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Lace Scarf

Hidden Valley Ranch, Deming, NM  
Mon. 11/25/13  Fri. 11/22/13 - Wed. 1/1/14 (5 weeks)
"The belly is an ungrateful wretch, it never remembers past favors, 
it always wants more tomorrow." 
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Snow on the mountain tops, cold wind, temps in the 30's & 40's. Yep, it's Winter. I don't mind, well, maybe cut out the wind and it would be nice and brisk out.
Life is good in the Valley. 
I'm becoming a senior citizen. I turned 57 this month. But  also, I'm enjoying playing bingo and hanging out with the other old ladies on the ranch.

Our neighbors, whom we first met in Port Townsend, WA ordered a smoker! A few days back when the weather was nice, Mike was assembling his beloved smoker. His wife, Maryanne is almost giddy with the anticipation of having some smoked bbq soon. And I'm giddy too because they like to share!

Go Pet Friendly is a nice little website with info about traveling with dogs and what places are pet friendly. This couple travel full time in an RV to explore places to take our dogs. 

Another pot luck dinner this past Friday. Scott made Hobo beans and I made Cheese crescents. Both turned out excellent. My crescents were a hit and I was asked for the recipe.
Easy peasy...
2 pkg. crescent rolls
2 pkg. cream cheese
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1/2 cup butter (melted)
Instructions at above link.

Scott made Hobo Beans, which are more than just baked beans. They can be a meal in itself since it has chopped beef in it. We picked this recipe up from an Escapees member while staying at the park in Livingston, TX.

Hobo Beans
1/2#  ground Beef
1 chopped onion
1/2#  Bacon
1 can Kidney Beans
1 can Pork and Beans
1 can Butter Beans
1 cup Ketchup
1 cup Brown Sugar
1 Tbs Mustard
1 Tbs Vinegar

Fry Bacon till crisp.
Remove from skillet and crumble.
Brown Ground Beef with Onion in bacon grease, add bacon back to skillet when near done.
Combine other ingredients in casserole, add meat mixture and stir.

Bake at 350, about 1 Hr.
No review. Just taking notice of an occurrance that happens quite often it seems.
I am usually "reading" two books at the same time. One is actually being read, the other is an audio book being read to me. I'm surprised how often I end up reading two similar books, or two separate books that have similar or the same character names. For instance, right now I'm reading "Rules of Crime" and listening to "The Snowman". They both have to do with a missing person and they both have a character named Lyla, which also happens to be the name of my English Setter. Hmmm. I've decided to put the audio book "The Snowman" on hold and listen to some mushy romance instead. It's just too confusing with the two books being so similar.
Beautiful Creatures, 2013 Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Young Adult
My rating 4.5 out of 5
Alden Ehrenreich
Alice Englert
Jeremy Irons
Emma Thompson
The trend these days seem to be Zombie (yeck) or Vampires & Witches. This movie is to do with Witches. It started out slow, but seemed to be a good "rainy day" movie to just sort of pay attention to while I knit. After the slow start and realizing this is about witches, it really caught my interest. It is a "young adult" movie so keep that in mind. But so is "Twilight" and you know how huge an audience that has gotten.
I liked the two main teenagers in love characters because they weren't Hollywood beautiful. They were nice looking in a normal way. Of course when Jeremy Irons appeared all dressed in a beautiful still my beating heart...he is still a handsome man after all these years. Emma Thompson was as ALWAYS wonderful. Just about any film she is in is worth watching.
I saw Emma Thompson on Jimmy Fallon this week. She is down to earth and funny, plus a wonderful actress. She can look pretty or homely. In "Beautiful Creatures" she had an American accent that was done so well, I had to check to make sure it was Emma Thompson.
A really enjoyable light movie.
How to wrap a cat for Christmas...

Another project...COMPLETED!
I really enjoy Mystery Knit-a-longs as long as I know what kind of item I'll be knitting. Shawl? Wrap? Socks? Cowl? Blanket? Hat? Scarf? I pick and choose according to what yarn I have on hand (or not), how large a project, and is it something I could use. I don't want a large shawl, but the shawlettes are very popular now and can be worn as a scarf accessory. I've never knit socks but if the opportunity arises, I may try. Blankets are too large, too long to knit, too much yarn and I can't use it because the dogs go on our bed and it would be ruined. The next two Mystery Knit-a-Longs will be a cowl and a shawlette. Just right. And no, I didn't have the yarn for the shawlette, so yep, I purchased more yarn through Knit Picks. BUT, for the cowl, I'll be able to use some yarn I have on hand.
Here's a preliminary photo of my finished project. I'm finished knitting it, but to bring out the beautiful stitch work, I have to block it, which spreads out the stitches and flattens the scarf instead of curling.
The photo does not do this scarf justice! The yarn is so light and lofty. It is Luna, by S. Charles. It is lace weight, 71% mohair, 20% silk, and 9% metallic (glitter). There are also blue glass beads worked into the lace. I am so proud of this beautiful piece.
I am willing to sell this piece. I love to knit, but can only use so many scarves, hats, etc. The yarn cost me $37. (remember mohair & silk). I am willing to sell this work of art for $60. including shipping. That's only $23. for my hours and hours of labor. I probably am making $1. per hour on this. But the thought of someone else appreciating it and enjoying it makes up for the almost non-existent hourly wage.
Off to complete the tedious job of blocking this beautiful project.
Thursday, 1/2/13 - 1/8/13 (1 week) Oliver Lee State Park, Alamogordo, NM (White Sands)

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