Monday, May 20, 2013

Homeless or Hipster

May 8 - 19, 2013 (12 days) - Azalea Glen RV Park, Trinidad, CA
Just a quickie post. I just haven't felt like posting, but I sure have been reading blogs! We'll be on our way to Oregon and I'll catch up with you there later. 
It's been really nice to stay at a beautiful and relaxing area for almost 2 weeks. This RV park is quiet, lush greenery, with hiking right across the street.
I've enjoyed just sitting outside with the dogs. We even had a campfire a couple of cool afternoons. We should do that more often. I'm still amazed how little time Scott & I spend together. If he's upstairs in the bedroom watching TV, I'm downstairs in the living room reading, or on the computer. Then Scott comes downstairs, turns on the TV, so I then head outside.  I like quiet. So it's nice when we have a campfire. We spend some "quality" time together.
Northern California is a beautiful area of our country.
We had more truck maintenance/repairs to be be done. It seems every 2-3 months we're handing over $300-$500. for something. Scott brought the truck in to get the oil changed. The dealer found the water separator drain on the gas filter disintegrated. So we ended up replacing that and the fuel filter, air filter, etc.
Nice dealership started, in the winter of 1912 Harvey M Harper and his family drove a Model T from Phoenix, AZ to Eureka, CA to establish a Ford dealership.  Over 100 years later that dealership is still owned and operated by the Harper family.. 
The part had to be ordered, and were told we shouldn't drive the truck. The part should be in the next day. They have a free shuttle service, so they brought Scott back to our RV and the next day picked him up. This is a 1/2 hour trip each way. Nice service.
"When I drive through Hillcrest, I play a game: homeless person or hipster." 
-- Maggie J. Little Rock, AR
That's exactly how we feel here in Northern California. There are so many people riding bicycles with packed saddle bags or people wearing heavy clothing and carrying large tote bags while trying to hitch a ride. Many are really scruffy looking young people. Are they homeless? Are they here in California for the experience? They mostly look homeless to me.  A lot of hitch hikers!
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The RacketeerThe Racketeer by John Grisham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Decent mystery investigating the murder of a judge. A little drawn out at times, but interesting to see all the different avenues taken to find who murdered the judge & why.

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