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Thursday, 1/2/14 - 1/8/14 1/28/14 (10 days) 
Oliver Lee State Park, Alamogordo, NM (White Sands)
"The best index to a person's character is how he treats people who can't do him any good, and how he treats people who can't fight back. "  Abigail Van Buren
I am absolutely obsessed with this property in Tennessee! I think about it all day long. I'm afraid it will be sold before we get a chance to look it over. But then I'm afraid of the responsibility of owning a house and property again. But, the overwhelming thoughts are really making me crazy. It is best to get to Tennessee as fast as possible, see the property and so the mystery is solved.
The property looks to be so PERFECT. Exactly what we are looking for! But the internet sites don't really show too much of the inside of the house. I get the feeling that the bedrooms are small. I'm more interested in the kitchen and living areas. I've got to stop thinking about it.

Because of my now obsession, we first decided to bypass staying on the Gulf in Alabama and go straight up to Tennessee. But nope, that's not fast enough for me. So now we have cancelled a reservation in Louisiana and plan to drive from Galveston, TX up to Tennessee. But, nope! Again, that's not fast enough Now, I've shortened our stay in Corpus Christi, and arrive in Galveston early, so then we can head to Tennessee earlier. As long as the house and property are still available, we'll be in Tennessee by January 30 instead of February 6. Our original plans were to head to Tennessee in the Spring after visiting family in Florida. But I've got to see this place NOW. I'm excited, but also expecting disappointment.
Anyone that follows this blog knows, I am very involved in dog rescue, specifically Above & Beyond English Setter Rescue. A few weeks back one of our foster pups was on Cincinnati TV! The pup on the right is Gabe. He has since been adopted.
Blue collar Dogs sounds like a great organization. They are just trying to show that a rescue dog is not broken. A rescue dog does not have to come with problems. A rescue dog does not have to be a mixed breed. You can adopt young dogs, senior dogs, healthy dogs, dogs in need of hospice, well behaved dogs, dogs that still need training, etc. Thousands of dogs need homes. As stated in the video, a good place to start is Petfinder. You can search for the kind of dog you are looking for in your area.
Have you ever wondered what the difference between a shelter dog and a rescue dog is? Of course, they have both been "rescued" from a homeless situation, or abusive situation.
Shelter dog is usually kenneled vs. Rescue dog is fostered in a home:
USUALLY a shelter dog is kept in a kennel with a couple of daily walks. The shelter atmosphere is usually more stressful because of all the other dogs caged up next to them. A lot of barking, little one on one human content. There are just too many animals and too little staff and volunteers to give them the attention they need. A rescue dog is usually in a foster home. They are treated as part of the family and given training on how to behave in a house and with people.
Shelter dog personality and habits unknown vs. Rescue dog's personality and habits ARE known from experience:
When adopting a rescue dog, you know what you are getting more so than a shelter dog because the rescue dog has lived with the foster person for at least 2 weeks or longer. Unfortunately, a shelter dog's true personality is usually hidden by being caged, which is not a normal living situation. A shelter dog may act totally different at the shelter than once adopted and at home. A rescue dog has been living in a home situation so his real habits show up more.
Shelter dogs are usually easier to adopt vs. Rescue dogs have more stringent requirements:.  
To adopt a dog from a shelter, can be as easy as filling out your info and paying an adoption fee. Some shelters will require vet checks and references and an interview. Some shelters will require you bring your present dog along to meet the new dog. But usually, shelters have a very simple adoption application requirements.
To adopt from a rescue can sometimes be a long, seemingly invasive process. A rescue is usually much more thorough in their application process and adoption requirements.
A&B ES Rescue is pretty normal for any breed specific non-profit rescue. We require an application that includes, pet history, family members, vet reference, & personal references (non family). We also require that your current dogs (if any) be on  heartworm preventative. We require a phone interview and also a home visit/check/interview. Depending on the availability of our volunteers, this total process can take 3 days to 3 weeks or more.
Shelter adoption fees vs. Rescue adopt fees:
Shelter adoption fees are usually significantly less expensive than Rescue adoption fees.
Shelter fees can be as little as $25. up to over $100.
Rescue fees are rarely under $100. and usually in the $200.-$400. range. But you are more aware of the personality and habits of the dog. You know more of what to expect because the adoptive dog has been living in a home.
Shelter dog health vs. Rescue dog health:
I'm not sure if there is too much of a difference. Both shelter and rescue dogs should have been given a health check, updated on their vaccines, and altered.
My belief is that a shelter can do the vet work "cheaper" than a rescue can because they usually have a vet on staff. A rescue has to use local vets. Depending on what area of the country the foster home is, these vet charges can be very expensive. Some vets will give a "rescue discount", others will not.
Overall, either way
(or cat, or mouse, or rat, or bird, or guinea pig, or rabbit, or hamster, or gerbil, or bird, or snake, etc.)
So go ahead, check out PETFINDER, to find your new companion. Petfinder has listings of animals in both shelters and rescues. It's your choice.
White Sands National Monument, Alamogordo, NM $3.00 per person.
Our rating 5 out of 5
We spent the day here on a cool, still, sunny day in January. It was a perfect day. If the temp is too hot, then you may be miserable. If the wind has kicked up, you'd be getting sand in your eyes and mouth and be miserable.

This is a very dog friendly (and horse) attraction. We had a blast taking the short and fairly short hikes. At one point we had the illusion of walking on beautiful white snow, but it was really the soft gypsum sand. The hikes have a lot of informative signs and very well laid out. Plenty of places to go sand sledding. Bring your own sled or purchase one for $15. at gift shop. Only $3.00 entrance fee. Free for us with our Interagency Nat'l Parks Pass. Areas to picnic, ranger led walks, sunset walk.

Who needs Florida? We have our own beautiful white sand dunes.

Huh? Barefoot or a shoe?

Informative signs showing wildlife and the tracks they make.

Temps cold enough for snow, but this is sand.

Scott leaving our mark, at least until the wind kicks up.

Playa is where water gathers

I'm going to try to post more often with less content. It will be easier for me.


  1. I would contact the realtor and ask them to send you pictures of the kitchen and measurements of the bedrooms. I have found that houses do not always look as nice in person as on the Internet. It took a good six months to find our last house and it was amazing how nice things looked on the Internet vs. in person. Good luck!

  2. A woman on a mission...hope it truly what you are looking for! Anxious to find out where in TN it is...such a lovely state and so centrally located. Lots to see and do around there. Nice sand ... pretty close to our sand but did you hear any waves?


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