Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cabin on the Hill

Riverside RV Resort - Sevierville, TN

We've spent just about $1000. on fuel this past month. Ugh! Delaware to Tennessee via West Virginia. Then riding around the Eastern part of Tennessee looking at houses. We used our truck and not the realtor's vehicle. Then unexpectedly back up to Delaware/New Jersey for Scott's Dad's funeral. And then returning to Tennessee to see the cabin we are interested in.
So much for not traveling much. We still have not settled into longer stays in one place.

What will Scott do if we move into a house that is secluded? Scott's morning entertainment while his coffee is brewing is to look out the windows and comment on our neighbors. Whether it be their rig, activity, pets, set up, attire, etc. He's not being negative, just giving me a running commentary on what he observes. I have no interest in this and just let him jabber on.
Today we took a second look at the Cabin on the Hill. On second look, I still love the house. It's actually quite simple. A large living room in the middle, a bedroom on the left and a 2nd bedroom on the right. The Kitchen behind the living room. Then there is a loft. That's it for the main living area. I like the simplicity of it. Very large rooms, except for the kitchen. The kitchen doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the house. But it is nice enough.
But then there is the walk in/out basement/garage. There is a 3rd bedroom down there.  All bedrooms have their own bathroom. The garage is extra large with enough space for two cars and plenty of storage, or workshop area.
The driveway is so steep, the truck couldn't make it all the way up.
Covered decking all along the main level. French doors from bedroom to outside.

Living room

What a view
We put in a bid for it. But I'm more scared than excited. Maybe we're not ready to settle down. I just think of all the furniture we'll need to buy. Goodwill here I come!
This property is 15 acres, but it's on a mountain, so not much is really usable. The good is that it is low maintenance since it is 98% woods. The bad is all this property and we'll only really use a small portion. The good is that the 15 acres will give us LOTS of privacy!
I think in my heart, I hope we don't get it. I didn't want to compromise and here I am compromising because there is not enough flat area for an RV. 15 acres and we can't even keep our RV on our property. That also means no RV friends driveway docking. But, I sold a house in my early years because I thought if I moved closer to my friends, they'd visit more. Didn't happen. I sold a great house and bought a "cozy" house that I ended up hating. Big mistake. So I don't want to decide on a house in hopes that people will visit.

NOS4A2NOS4A2 by Joe Hill
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Creepy story, creepy narrator. The author, Joe Hill is Stephen King's son. Their writing style is similar. His father draws things out to the point of being boring. I have given up on Stephen King books.
NOS4A2 (Nosferatu, similar to a vampire)took a while for me to get involved in, but I eventually got hooked and wanted to know what is going on? Children being abducted? murdered? Children lured by the chance to go to "Christmas Land".
What's going on with the main female character? Is she crazy? or does she have special powers?
This tale has the creepiness of the clown in "It" by Stephen King. A clown should be a happy character, just as "Christmas Land" should be a Disney like place.
The narrator was perfect for this story. She has a raspy voice that added to all the creepiness.


  1. Any one house cannot make you happy. You will have to find peace within yourself for that to be. The cabin looks like a wonderful place to be for awhile, but could it be your forever house?

  2. My sister in law lives on the side of a mtn....not me! Keep looking and make sure a good might change your mind! I was already thinking about all our trips through TN...bummer :)

    1. Rescinded the bid. I can't stop thinking about the steep gravel driveway.

  3. That driveway would make me nervous too. Can you imagine it in the winter when it's snowy and icy?

    Have you considered buying an RV lot? We have one in the north Georgia mountains and recently purchased another one in the Fl Keys. To us, it's the best of both worlds and much cheaper than buying a house. No maintenance when we're gone and we have a nice warm place to spend the winter and a nice cool place to spend the summer.

    1. If you mean an RV lot in an RV park, that is not an option. We want a large fenced in area for the dogs. I also miss having a larger kitchen.


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