Sunday, September 1, 2013

Free in so many ways

Aug. 29-Sept. 9, 2013 Jennifer's Driveway - Bozeman, MT
Heaven, I'm in heaven...
We are staying in a friend's driveway. Originally, we were just staying here to get through the busy Labor Day weekend. But we are loving it here! Their home is on a "dead end" gravel road and surrounded by grassy fields. We do hear some traffic noise in the distance, but that is easy to block out when we are relaxing on their covered porch. Flowers abound, lush grass to cool the tootsies off in.
Our view!!!!
The weather has been fairly miserable (for us). Anything over 80° is miserable. Since we are hooked up to their 110 house outlet, we need to be careful what we use. We have switched a lot of things over to our solar system and Scott is happy with the results. Amazingly, the temps drop way down as soon as the sun sets! It was 59° this morning! That's fine by me!!! Since we are limited power, we can't run the AC unless we run the generator, which actually is no big deal, since we have no neighbors to bother. It's fairly quiet anyway. We did run the AC with the generator yesterday, just to experiment. It worked fine. Phew! But because the humidity is only about 23%, I can sit on the porch or under a tree and stay very, very comfortable with the breeze. Like I said...heaven!
Another view

Cool spot to relax.

Our "site" in the driveway.
I just haven't felt like blogging lately. I've been enjoying much "me time". Not that I'm lacking in that, but I've really been indulging. We have no neighbors! A large yard with shaded areas. I've been knitting, crocheting, and doing a lot of reading, both paperback and blogs.

Speaking of blogs, it just never ends! I must have added 5 new RV FT blogs to my list to check out. I feel we are not such a unique group anymore.
Free from neighbors.
Free RV site thanks to Steve & Jennifer!
Test your hitch up.
This pertains to Fifth Wheeler's. After you hitch up, ALWAY pull your rig forward 6" to a foot. Put the brake on and give the truck gas also.
This will ensure, the rig is properly hitched and that that break system is also working.
We have heard of people that have driven off and 50' down the road, their 5v'r drops. It drops right onto the bed of your truck or can drop on the road. Either way, there is likely to be some major damage.
We always do a test tow. But even after doing that, we still had an incident. As we started to pull out of the site, we heard bam! Uh oh! Yep, our hitch and RV were not linked. Luckily this happened as soon as we started to pull out and our portable waste tank took the brunt of the weight. And thankfully, no damage to anything.
Scott is very protective of our fur kids. We never wanted human children and I'm glad we never had them. I think Scott would be such a protective (smothering) Dad. I could see it causing arguments. He is very protective of our dogs also. Don't give them certain treats when we leave them in their crates, they may choke. Don't let Devin off leash because he may get lost.
Well, I have been known to do quite a bit of things behind Scott's back and hoping he'll deal with it not too badly.
A few foster dogs that just appeared at our house.
The Ratkins we are pet sitting for just arrived one day.
Scott leaves for work with his wife "pure" and comes home to a wife with a tattoo on her wrist.
Well, now while Scott was away shopping in town, Debbie let Devin loose in the field! I had lots of extra good treats (beef jerky) on hand. I don't think Devin realized he was loose for a while. I think he thought he was on a long lead. He never strayed more than 40' from me and always came back for a pass by and a treat.
I took Scott on a walk with the dogs and again let Devin loose. He went out further this time, but when Scott called him, he came back!!!! There is hope for this goofy Irish Setter!
Free: Devin now has a little more freedom!

No, I'm still not exercising, but I am going braless for half the day. We have no neighbors and our friend is away, so we are alone, so I can let those babies hang free! Sorry, you don't have to picture that. At 56 years old and overweight, braless is not a pretty picture!
Free, my boobies are free!

Famous Dave's Pit Bar-B-Que - Missoula, MT (Many locations)
Our rating 3.5 out of 5
Admittedly, when living in NJ, we would rate Famous Dave's at least a 4. But now that we are US wide travelers, we've seen the error of our ways. If it's not smoked, you'll never get a 4 rating.
The baby backs were lacking meat and dry. The St. Louis style had plenty of moist, tender, pull off the bone meat. But... we have been spoiled by Texas smoked meats.
Yes, you FT'rs know what that means. We are enjoying our time here in the driveway so much, we may extend it and just visit Yellowstone as a couple of day trips instead of getting a site closer.
Really though, Scott wants to stay put because we have good Sat/Direct TV here and he wants to see the first game of football on Monday, meaning a week from this Monday! He doesn't want to risk us being at a campground with too much tree cover. Oh heavens, can there ever be too many trees? Well, if you want Sat TV, yes.
I don't mind staying here at all. We have our privacy and we're close to town with lots of stores, sights, etc. Like I said, I'm in heaven. Why would I want to leave?
Mammoth Campground, Yellowstone, WY (Tentative)
Sept. 6-15, 2013 Horseshoe Bend Campground NFS, Lovell, WY (Tentative)
Sept. 16-30, 2013 Wheels West RV Park, Custer, SD

south for the Winter of 2013/214


  1. What about water? Do you have to move to dump your tanks? That is our only problem with staying in the RV on the driveway.

  2. We are hooked up to their outside water. And yes, we will have to move the RV to dump. PIA, but worth it to stay in this beautiful spot. We found a free dump station about 8 miles away.


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