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RV PARK REVIEW: McGee Creek RV Park, Mammoth Lakes, CA

May 2 -  6, 2013 (5 days) - Tahoe Valley RV Park - South Lake Tahoe, CA
April 28, Sunday  - May 1, Wed., 2013 = 4 days
McGee Creek RV Park, Mammoth Lakes, CA
Site# L9   Price $39./day (Calif. has a 12% tax making rate so high)
Our rating 3 out of 5
Scott may rate it a little higher. This is a popular fishing campground. Upon arrival, it was packed with a family reunion. Kids running around, a couple of loose dogs came to investigate without the owners bothering to call them back.
We backed up to another RV who had 2 little yappy dogs in an xpen growling and yapping at our dogs. Grrr, right back at you. Because of this "welcome", I had a slanted opinion of this park.
Once the majority of the families left by the next day, it was a quiet park. Some sites are right on the babbling brook, which was really nice.
When we checked in Tess, the manager was very welcoming and full of info of things to do in the area.
SITES: Too close together for my taste. Gravel & wood chip sites. Picnic table & fire ring.

BATHROOMS: Did not check. You are given a key for the bathroom/showers if you plan to use.
PETS: Welcome. Very lax in their rules. A couple of loose dogs owned by residents in homes up the hill. Dogs were friendly and I didn't see poop around. So the dogs weren't really a problem. Say hello the the doxie, Snoopy?
WIFI: None
SPRINT INTERNET: No connection
AT&T PHONE: No connection
BOOK EXCHANGE: Small book exchange in the office.
/ACTIVITIES: Fishing, fishing, and more fishing. There is a fish cleaning station in the middle of the park.
AREA/TOWN/SIGHTS: Beautiful area. We missed Yosemite because it was too early for the road to be open (early May). But there are many lakes, hiking, skiing.
Mammoth Lakes is a ski town, so there are plenty of restaurants and shopping. Resort prices though.
Decent little campground, but crowded on the weekends.
I'm typing this blog as we are traveling from Mammoth Lakes to Tahoe. I don't know which is worse, climbing or descending.  We are almost into Tahoe and have to go over a mountain. We go from 4500 feet to 7330 feet. Slow, but steady climb, with an occasional pullover to let cars pass. Is the engine over heating? Scott, don't look at the beautiful valley views! Keep your eyes on the curvy road! Once we reach the summit we start our 9% grade descent on the still winding road. Will our brakes overheat? Oh crap, this is scary. Wow! Ooooh, ahh! There's Lake Tahoe! Scott, keep your eyes on the road! Beautiful! We made it through to level ground.
We're now following a dump truck. On the back of the truck it says, "Ya gotta git it up, to get your rocks off". I guess they transport rocks.
We have arrived at Tahoe Valley RV Park. First impression? Beautiful! Shaded by pine trees, a blanket of pine needles.
 "We left Meteor Crater RV park, 4/25. Spent 2 nights at Blake Ranch RV Park outside of Kingman, AZ after getting the RV washed, it looks almost new. :) Then an over-night stop in Boron, CA of 20 Mule Team fame. Not thrilled with California, expensive, and it seems to have a 55 MPH limit on any vehicle pulling a trailer, even on interstates. 55, on a dead straight, flat desert road, nothing in sight, and a line of cars behind us fighting to pass us since they can do 65 - 70. We had a nice, slow, trip up 395, along the east side of the Sierra Nevada Mtns to a little campground, McGee Creek RV park. Beautiful area. Only problem, the road we wanted to take to Yosemite is still closed for the winter. So we'll soon be off to Lake Tahoe, maybe Yosemite later."
*Comment from Wifey: Scott may not have liked driving 55mph, but he realized we got much better diesel mileage. We average about 9 mpg, but this last trip we got 11.4 mpg.
1. Web MD
2. Sunmaid
1. I receive email newsletters from Web MD. These are great little emails with non-obtrusive ads, and a lot of great info. The info can be anything from medication warnings, health crisis symptoms, mental health, diet, excercise, recipes, and so on.
One of their newsletters was about self improvement. I really liked this statement...
Strive for progress, not perfection.
I've spoken of this before. Sometimes our goals are so lofty, we set ourselves up for failure. I'm not saying to not set goals, but to set goals that are realistic.
I would love to lose 60 pounds. That is unrealistic. That was my weight in my 20's. A more realistic goal would be to lose 45-50 pounds. But even with that lower goal, I should just focus on 1-5 pounds at a time. Be happy for any weight loss and not think that it is only 5 pounds. That means I'm making progress.
Or maybe my goal may be to never lose my temper. Again, this is just a set up for failure. My goal should be to try to not  lose my temper for a week, then 10 days, etc. Or to not lose my temper at one of my trigger situations.
The same idea is used for large projects. Just break it down into steps. Feel a sense of accomplishment finishing each step.
Small goals reached is much more satisfying than forever trying to achieve the ultimate perfect goal.
2. I just bought a packet of Sunmaid raisins for my morning cereal. It is Sunmaid's 100th Anniversary and they are giving away their 100th Anniversary Booklet which is quite interesting. It tells the history of how the company started, how raisins are grown, well grapes to make into raisins. Then in the back of the book are some recipes. It's a free download.
Tip: When making cookies or cakes that you add raisins too, put the raisins in a bowl, add water to cover and microwave 1 - 2 minutes. This puffs up the raisins so they are softer in the finished product.
1. Cable Jacket
2. Alexa short sleeved cardigan
3. Sun hat
Unfortunately, I haven't made ANY progress.
1. Cable jacket:
I swatched for size and then got about 15 rows complete of the back. Each row was a struggle. Each row is full of cables, which individually were not difficult, but row after row after every other row,was full of cable pattern repeats. I was constantly checking and rechecking my rows. I guess my goal was too high. I can do cables, but to knit cables throughout a whole sweater, was too lofty. Riiiiiip---it! Yep, I frogged what I had knit. I'll knit a simpler cardigan with this yarn.
2. I completed Alexa, a short sleeved cardigan about a month ago. This pattern also had cables, but much more manageable.
I keep putting on this cardigan and I just don't like the way it looks on me. Is it too short? Is it because I'm using cheap acrylic yarn? Or is is just that I'm fat and it is not flatering on my figure.  I will knit a longer, different cardigan, "frogging" (Riiiiip-it!)as I go.
3. My sun hat is at a standstill. We haven't been near a Walmart to purchase more twine. Stay tuned.
PET PEEVE: Pricing not obvious
We've been trying to plan ahead our travels. We've been told the coast of Oregon is very popular in the summer & best to make reservations to ensure a site. While searching for campgrounds, I have found over and over again, many sites do not list their rates on their website. You either have to enter the dates for availability, or call for rates.  I will usually pass over those RV parks for a park with more info on their website.
I feel the same way about shopping. If the items on display, usually jewelry,  don't have a price listed, I will most likely just leave the store. I don't want to ask a SALES clerk for the price. And then I have to decide if the price is reasonable enough for me to look at the item. In the meantime, the SALES clerk is asking if I want to see the item and I'm still mulling over the price. Grrr. Don't pressure me! If the price was on display, then I would be able to make a decision as to whether to ask to see an item and a possible real sale because I'm aware of the price.
And vendors or yard sales. I don't haggle. You don't have the price on your items, I pass right by.

May 7, 2013 (overnight) - Kelly's Family Kamground, Upper Lake, CA
May 8 - 19, 2013 (12 days) - Azalea Glen RV Park, Trinidad, CA
Crater Lake, OR
June 14 -23, 2013 Armitage County Park, Eugene, OR
OR, ID, WA, MT, ND, SD, WY, then south for the Winter of 2013/214

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