Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yellowstone thru the windshield

Aug. 29-Sept. 14, 2013 Jennifer's Driveway - Bozeman, MT
The crutches are officially stowed away. I'm still walking funny and slow, but I did take the dogs for a short walk this morning. Scott was finally able to stay in bed. It's a real effort to walk them and keep my ankle straight. But, it's still improving.
Grade I Ankle Sprain:
Grade I ankle sprains cause stretching of the ligament. The symptoms tend to be limited to pain and swelling. Most patients can walk without crutches, but may not be able to jog or jump.
Grade II Ankle Sprain:
A grade II ankle sprain is more severe partial tearing of the ligament. There is usually more significant swelling and bruising caused by bleeding under the skin. Patients usually have pain with walking, but can take a few steps.
Grade III Ankle Sprain:
Grade III ankle sprains are complete tears of the ligaments. The ankle is usually quite painful, and walking can be difficult. Patients may complain of instability, or a giving-way sensation in the ankle joint.
I believe I had a Grade III sprain.
Devin is doing much better. We are being diligent in keeping him from eating grass. He has not thrown up in 2 days and his poopy looks "good", or maybe better to say, normal.
Feel free to skip over my posts until October 1. Life is pretty uneventful with me laid up with the bad ankle. My posts may be dull, but I'm ok with an uneventful life. This is retirement!! I've been knitting, crocheting, reading. I caught up on all the RV blogs I follow. Now to move on to the craft and food blogs that I rarely check out.

I must admit, I'm slightly missing living in a house. While staying here in Jennifer's driveway, we have been using her bathroom that is near the front door. Even though we're not really walking through the house, I still can see the beautiful big kitchen, the roomy living room with a fireplace. I think I may just be tired of being cooped up inside our RV. I basically am in the bedroom or in my easy chair or in a lawn chair outside. That's it. It's just too much work to get in and out of the truck to go anywhere. I can't even explore the neighborhood because I still can't walk very far. 
Yellowstone Nat'l Park, WY
$25.00 per car to enter. Good for 1 week. (Free with our Annual Interagency Pass)
Dogs allowed in park, but must stay within 100' of the parking lot. Not allowed on the boardwalks or trails.
Last week, when I was barely mobile, we drove to see Yellowstone Park. I stayed in the truck almost the whole time. I only got out to sit and wait over an hour for "Old Faithful" to show.

My view through the windshield
I didn't see much, and too be honest, I'm not that interested in seeing the Earth's pimples/cysts/boils ooze and bubble. In fact, Yellowstone is kind of creepy to me, yes fascinating, but still creepy. It makes me feel unsafe because what is below the Earth's surface is right there "in your face". Just creepy to be made so aware of all the potential disasters that can happen inside Earth. It messes up my sense of feeling safe.

We had another "first" though. We FINALLY saw a Bison in the wild. We saw them on a Bison farm recently, but this was a whole herd with babies, just grazing in the wild. Cool!

While waiting for "Old Faithful" to blow, Scott checked out the famous Old Faithful Inn. Scott was very impressed with it. I wish I could have hobbled over to see it.

Roost Fried Chicken - Bozeman, MT
Our rating 5 out of 5
Many "Yelp" reviewers stated it was the best fried chicken they've ever had. Hmmm, I mean Mmmmm! I don't think it is the best, but it certainly is very, very good.
A simple menu...basically chicken and sides.
Fried Chicken: Delicious. Chicken was moist, the coating was crispy and not oily. I would have liked just a touch more seasoning.
Cheese Grits: Creamy with a slight cheesy taste. No butter, no salt needed.
Fried Okra: Excellent! Perfect! Addicting!
Cole Slaw: Light and refreshing.
Mashed potatoes with gravy: Delicious. Potatoes with the skin left on. We asked for gravy, which was a hearty brown gravy that was mixed into the mashed potatoes instead of poured on top. I will have to try that technique at home. The blended in brown gravy gave the mashed potatoes a different and delicious flavor.
Will definitely return.

Sept. 16-30, 2013 Wheels West RV Park, Custer, SD

south for the Winter of 2013/214

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  1. That sounds like the perfect meal...a few of my absolutely favorites!!!! Nice backside look so content watching from a far! We've been home sitting, and the washer, the shower, and kind of the bed made we somewhat miss a home, everything else I couldn't wait to escape!


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