Saturday, March 22, 2014

My sob story

March 21, 2014 (overnight)
New Green Acres RV ParkWalterboro, SC 29488 

Warning: You may want to skip the "RV LIFE" section. It's just a woe is me, sob fest and not very interesting really. 
It is certainly nice to be out of the bitter cold weather, although our week near Bristol, FL was not warm. I was able to take a hike one day (and get lost), and another day we had a toasty campfire to take away the chill. Quite a few rainy, dreary days which I don't seem to mind as long as I'm surrounded by woods.
We really dreaded moving from Torreya State Park. It was so nice and quiet. We are disliking moving more and more. I hope to find a nice place to stay for a month in late Spring up North somewhere in Michigan, Wisconsin, or Minnesota.
We are now on our way North to Delaware. We just left from visiting my parents in Florida for 9 days. We don't know what awaits us there. Scott's family is trying to clear out the parents' home to sell it, now that his parents will be in an assisted living facility. We have no idea if there is still work to be done, or if his siblings have taken care of it all by now. But, we'll be up there to help if needed. Unfortunately, there are no nice RV parks up there. NJ State Parks don't allow dogs. How ridiculous. Any RV parks up near where we lived in Monmouth County are at least $50./night for sandy sights, with iffy electric. The County park is nice, but is tight to get into, and a 2 week limit. So our plans are definitely up in the air.

I have had a very difficult week and thought about not posting anymore. A lot of crying and it seems I just can't get through this depression because things keep bringing me down. My husband has been wonderful through all this.
I've got some negativity thrown at me for things I said about Dina's adopters in a past post. (Check out the comments in that post.) I didn't think I said anything bad. Just because the adopter's don't have the same rules as we do for our dogs, does not mean they are bad, just different. Yep, I cried a lot over this. I thought I did a good deed by saving Dina, but then I get blasted. I guess I shouldn't have a blog if I can't take the criticism.
A couple of weeks ago there has been so much negativity among the volunteers of the dog rescue. I just wanted to crawl into a cave and be left alone. Such nastiness, power struggles, misunderstandings, difference of opinions. It's to the point, I don't know what to do. So my temporary solution is to walk away. I said my piece, got blasted. Again, I cried a lot. I am now no longer reading any dog rescue emails unless they are specifically addressed to me personally. It became so stressful for me, I have lived on sleeping pills for two days and slept the day and night and day and night away. I think I may have slept too much because I started having dreams about being attacked, about my laptop being stolen, etc.

I really want to help. I have a difficult time just doing things for me all day all the time. I feel I need to be of use to someone else. But it seems when I volunteer, I get TOO INVOLVED. I get into the inner circle and hear all the crap. I want to just tip toe through the tulips and give myself a pat on the back for helping out. I think, I HOPE, I have FINALLY learned my lesson. It's good to volunteer. There are so many organizations that need free help. I will continue to volunteer, but I want nothing to do with being on a committee or hold a position. Just let me stay in the background and do my small part. My computer and I make a better friendship than people and myself.
The Handmaids TaleThe Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Narrator did an excellent job. But other than that? I just didn't get it. There was no ending, nor purpose. Just a sort of diary of the handmaid and what a depressing, restricted, hopeless life she has. No closure. I was 1/2 through the audio book when it switched to "part 2". I considered quitting, but the rave reviews pushed me onward. Nope, don't get it. A total waste of time.
Kiss Of Fire (Imdalind Series #1)Kiss Of Fire by Rebecca Ethington
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As of this writing 3/8/14, this kindle version on FREE on Amazon. Hurry!
I supposed I have to admit, I am a softy for Young Adult Fantasy books. It started with Twilight, BEFORE Twilight was known about. Now I can't get enough of authors' imagination into an altered world. As I'm reading and getting so involved with the characters, my adult self is saying this is silly. This is some girl's little fantasy that she wrote in bed alone at night. I shouldn't like this. After all, I am a mature woman. Can't fight it. This is well written. I love and hate the characters. I was drawn back to reading and reading to escape into this alter world.
There is family ties and family break ups. There are childhood crushes and true love. There is good and evil.
Be forewarned, if you are enjoying this book by the time you are a 3rd through it, definitely get the next book Eyes of Ember. You will not want a break to a different genre. You will want to continue the story. Too much excitement at the end with definitely an open ending which needs to be followed up in the 2nd book of the series.

Eyes of Ember (Imdalind #2)Eyes of Ember by Rebecca Ethington
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The 2nd book in the series continues to be as great and addicting as the 1st book.
Two men in love with one woman. Hmmm. Who will truly win her heart?
Love, adventure, mystery, fantasy all wrapped up in a nice bow.
And just like the 1st book, you have to read the next book, because the storyline has not come to any closing.
I downloaded Scorched Treachery prior to finishing Eyes of Ember for a smooth transition.


  1. When I read your post about Dina's new home I thought, "Let her go." When I read the new owner's response to you I thought, "Haters gonna hate." The problem with some organizations is that everybody knows everybody and everybody wants to be in charge. . . I've seen this is volunteer organizations, the workplace, churches, everywhere. This lady, for whatever reason, thought you were criticizing her. I thought you were just having trouble letting go of the animal and your relationship. No worries, you don't have to see her at church or at work or at the grocery store. She can be mad and you can get over her anger.

    When I go on the road I plan to first try to volunteer as labor in food banks - unloading, sorting, stocking shelves etc. If that doesn't pan out I'll look for something else.

    Perhaps there's a place for short term volunteer activities in local pounds where you are traveling. I don't know much about them, but giving baths, walking dogs, brushing dogs & long-hair cats etc. . . Helping but not getting involved in the drama.

    You know your intentions are honorable, try not to worry about those who don't know that about you.

    Wishing you brighter days, LG

    1. Thank you. You "got" what I meant. I meant NO criticism to her. I was having a difficult time letting go.

  2. I had written an excellent, supportive comment about how small organizations can be difficult to work in because of hurt feelings and pettiness. However, Google decided not to post it because I still had a email address attached to it!

    Here's the jist of what I want to say. Let Dina go. You cared for her, loved her, maybe wanted to keep her. . . but you didn't keep her so let her go. Let the new owner's comments go, too. Looks to me like she's taking offense where none was intended,

    Surely there are opportunities for you to volunteer along the road. . . at animal shelters or "pounds" if nothing else. You can care for animals and then move on when it's time to move on. No need to become involved in the drama that is a part of human interaction in small groups. You will find the same kind of thing in employment, volunteering, churches. . . anywhere people gather or work together.

    Drop in, help out and move on!

    I enjoy your blog and hope this incident doesn't keep you down. LG

  3. Hi Debbie,

    I read the post and comments about Dina/Emma. I didn't find it offensive or bashing in any way but I do know that it is hard to communicate online and that without the inflection of tone, the facial expressions or the back and forth of a conversation, it is sometimes hard to convey what you are feeling without it being taken the wrong way.

    I have been involved in greyhound rescue for 4 years now. I was the marketing director for a group for 3 years and was let go because I didn't fit in with the clique of friends that were also the board of directors. I am much happier now not being affiliated with any one group but being able to help many groups and many dogs. I donate gift certificates for custom sculptures from Greysful Sculptures (you can visit my page on Facebook to see examplae) for them to auction or raffle off at their fundraising events.

    In my 3 years with the group, I saw the behind the scenes and witnessed all the political crap and God like behavior from the upper members of that group and was just disgusted by it. I don't ever want to know a group that intimately again. I want to help in whatever way I can and focus on the dogs that are being helped and finding forever homes.

    I'm sorry Dina/Emma's new owner took your post the wrong way. I know how hard it is to foster a dog and then watch it go to a new home after you've bonded with it. I recognized that your post was simply about missing her in your life and that was all. She will be okay and hopefully the new owner will come to see there was no harm meant.

    Rescue is a hard business to be associated with in any capacity. You can only do what feels right for you and stay true to the animals you are aiming to help. Don't let the negativity linger, just let it go and move on. Remember it's about the dogs and their well being not the opinions or comments of the people.

    Stay strong!
    Terri Malloy

  4. Sorry to hear of your recent experiences. As "they" say, no good deed goes unpunished. And rescuing Dina was a very good deed. Hope better days come soon.

    Mike. and Mary Anne


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