Saturday, July 20, 2013

Second Anniversary!

July 18-20, 2013 Elwha Dam RV Park, Port Angeles, WA
Yep, July 18 makes 2 years of full time living in an RV. Time really does fly. I remember the misery of purging our house. The misery of staying at Pine Cone "Resort" at $51. a night while having our house fixed up for sale. But, I also remember the glee as another pile of our "precious stuff" was taken away, either by neighbors, freecyclers, charity, junk removers or to the bulk garbage. Even now I feel myself calming at the thought of all that stuff GONE! I really do not want to move back into a house. I know we'll just start filling it up...because we have the room.
I am VERY happy with my limited crafts instead of a whole room of "someday" projects, but "someday" never arrives. I love the fact that I can't buy more yarn or more craft supplies because they are on sale. Nope, just no room in the RV.
I love that I can't buy cutsy kitschy items I see at fairs. Just no room! Granted, I do have a moment or two of wistfully, wishing that piece of artwork could be mine. But I am soon over it, thinking of all the money I would eventually spend and all the "stuff" I would accumulate over time if I had the room.
I am PERFECTLY CONTENT with what I have. My life would not be better by buying that cute little doggie yard ornament or that beautiful skein of yarn. I have real dogs and I have PLENTY of beautiful yarn. Ahhhhhh. RV life is very good!

I am currently sitting outside in the shade under our awing. I have a jacket on and my fingers are chilled and my toes are on the cold side. I am so glad we planned to be in the Pacific NW for the summer! It is 70° here, 67° in the shade. In Neptune, NJ where we used to live it is 91°! Anything over 80° is too hot for me. Ahhhhhh, RV life is very good.

I've... well, we've been going places separately more often. Mostly because if we can't take the dogs, we don't feel like crating them, so it's easier for one of us to stay home. But also, as long as the RV park is decent and quiet, we really enjoy our time at home. I went to the Lavender Fest alone. I could have brought the dogs, but it was easier just to leave them with Scott. I'm glad I went alone. I was able to go at my own pace. There really wasn't much to interest Scott, except the food vendors and they were nothing special. So I could take as long as I wanted to ponder whether to purchase an item or not. I could eat when I wanted and relax to listen to the music or not. It was all up to just me.

Back at Point Hudson RV Park in Port Townsend, the sites were close together, but we had lovely neighbors. Each evening after their cocktail hour, Mike? (I'm sorry, I forgot his name), Maryanne's husband would cook dinner on the grill. I was usually outside with my own cocktail and on the computer. The first night, I couldn't resist. I said whatever he was cooking smelled delicious. He had made a marinade. He gave me a sampling of his oh so moist grilled chicken. Another night, he gave me a sampling of his baked beans and asked if it needed anything. I felt some diced onions would be a nice touch. Well, he did ask, so I told him. He thanked me and added the onions.
The next day they were given some fresh crab from a local. It sure pays to be friendly. Again as I sit outside I see Maryanne's husband cooking. I told him to not let me sample them unless he wants to kill me. (I'm allergic to crab, shrimp, lobster). He said he'd give a sample to Scott.

That's a sample???
Scott said it was delicious!
Lavender Festival, Sequim, WA (Pronounced squim)
Well, I can check that off my list! Check & done! I was so insistent in getting up to the Lavender Fest since we were in the area. The good news is this enabled us to experience the wonderful town of Port Townsend. The bad news is that the Fest was no big deal. Really, I'm not that into Lavender. It's nice and yes, I have the spray for our pillows at night, and yes, we have a little sachet that we shake once in a while and the fragrance fills the dog smelly rv. And yes, thanks to Diane, my former Tuesday night, Ice Cream socializing knitting group, spinner of my Setters fur, knitting friend, I have some in a few of my bags of yarn.

I don't like the taste of lavender, so I'm not interested in lavender & spices, lavender ice cream, lavender lemonade nor lavender marinade. Also, I still have plenty of hand, face and body lotions to last a couple of more years, so alas, I resisted the purchase of lavender body creams. Yes, two years full timing and I still have face moisturizer, body lotions, unopened makeup from my stock while living in a sticks & brick house. Although, I have gone from a large tub down to a small tub, so there is progress.
RV life side note: Every time I empty another container my heart leaps with happiness. (Doesn't take much to make me happy). A little more room to either fill or leave blank so it's easier to get to our other "stuff". Why do I have a tub full of envelopes and note cards? Because I have a slight obsession with school supplies and stationery and pens. I may send out 5-10 envelopes a year. So I'll be dragging that tub of envelopes around till the end of my lifetime. So fine friends and family, please start a prayer circle, or send some Setter Zenn, or subliminal thoughts of persuasion, or comments to persuade me to PURGE that stupid tub of envelopes!

I will return now to the previous fascinating subject of the Lavender Festival. Please do not misunderstand, the Festival was not bad. I just played it up to be more in my mind. If you are in the general area this time next year, go ahead and visit. It's free and you DON'T have to leave your doggies at home. Dogs are allowed.
The festival had lots and lots and lots of jewelry vendors, some expensive, some reasonable. A few knitters and crocheters had anywhere from children's character hats to felted hats to beautiful sweaters. I found one knit/crochet vendor very impressive. She made a type of shoulder poncho that was just above chest length in front and longer in the back. It was a nice accessory to cover your shoulders without it getting in the way of movement. I looked all over Ravelry and can't find the pattern. Sigh.
There were a couple of metal yard art vendors that had a lot of dog yard ornaments. Ohhhh, so tempting! I so glad there were no Setters, although the Golden was a close call. I just kept thinking, that I'd have to set it up and pack it away...somewhere each time we moved. Nope, don't think I'll buy it.
There were a few food vendors. All typical. I had a Gyro.
There are two locations for the Festival. One is in mid town and the other is about a mile South. I only happened to find the second one because I was looking for the Sequim Dog Park. The alternate Lavender Fest was on the same street. Both areas had live music also.

Sequim is a busy little town. There are lots of little shops to interest the tourist. If we were closer, I'd probably take a walk through with the dogs and window shop. Parking is not all that convenient, especially for a dually pick up truck. But park somewhere in the neighborhood and just walk to the main street. Sequim does not have the charm of Port Townsend. All the shops have new facades and all very clean looking.
Since we are only in this area for 2.5 days, we've not really had a chance to see much. While passing through Port Angeles, we were impressed by their actual Port. HUGE cargo ships to be seen. Very impressive.
Ratkins update. Chino & Patches are feeling more comfortable in their temporary home. At first, I thought they were really boring. They just snuggled in their cardboard shelter all day. I noticed at night, that they would venture out to eat. I am constantly worried that with their age, they will "pass on" during my shift. Chino has personality plus. She/he (I didn't think to look or ask) has an endearing tilt to her head from probably the after effect of a vestibular disorder. Chino is also quick, quick,quick! As soon as I open the cage door, she is there trying to climb out. Both tolerate holding them. Chino just wants to move and Patches is more curious and always smelling my fingers for what new treat I may give them.
They are both much more active during the day now. It's so cute when they are sleeping and I touch them to wake them up. They are so human like in that they yawn, stretch and look around to get their bearings. The yawning is absolutely adorable! Yes, I really like pet rats.
Pet Rats-The best pet on Earth!
Bill, the love of my life.
Rats are not good pets (They're great pets!)

Scott has pointed out that I have been snoring lately. Sometimes it is so loud that it keeps him up. He keeps threatening to make me sleep in my rocker easy chair.
There's an app you can download that makes your device into a sound activated recorder. It's called Sleep Talk Recorder. Also on this site, real recordings have been uploaded. They are short and funny. The silly and nonsensical thinks we say in our sleep. Check it out.

Also did you notice my jumping for joy Anniversary sign and my new cool (or maybe annoying) signature? Glitter Graphics is a fun site to create all kinds of moving, glittering fonts. And it's easy to use and free!

Take care,

July 21-27, 2013 Cape Motel & RV Park, Neah Bay, WA
July 28-Aug. 3, 2013 Riverview RV Park, Forks, WA
Aug. 4-10, 2013 Silver Cove RV Resort, Silver Lake, WA
Aug. 12-18, 2013 Coeur d'Alene RV Park, Post Falls, ID
Aug. 19-28, 2013 Jim & Mary's RV Park, Missoula, MT
Aug. 29-Sept. 1, 2013 Jennifer's Driveway Boondock, Bozeman, MT
Sept. 2-5, 2013 Mammoth Campground, Yellowstone, WY (Tentative)
Sept. 6-15, 2013 Horseshoe Bend Campground NFS, Lovell, WY (Tentative)
Sept. 16-30, 2013 Wheels West RV Park, Custer, SD

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  1. Congratulations on two years out! I hope to be able to write the sam thing in 2015. I don't miss my art biz at all. I have found a smaller craft hobby that I am enjoying greatly. I have se a limit on the size of container I can use for yarn etc.

    1. I've seen your beautiful plastic canvas work. I love your arm protectors on your couch that match the couch pattern!

  2. Congrats on 2 yr AnniRVersary!As to reacquiring clutter for our sticks/bricks, so far so good---garage has 0 in it other than 1 car and my 100 sq ft brick shed is 95% empty, hoping it stays that way...missing the RV, especially during out TX summer.


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