Saturday, May 24, 2014

In a good place

May 19 - June 1, 2014 (2 weeks)

Yes, we're in a good Tennessee, decent RV park.  The owners of this park are one of the nicest owners we've met. The But there is so much green space just a few feet away, that it makes up for the lack of site space.
This is right across from our site. Normally there are no tents, but being Memorial Day Weekend, it's expected. Even though the weather has been in the high 80's to mid 90's, there is a wonderful breeze.  I've spent many an hour in the Gazebo protected from the sun and enough shade to see my computer screen. Shade, breeze, electric and a gin & tonic. Ahhhh. Yep, in a good place.
Yes, we're in a good place. We've been looking at houses in the NW area of Tennessee. Not as much available, but the rolling hills are much more to our liking than the steep hills in Eastern Tennessee.
We were interested in two houses.
$180K 7 acres 
The above property was so well kept. The property absolutely beautiful and private. A huge covered porch, lots of woods, 3 beautiful garages. But the 1500 sq. ft. inside layout was really odd. A master bath with no toilet. Also, I think they eliminated a bedroom to make 2 walk in closets, one for the master bedroom and one that is off the hallway. Odd. Scott's "man cave" computer room would have been in the hallway walk in closet.
$209K 13 acres
The above house we felt really comfortable in. But comfortable is not "love". There was a large portion of the back yard fenced in, which would be great for the dogs. Move in ready. This also had 3 garage/storage areas. Difficult internet connectivity was a deal breaker for Scott. And since we are in no hurry or NEED to buy, comfortable vs. "gotta have it" is not enough to make us stop traveling.
So we are free for the summer and will be heading to the Upper Peninsula in July. Anyone heading that way??? Ahhh, yep, we're in a good place.
Yes, I'm in a good place. I'm in a green area, I'm busy, but not stressed. I'm still really busy with data keeping for the rescue. The dogs in need never end. Just like when I worked at the Post Office. You get the mail out for that day, but come back the next day and have to do it all over again. It just keeps coming and unwanted dogs keep being born and in need of homes.

Now that our house hunting is on hold until Fall, we are excited to really relax. Well, maybe I can relax.
Don't think because we live in a RV, there are no "honey-do" lists. The list on the right are things I could do, but my excuse is that Scott took my little compartment "suitcase" with screws, nails, etc. I used to keep it on my side of the basement for quick fixes. But Scott took it over and it's now on his side of the basement. He knows where his stuff is and I know where my stuff is. So, because I don't have my hardware supplies, the honey-do's are Scott's responsibility. That sounds reasonable...right??
Not much going on in this department. I think it is my fault. I've been harping about the big thing I miss while RV'ing is a larger kitchen. Between the hot weather and my complaints, Scott has not been interested in cooking...yes, he's the cook in this household. His non-cooking is good for me. I'm the type to fix something quick and easy and on hand. Last night for dinner, I had steamed broccoli, an ear of fresh corn on the cob, and some cottage cheese. I was satisfied. Maybe this will be a Scott no-cook diet!

While I was viewing a website I glance at often, She mentioned Utah Fry Sauce. I forgot about that! During our travels, while visiting Idaho, we were introduced to Fry Sauce. I was visiting a Postal Worker friend. We all went out to lunch. We all ordered fries. The waitress asked if we wanted fry sauce. Huh? Excuse me? What did she say/mean? My friend, Don looked at me like I'd lost my mind. Fry sauce is more popular than ketchup I think in this area of the country. So, sure, we'll try it. Yum. It's basically ketchup and mayo mixed together. Recipe below.

Utah Fry Sauce

1 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup ketchup (roughly a 2 to 1 ratio)
1/2 tsp onion powder
3 to 4 tsps. pickle juice (add one tsp. at a time & check for taste)

Mix together in small bowl. Eat.

While in Sevierville a few weeks back, we were driving through town and look what we saw driving next to us?!
Google Maps Street View camera!
Google street view is really, really cool! I just checked out our old house in NJ. We haven't been back since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. We wondered if our trees survived and if there was any damage.

Here's the Google Street View of our former house in NJ.  The tree in the back yard I was concerned about is still there. Check out the full 360° view here.
So all in all, life is at a good place for us.


  1. I bathroom without a toilet? Guess it really is just a BATHroom.

  2. Glad you ar feeling a bit relaxed. That perfect house has to be out there, just take your time finding it. Do you have a must have list? If you do and you contact several realtors and be sure they understand your needs, you will have that many more eyes looking for you. Sometimes a realtor will have contact with sellers months before they are ready to go on the market. This can lead to a good bargin or a good match.


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