to be processed, but that also means I am a slave to the computer. It's all worth it if I can help dogs get out of  "shelters", into  foster homes and then adopted and have a family of their own that will love them.

My calf was hurting me the other day. I thought I must have scraped it or bruised it. I rubbed it through my pants and it felt like a scab. I lift my pant leg up to investigate what I did to myself. Hmm, it lookes like a scab that is coming off. I take my finger nail to pull it off and Ewwwwwwww! I think it is a tick!!!!! I think I saw little legs!!!!!!! I can handle spiders, but ticks just freak me out!!!!!
My brother used to get them in his ears. We used to have to go to the doctor to have him get them out. When I was a teenager, I had an itch under my left breast. I went to scratch it and there was a bump. Oh right, I have a mole there. Did I accidentally scratch it and make it bleed? It kind of stings. Upon closer investigation...Scream! Help! Dad! Get it off! I run around the house with no shirt on screaming, "Get it off!!". Dad saved the day and took it off.  Well Scott saved the day and took the tick off my calf. The problem though is I've never had a tick hurt like that. My leg ached. I checked the bite later and...

Yes, classic sign of a tick carrying Lyme's disease. Damn! I hate going to the Doctor. Just a PIA. But from what I've read, I need antibiotics. People who get Lyme disease can be effected only mildly or severely. I don't want to take a chance.
I've got to find a doctor, but we have no internet or cell service. Into town I go to seek out a walk in clinic. They are all over the place in NJ. Good luck in this little town. I stop at Paradise Cafe for breakfast, use their internet and ask the locals about a doctor. Damn! Only one office and they are only open Mon-Fri. On to the internet. I emailed my blogger friend, Suzi and asked if she knew of any walk in clinics in Gold Beach where they are staying, which is about 22 miles from where I am. Between Suzi and my search, I got 4 phone #'s. They all seemed link to "Curry". I had high hopes for the one in town, since they had 3 doctors in that office. I figured one must be working on a Sat. No luck.  I called 4 #'s. Two in Port Orford and two in Gold Beach. Two #'s were closed and two #'s just kept ringing and ringing and ringing. No luck. So I'll have to wait until Monday. Oh, wait, Monday is a holiday! Damn!
So I've been taking some antibiotics I had on hand. Yes, I know, you're supposed to use ALL your antibiotics to make sure that you are cleared up.  These antibiotics were for me to take when I go to the dentist. I have a SLIGHT Mitral Valve prolapse condition. I was to take an antibiotic prior to a dentist visit to prevent a possible infection in my heart. Not sure how that is caused, but ok, I got the script filled and took my pill. By the time I had another dentist appointment 6 months later, the protocol had changed. It was decided people had a greater chance of having a side effect from the antibiotic than getting a heart infection, so the antibiotics were no longer necessary. THAT'S why I have left over antibiotics.
Siren's Cove Cafe, Port Orford, OR
My rating 4.5 out of 5
I said I would be back!. I returned to this cafe to use their internet and of course for lunch...again. Today's soup was onion & mushroom soup. OH MY GOSH! How can such a simple ingredient soup be so excellent??? The chef has to be the King or Queen of broths. The beefy robust broth would make an excellent base for French Onion Soup. I almost took a container home.
I picked up a couple of sweets to bring back to the RV. A Strawberry Cheese Croissant for Scott & a Berry Lemon muffin for me for breakfast the next day.
Berry Lemon Muffin was very good. There was just a hint of lemon in this buttery muffin with fresh marionberries (similar to blackberries),as a filling rather than mixed through out the muffin. Very good muffin.
Strawberry Cheese Croissant was also good. Light, buttery and just a touch of filling.
English Setter of the week needing a home
My heart is with the senior dogs. They just want to be loved in their less active last years. When I fostered, I usually tried to take the seniors. I knew we may end up having them for a long time, since most people want to adopt young dogs. But they were easy to foster, easy to love, and yes all but one got adopted.
FYI, our rescue has a volunteer transport system in place so even though Tesla is in TN, and you may be in say OH, we can get her there via our volunteers.

TESLA , 9 yrs old
Tesla is a senior girl who found herself in a high kill shelter in KY. We estimate that she is about 9 years old.
She is a wonderful girl and loves attention. Tesla does not have to be crated because she never bothers
anything. She prefers to lie on her doggy bed and take it easy.  The only time she is crated at her foster
home is at feeding time because she likes to steal the other dogs food.
She lets you know when she needs to potty by running to the door. She is very good with cats,
totally ignores them. She is good with other dogs, but does not like for a dog to get right in her face.
Tesla is spayed, up to date on vaccines and heartworm negative. She appears to be healthy. Her
teeth are worn down but she eats OK.  She has gotten a little chubby and needs to lose a few pounds.
This senior girl is now ready for her forever home. She deserves to spend the rest of her life being loved and cherished.  She would be a wonderful addition to a senior's family or for someone who just wants a great companion.

Tesla is in foster care in Manchester, TN.
If you are interested, please fill out an application.
May 31 - Jun 13, 2013 (2 weeks) - Diamond Lake RV Park, Diamond Lake, OR
June 14 -23, 2013 Armitage County Park, Eugene, OR

WA, ID, MT, ND, SD, WY, then south for the Winter of 2013/214


  1. This is nothing to mess with!! Hope you get to a doctor tomorrow.

  2. Debbie,
    Thanks for the shout out.

    Makes me wonder if I have a tick in my thigh. There's a scab that won't go away. It's been there a couple of months. Sometimes it seems bigger than others.

    I hate ticks too. Ewww. Creeps here.


  3. Husband pulled two off from last weekend. Now I know why our neighbor had his pants stucked into boots. I say body checks daily and that goes for the doggies. Hopeful you were able to get into a doc...nice call on a back stash of antibiotics!

  4. That looks really nasty! I hope you are able to find a doctor or that the meds work on it.


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