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Hodge podge-Mish mash-This n' that...

Columbus-Belmont State Park - Columbus, KY
June 2 - 15, 2014 (2 weeks)

Because of being so busy with the dog rescue & unexpected more house stuff, I haven't kept up with my blog, and I haven't been sorting photos and things of interest I've seen off the net. With that being said, this blog post will be a hodge podge of me cleaning up my files. Interesting? I don't know, but it will give ME a sense of satisfaction and if you follow MY blog, you know it's "all about me".
5/29/14  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The Fit RV is a versatile, informative website & blog. They have a Class B conversion van type RV. They first used it to go to running events, and now go on the road quite a bit. They not only have great info about exercise on the road, but healthy snacks, and also RV tips and RV park reviews.
I have gained 50#'s in 5 years since I stopped "watching" what I eat or more accurately eating what I watch/see,  and have become quite sedentary since RV'ing. I enjoy reading Steph's healthy snacks and tips on how to exercise on the road. Unfortunately, I have not tried any of her ideas....yet. I did pull out my resistance bands the other day and did some arm exercises for about 10 minutes. Not much, but a start. The Fit RV blog is upbeat and not over the top. Her recipes are things we all can make and her exercise suggestions are definitely doable, if only I'd shut off the computer and get off my ARSE!
What can I do with the shawls I make? I just finished a shawl that has close to 1000 beads knitted into it. I'm TRYING to block it, but the weather is not cooperating. It is too large to spread out on the picnic table, it is too large to spread out on the RV table. So I've spread it out on the truck bed cover. Ahh, that works except for the rain! I left it out rained. It's out today and I'm hoping the sun will come out and dry it, but it has rained off and on all morning, sometimes quite heavily. Another reason for a need for a house. I have no place to block my knitting!

TV, to HS/COLLEGE, to SPORTS, to RANT and back to SPORTS:

Anyone watch "The Big Bang Theory"? My husband loves the show. I at first truly hated the show. It seems so technical and Sheldon's long winded answers and his voice and his sucking in of breath just drove me nutso. I literally had to walk out of the room because I couldn't deal with the noise of the show. And living in a 5th wheel makes avoiding the noise of the TV somewhat difficult. I had 3 choices, go outside, go upstairs to the bedroom, or put on my headphones, any of which worked just fine. Through behavior modification, I was able to tolerate the noise. Because of my new found tolerance, I actually paid attention to the show. Next thing I know, I'm laughing! What??? Now I love "The Big Bang Theory".

Everyone thinks Scott is such a nice guy and I'm the dominate half of this union. But really, Scott wedges in to get his way, as in the above example. Another example is hockey...Flyer's hockey. I can enjoy watching sports, but the holding interest are the actual players.
In high school was the only time it was pure team spirit. Go Knights!

In college, I was a soccer fan. I went to a bible college where football was considered too violent a game. I loved watching those muscular legs kick up in the air to make contact with the ball. Mm, Mm, Mm!

These photos from the yearbook do not do the legs justice. The guy stretching (bottom left) was shorter, but oh the thick muscular thighs he had...
His name is Cisco & I had a major crush on Cisco. I've always liked dark hair, dark eyes, and facial hair. Even to this day. Just look at my hubby!
Cisco was from Rhodesia, Africa (now Zimbabwe). He had a lovely English (as in England) accent which added to his luciousness.  Which leads me to a pet peeve I've posted about before. "African-Americans"...I really hate that term. Any time I see that listed as a race, then I'm "European-American", not White. Cisco is the perfect example. Cisco is a true African-American, but he is not Black.

That is why I REFUSE to use the term "African-American" to describe the Black race.

From the net:
MAY 20, 2013
The Rhetoric of Race in America
Why “African-American” is a Patronizing, Even Racist Term
by M. G. PIETY
"I do not like the expression “African-American.” It’s patronizing, condescending, and racist. It was coined, rumor has it, to help counteract the corrosive effect of racism on the self-esteem of black Americans. But how is that supposed to work? In practice, I would argue, the effect is unavoidably the reverse. White Americans are never referred to as “European-Americans,” so to identify black Americans as “African-American” is to suggest that they are only half American...." If you'd like the read the article  please go to the Counter Punch website.

Phew! How did that happen? I went from TV to sports to a major rant!
Let's get back on track.
What I was leading up to before I got distracted, is that Scott loves the Flyers. I never thought I'd be a hockey fan, with all the immature fighting during the game. But, early in our relationship, he would watch the games, while I would cross stitch. He would comment on players, plays, etc. Next thing I know, I am fascinated by the goal tender. First because he is dark haired, dark eyed and has facial hair. 2nd because he looked so sexy stretching prior to the game and 3rd, because I was impressed with the talent of having to stop that little puck go into the net.
Deb, Rod Brind'amour, Scott

I was as big a fan as Scott for a while. I wore Flyer's logo clothes, I bought an official Flyer's jersey and then went to practice games to get the jersey autographed by the player. But after about 3-4 years, my favorite goaltender, Ron Hextall retired. Then my favorite player, Rod Brind'amour was traded. I'm done. So much for my hockey spirit, but Scott did drag me into it for awhile.
Control Z: How could I not have known about this shortcut??? While learning how to update our dog rescue website, Lynne told be "Control Z" to undo! Wow! I use this all the time now. Even if there is not an undo button in sight, just type "Control Z" and many times, what you just did will revert back to before.
I knew about these below, but maybe you haven't.
Highlight &
Control C: Copy
Control V: Paste
Control X: Cut
Control B: Bold
Control I: Italics
Control U: Underline
My Father let me know about the degree symbol
Alt 0176: °

Creaclip  $29.99 from Amazon
Unfortunately, my Mom did not use Scotch tape to cut my bangs. To even them out, she kept cutting, and cutting. Luckily, most times she took me to a beautician for the cut. I have inherited my Mom's lack of hairstyling talent.
I have let my hair grow out and was wearing it in a top bun, but it got so long that it was difficult to wear it that way. So for the price of one haircut, I bought the Creaclip. I watched many YouTube videos to give me confidence.

I bent over, brushed all my hair over my head to hang in front of me and cut away I did. The results? I'm thrilled with this product. I put layers in my hair and my waves returned. Although now to put my hair in a bun, I have a slight fly away look because of the layers, I'm still very happy with the results. So for the price of one haircut, I will now have free haircuts.


  1. Cut my hair this I need to mop the bathroom! Dig cntrl x but what the help about that on the river ... loved it there. You are getting closer to me...leaving Elkhart July 7.....better hurry!

  2. Thanks, I did not know about cntrl Z

    I think I'll check out the hair cutter.


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